The Biggest Thing

Thu, 03/13/2014 - 13:39 -- oliviah

I never thought my sexuality

The way I love

Would become the center of my world

It would be the sun around which I revolve

I didn't think I would become so obsessed

So focused on finding myself

Yet here I am

A woman in love with women

And it's become everything

All that I am depends on this

This fight that I've found myself in

Look, I'm gay

That's all there is to it

I will never marry a man

My children will all be adopted

And it doesn't affect you at all

Does it?

My own love has become my cause

Something beyond my control

Has become my war

The most important part of my life

Whom I love

That's all that matters anymore

Trying to make them all see

Make them all see they're wrong

And there's nothing wrong with me

I'm gay


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