Isolation is the mask that disguises us from those who do not wish to observe. They have eyes, but they cannot see that we are all the same, just unique. I pray that one day they will open their eyes, so they can read in between the lines. Lessons are passed down from the elders, those lessons of hate, make us create, a fantasy of hell on earth. “Abomination” they say. This word makes us look away, but we shall rise up from the darkness of hatred, like the phoenix, and spread the colorful joy that has been compressed inside our souls. You’ve got Fifty Shades of Gray in your hands. I’ve got fifty shades of scars on my arms. This helps me remind myself that I am looked down upon. She loves him. She loathes me. But for what reason? The reason is just as unchangeable as the skin of a man or the prints on his fingers. I am who I am. How does this love make me a sinner? “It gets better” they say. But it is not good. If only the world had people who understood, what it is like to be labeled as a disgrace. So I open my eyes and I look at my face. I see a girl with innocent qualities, but she’s scrutinized for her inborn “curiosities”. I love her. I loathe them. The ones that do not wish to observe.  Because they do not even want to learn, that I am who I am. There’s more than just black and white in this world. There is gray. We just need to open our eyes and our hearts and see gray for what it truly is. For it is the shadow, masking all of the beautiful colors, from those who do not wish to observe.   

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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