slam behind the curtain

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The moonlight rises, Illuminating my creativity. I gain a new breath of life, To foster my productivity.   I shuffle through my cards, Looking for a solution, Until I finally achieve,
I’m born from a line of women that are warriors—silent in strength, brave by heart. I stretch myself sometimes too far to help others, but I love helping those I love, and those I don’t
So, who am I and why am I here? That is a question I hold so near. One question I don’t know the answer, Gnawing away at me like cancer.
what is life? life is full of meaning yet we feel empty only we can change what we want  it can feel empty, or be full it is what you make of it
I am bent,I am broken,I am torn,I am shattered,I have been killed over and over again.
About me Creative mind                                                                    High standing in academics since childhood 
I start out on the surface, wading in the waves of life, just going with the flow. Everything is at ease. But sometimes life can get rough. The waves get bigger and become scary, they start to crash over me, leaving me gasping for air.
SLAM My door hit the door frame Parents are ashamed of me I have no friends and I am alone But I am alive  
6 a.m. gets me out of bed.  The hum of a new day rushing through my veins,  exciting me to my core,  that gets me out of bed.    7:30 a.m. My mother's soft laughter and my father's tender hugs, 
Tick tock on the clockHow I kept that person under lock?The one that was happy, the one that was saneNow a sheep under the claimOf the ass hatThat annoying twatTick tock on the clockWho have I become?Where is my body, where is my voice?Where are m
valerie moua / the hmong american girl / in a big big world
  On a page I can't find there's life beyond death. On a page I can't find there's room for my mess. On a page I can't find there's peace beyond pain.   On a page I can't find there's sunshine in rain.
The journey is yet to begin and there is more to love about the uncertainty of knowledge. The interest of the  mind lies within the certainty of uncertainty and this questions 
A fairly bright screen proposed to me a question I’ve asked myself for days, “Who Is the True You” it said, and I thought with a starry eyed gaze. When given proper thought I don’t really know my place.
the true me, the true me is lonely, like a woman returing to a home that is abandoned the true me is gentle, like a butterfly that kisses your nose. the true me is sweet, like chocolate in a smores, 
The feeling makes you shy to talk, But your curiosity stops you from clenching your teeth, The feeling causes you anger,  The words cause you to be distracted throughout the day,   The mind leaves you in a state of confusion, From all the words in
i am from basketball   from yelling coaches and sweat filled jerseys I am from the hard working blocks   decent houses, expensive cars, polluted airI am from the giant trees    the smell of new cut grass on the sidewalks   I am from large christma
the real me  i don't seek jealosuy but it comes to me i hate that it comes even with those that i care it might be my hair or the fact that  when i look in the mirror
I wear my heart on my sleeve Have you ever been in love A love so hard 
Looking at myself in the mirror,  I'm reminded of the time  The time I tried to dye my brother's hair.    Burning my eyes, dripping, There were  dye stains on his forehead.  
Mischief is in our world Each and every way you turn Torn, tattered and furled Our morals have surely burned   We close our eyes to reality
People body shame people. Why do they do it? Do they have other things to be worried about? This world is full of mindless delinquents
A man covered in writing Stands. What do these words mean? Like the plague They spread. Soon his whole face Is completely black. Like death's shadow, Darkness creeps over His flesh.
I find myself to never regret For which I know that I must never forget My life about me is sometimes bright and always moving forward And when it gets dark I take one step backward These choices I make are changing my life But sometimes these com
In my dream my name was “thought.” I occupied the space of all at once. I was the sky on a clear day, as I stretched for miles and enveloped the space they occupied.
There was once an angel who held my hand,She wiped away my tears and helped me understand.Our time on earth is quick, there's always a lesson to be learned,Each precious day God gives us another trial.
I look into the mirror and what do I see? I see, this girl staring this girl staring back at me. She’s strong  and protective, but can be shy and quiet, and also quite normal.
I am made of passion and dreams and butterfly kisses. My heart has been put together with pursued dreams. Unfulfilled plans.                 And everything in between.
Confused was I, looking up and down from the news report in my hand, which seemed to be sourly misinformed about the color of the Mexican spirit. Missing was the look of distant gazes, robbed of soul and spirit by the
I look at myself in a mirrorRepeating my name to my reflectionMany days I find myself staring,But I often only see what once was me.
I am blind.  I hear all, but see nothing. 
Straight out of the autumn rain blood covered leaves spring the chalk outline of our brown sons 
I am beaten, broken. I have been shattered beyond repair by my peers.
Caramel-toffee mixture,
Falling stars grace the earth A little angel broken and wings torn  She looks and frowns but moves on Head held high as she crosses the earth  Now sun shines bright no cloud in the sky
I am Nothing. Feeling worthless inside Feeling alone and isolated Unloved and unappreciated I want to be heard I do what I can to be seen Backfire and backstabbed  
Imagine looking into a box full of crayons, all of the identical color. Your vision is permeated with intense, fiery, red crayons except for one.
