The Earthly Angel

The Earthly Angel
The dying blue planet, his home, without True Pink

Had not one to love him, not one to form a link.


The Asteroid Prince
Floating in space without worry nor care

Had a pink and silk wrap drag him there.


I did not converse with the locals, nay

I sought the beacon flounced of silk, of pink
Be it fate this silk soon lead to my decay

I am taking the risk without even a wink


Pulling on what now felt as rough as fleece

With True Effort in his seek, he shan’t cease.


Journeying long and since my arrival

Forty-six seasons had passed I

Each wearing on the silk like a trial
Still, I felt opposed tugging as if to vie


Four thousand seasons could utter goodbye

With True Time in his wake, time just flies by.


Now we meet in this meadow of dawn gold
Time had not flown whilst we relayed; we gawked

I understood the Earth Angel’s load

“Because I love you” He had spoke softly; I mocked

He held effort, time, and conversation  

They both had went through the transmutations.


Pink wraps the two foreigners only by the hand
Yet they joined in various ways new, in gold sand.

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My family
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