Things People Don't Know About me


  • i have never fit in anywhere. There is always a sense of outgrowing,even when i’m sure i have kept the growing in



  • i have ticked off 461 days since i last felt present in my life

in occasional glances towards the clock, the calendar

i notice this, in a half awake way

january is 3 times 12 and if it’s the second monday

it means that the pressed flower in my jewelry case has lost its scent

and i can no longer remember what kind of tree i sat under...


  • It was raining, i remember that- or had it just



  • i am probably gay

  • i do not know if i’m gay

  • i wish i was close enough to another person to tell, to say


  • I have spent roughly 75 percent of my life in a single room

It is decorated with every layer of my life

poster and photos still clinging like dust to every corner

and often i sneeze



until i get the nerve to clean


  • i often feel like a spectator to my own life


The way your legs goes numb on grandstand seats

sometimes i feel my back aching from leaning

and i can smell the smell of hot track rubber in the afternoon sun

but I’m just in trig class.

and our teacher is telling us that

Most Of You Will Never Understand This.



  • i like glam rock bands from the 1980s

y’know, where everything is bright and loud

and the guys wore eyeliner and there was suzi quatro on base

freddie mercury jumping around the stage, a god damned firecracker

and there are nights when i would sell my firstborn child

to be at the 1978 halloween party in new orleans


  • There is nothing i hate more than passive people

i know more passive people than i’d like to.

i will not tell you who they are.

i’m not ready to burn those noncommittal bridges yet.


  • i hate being asked for advice- it makes me feel old

like jeez, why are you asking me

i am the younger sister, the girl

who had a twilight phase of nearly unrivaled intensity

oh right

  • I’ve become a pillar of strength


  • i haven’t seen myself with brown hair in 6 years.

The only thing i remember about having it

With any kind of accuracy

was being in puerto vallarta in 6th grade

seeing myself reflected in the mirror finish of the new shopping center


  • i don’t remember what i look without it.


  • i’d love to shave my head.


  • i’d love to get tattoos

i’d love to join the circus

i’d love to totally commit to things that people joke about

i’d love to practice trapeze

until my hands blister and i am strong.


  • i am not as responsible as everyone seems to think.


  • i’m not proud of that.


  • i’m not sure who I am at all.

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