Even though tainted by the world like a smokers lungs Our mind yet retains a small fickle light That light is multifariousness such as flowers in the Keukenh garden Time will pass Our light will fade
Slam Behind the Curtain That's what I hear everyone say Don't speak out, be afraid  For you're being judged today   Everywhere I turn, everywhere I go Who is my friend today Who am I to know?
I am from honeysuckle air, And sun kissed skin. 
Lost...... i was lost lost alone in the world, no where to go i looked everywhere and searched for everything i quit i gave up I got so sick of trying trying to be good enough
I have a few things left that I need to let go. The scar tissue tells the story that I haven't told. I didn't know it was human trafficking. Picked us up dropped us off, motivated us to sell their magazine's.
all of my life, i heard shh, no, shh  why is no easier to say for you than it was for me ? i grew up with people telling me "shh"
The tumor is here The tumor is there There will be pain Coursing threw your vain Don’t give in Because there are two ends
Cold, dark and miserable Was told it was part of being a criminal  But why title me that?  It's not like you know all the facts True I don't know how to act But at least I stay true to my colors 
The real me is a bit hard to explain, I'm sad when I'm alone Yet happy when with others. When I'm in pain I hide it all. I am hard, like a stone, But too soft for my brothers...
I feel that maybe seein' you go was a wakeup call. A wakeup call to reality. That grownups sometimes have no choice even if they get down on their knees.
I am everything I could ever ask When time flits away my inner beauty thrives Guiding me to the infinite fountains
So who is the man in the mirror? The real one- you know? The one behind the filter hidden away, disquised because no matter how hard he tries... There is something different--
They told me I would never be the man Instead, a role player with a single fan.
I am a beloved daughter of God A light in this world of darkness that surrounds me A friend to those around me I am a girl with the deserve to impact the world around me
Sometimes, my teeth seem slightly rotten with a honey residue considering, weekends I forget to brush, Or how my hair waves in this condescending way when I clinch my fist together.
I am Broken.
We look for sleep but it doesn’t come, at least not pleasantly. The neurons firing in our brains only produce the fears, the fears we most desperately want to forget.
1          I was born into the unknown, Inheriting a gene few familiars have shown.   2          But why was it a problem? No one knew. My peers knew not, I knew not. Play in oblivion, all youth do.  
Quick with a joke and full of hope
Slam.  Mommy is lying on the ground. Daddy threw her there; I saw it from behind The wooden banister which I wrapped my stuffed snake around  Only three hours before. 
The color orange is exciting yet composed.   Still, a lack of admiration from those opposed.  
They say Grendel was a demon, born from the line of Cain. They say he was riddled by malice and impregnated with sin. But I think he's a part that lives in us all,
Though the winds blow Though the trees sway
You see that girl, Do you truly see? She's been fighting, It's an internal struggle. She understands if you ignore, But don't be decieved.  Like a mirror at a carnival,  She torn up in sorts.
The time to express myself. It comes and goes over time.  Just like when the sun sets and it does'nt show itself. The dark takes over and I cover myself with mud and slime.   Outside in the dark,
To many it may seem like I’m someone who will go far. Someone who is going to change the world, Someone who goes to school, and is the overachiever in and out of class.
My personality and voice were white.                 Of course, these descriptors were perfectly right. My physiognomy and intelligence were Asian.
What are we as humans? Are we just people with amazing discoveries and ideas? Are we just idealistic and logictic people? Are we the one that we wanted to become? If so, what am i ? 
Well, you could say I’ve created this image of myself fragile and wavering, shaking and unsure   I walk to the grocery store, self-conscious with my hands in my pockets. I try not to look at the sun too long.
These shaded glasses  hide my jaded and flawed eyes
I've lived most of my life behind a curtain. Those tender, shaky Seconds just before a performance, Auditoriums and microphones are a part of me. But when I was younger, They only meant singing and
“Where do you see yourself in five years?”It is almost a cruel question to ask a young person who is so hopeful and uncertain
We live fast, racing here and there; quickly bolting through this dream. What are we living for? Where is our end? Don't forget to look around, stop. Just for a moment, think. Love. Dream.  
An extraneous hope for merciful redemption These queer mice lurking behind harrowed shelves  Rapidly engage between bones crackling beneath the hands of lost worship;
There are many parts to me Stereotyes Characterisics Looks   I feel at each deserves a place in my heart For I would not be me without it As each misshapen bit
We all want to be accepted.
So out of touch with myself.
You spoke to me of a telltale dream Where the life we know isn’t what it seems We are shrouded by a comfortable darkness But cannot see that it masks innocent carcasses
If I were to express myself,  Be myself; my true self Would I be accepted? 
I have many a friend, I will follow them to the end. But do they actually see me And who I want to be? There is a man behind the curtain, In that I am certain. I hide behind my masks,
I draw the veil that is a smile over my 
'Who are you?' Could you answer if asked? What would you say, If you are living a life that is masked? Would you force on a smile, And tell a pretty lie? Or would you break,
The show goes on but she stays behind the curtain.
  To outsiders I’m just a simple, plain wallflower. But if you look a little closer, beyond the closed off petals you’ll see that each petal tells a story with a little bit more power.
