One Day I'll


One day I’ll liberate my soul; my own mishaps have created the insecurities that soon will fade away into a cloud of dust.

One day I’ll advocate intelligence for the insecure. My haters will soon embrace the very idea of the words they echo. I’ll turn my head and look straight ahead because I create my own trust.

One day I’ll soon forget the truth of heaven; for the bible tells me so. The lack of intelligence you hold will not define me. What you don’t accept is your own disgust.

One day I’ll soon search deeper within myself; the child within me will blossom into a force greater than cosmic dust.

One day I’ll learn to accept the things I cannot change for the future depends on it. Acceptance is desperately waiting for a stereotypical prototype and of chance survival.  

One day I’ll communicate my ideas and surrender my moral dignity because they tell me that success is defined by the typical.

One day I’ll become the warrior that you deny. It’s my chance to express the nature of my own success.

One day I’ll unleash my inner peace and watch it rain upon the hour.

One day I’ll lay down on the higher place. I’ll escape into the dreamer’s dreams. I won’t have to hide anymore; I’ll collide my life into the ground and pour the lies deep within the earth’s crust.

One Day I’ll take pride into my beliefs and turnover the typical overgeneralized persons of interest.

One day I’ll pray to the creator. He’ll silence my words and thoughts; I’ll let go of the hate, hurt, depression, ignorance, and judgment of others. My flaws will become someone else’s fearful fate.

One day I’ll hear the whispers calling out to me. I’ll get the chance to express the feelings so long denied by others.

One day I’ll believe in myself to create a better tomorrow. I’ll never be ashamed for what I know to be the truth of God.

One day I’ll animate my long suffering and tolerate my endurance. I’ll illuminate the lights that shine across the distance calling for patience.

One day I’ll unleash the spectrum of spontaneous behaviors of intimidation. No longer will we fight the battles of suicide and self-destruction. We are known, wanted, admired, and loved my God.  


Marya Rose

Make that day today. :) The best part of this poem is that it is faith based. Great job in turning to God for help with these things! That is what I have finally done as well and it is working wonderfully! Let go and let God. :)

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