Not Forever


Let her eyes scan the fall

The wind blowing through her hair

She hears it now

All the words that were whispered

Behind her back

Words on how she was wrong

How she could never be right

Everything she could try

Would just turn to dust

Because she was different

She chose to be open about who she was

She held the hand of the one she loved

And she kissed the soft lips that let her know she belonged

She was gone now

Yet how could she get back

Obtain the touch again

Of the one that kept her safe

"You're not alone, little bird"

The wind whispers to her

Its shout louder than all the ones pushing her down

"Although I have left

I did not leave you by yourself

I am right here next to you"

She turned away from the ledge

Went to the door and climbed down

Not today

Not ever

She knew what she had to do

Live for herself

But also her love

That was taken much too soon


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