The Will of Time Will Tell


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            Your smile, your eyes always leave me wanting more

            The first time I talked to you is something I’d never forget

            The feeling you gave me in my stomach left me speechless

            The more I tried stopping myself from having feelings for you

             Only kept me coming back… The Will of Time Will Tell

            The more we talk the harder it gets for me to just walk away

            The time with you seems to always go by so fast

            The time without you seems to go by so slow

            The time without you always left me wondering

            What you were doing

            What you were thinking about

            And if you were thinking about me… The Will of Time Will Tell

            So graduation is coming up for me

            This is the moment I dread because I’m constantly thinking of you

            I know I’ll never see or hear from you again

            You will be just a memory from my past

            And I would be someone forgotten in yours… The Will of Time Will Tell

            My days seem to be getting greyer

            As yours seem to be getting brighter every time I see you

            Would it change if you knew?

            Secretly I know the truth

            The little more time we spend together makes it worth it

            Even though I know it does nothing for you

           Should I wake up and accept reality

           Or should I keep chasing something I know just isn’t true…The Will of Time Will Tell

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