I wish they'd pay attention to the girl behind the curtain.   The sleeping lion, overlooked  because the monkey does the tricks.  I know she wants to come out But I'm nervous, and hold her in.
When you first asked for my name The first thing that comes to mind is the number of times I will lie to you How many times do I have to sequester behind these curtains with the fear of you judging me
"You are such a bad liar (it's true) and oh, you never cry!" (why would I?) for my reputation could never handle the admission of emotions.   That hits too close to home, you see,
Humans all participate in a simple task. It makes society easier, if we all wear a mask. Everyone possesing secerets, stories we choose to disguise. All carrying a fake persona, so they'll believe our lies.
what do people see when they see me? do they see a boy struggling to be? or do they see a man being what everyone desires to be? do they see a boy working as hard as possible to get his way?
I laugh For a young woman who cries is known to be a coward I smile For a young woman who frowns is helplessly depressed I study
Through his life in good and strife           A mask did he wear. On face a grin, but not within           And smirk he did not dare.   On a whim, this boy so grim,          Soon to be a knight.
I. When I speak, I stumble over sentences. Like words are so uncomfortable in my mouth, That they fall haphazardly into the world. II. My hair is a wreck, and my eyes are like winter.
I sailed the seven seas and rode the rough tides, When I made landfall, I came, I saw, I conquered. This epic tale will travel far and wide, but alas there are secrets yet to be uncovered.
These hands of mine Have collected the tears succeeding a painful tease Fallen victim to a panic-induced squeeze Enfolded my weary, bruised knees. But still continue to dance by my soul with ease.  
You look at me and think I'm fine, confident and loving life, Unaffected by your exclusion. If only you could see The tears I have cried at night The knives I feel in my heart and back.
There was a distinct difference
THE SADNESS OF A CAN (no liquid only jelly stuck to the bottom)   The sadness of a can
Smile.. It's just a mask Laugh... Another mask Calm... Thats just my face So much built up animosity, I dont know where it goes
(Based on a dream I once had) Darkness, sustained darkness. Silence at first as well, but that doesn't last as long.
Truth be told abot me Things you coul never dream to know Wind is a trusty treasure that makes me feel free
The me you see is the me everyone expects to see
Heads turn at the sound of young black woman’s heels clicking the cold parochial floors, The ruthless power of her stride swings open solid cross laden wooden doors.
Tugging, pulling at the curtain Waiting to come out. Waiting for someone to push me. I’m certain
People see her as a Greek piece of theatre Never showing her true identity Always hiding behind a mask She goes along telling my story But reality never comes out   At home, a different mask is put on
The newest shoes, anything observers can idealize and see You are not measured by what they say you should be We do not have to keep following media's image, instead come talk to me
Do you see this?      
No peeking
People can label me. Best Leader. Class Favorite. You name it. However, that's not all I am. I'm not just a label, or another number. I'm human. I want most of the same things that everyone else wants.
A solemn tribute to Society, traveling in silence, avoiding gazes, conflict. Curtain of Camouflage.   Misinterpretation leads a nation, deceit grows infectious, killing souls day by day.
The mask I exhibit is that of Any other high school senior Blended into the background; Hidden amongst other faces. A flag twirler in the marching band, A member of Chem Club;
May I obtain an epiphany of self-pursuit? Cease the persuasion of pointed fingers and demanding mouths, Consume the obtained knowledge of the stacking years,
Sitting in the back of a ripped up Caddy Everybody in the front laughing with me Sipping liquer poured half out nobody looking Soulful but would rather be social Acting like they know me
I am so tired of all the voices that I hearTheir catchy sayings attempt to mold me into an average teenI will be the rebel that is expected by defying mainstream culture
"I like the color blue and I like to read," I say. They do not know it is the somber, 
I'm scared and my heart races faster than a speeding horse but it would be too uncool to not do it. I smile hoping no one can tell I was afraid or that it hurt.
I want to feel  A pounding on the ground
        i.         At six I knew there was something wrong. There were thoughts that swirled around my mind, Sinuous snakes that slithered and curled in forgotten crevices,
I only allow people to see finished products. They don't understand the insanity. They don't understand the process. Creativity has been linked to schizophrenia. It's how we process thoughts.
Wretched flames amidst sweltering pink ridges
Fresco painting fake faces onto my own I Cover my true self with layers of plastered Self-consciousness I want to be free I want to Peel back every Doubt I’ve had on Why my face
What am I? A monster I tried to tell them, "Stay away! I can't control the monster."   The demons can find the monster.
Entering high school, the stereotypical high school jock, sole focus to be the best on the team and win over the hearts of girls.   Not truly understanding myself, following my father's basketball dreams,
Everyone knows about first impressions They are what determine whether you matter to them Or just someone they will take up their time with To create the next bit of gossip
I hide behind transparency
Being abstract is not bad. You don't want to like everyone else. Being creativity and rare is beautiful. This world embracres everyones beauty but, tends to forget their own.
We hide behind smoke and mirrors. Forced by our thoughts and fears, That others might feel disappointed by what they see. Curtains become our friends. The only ones on whom we depend.
The real me isn't all that pretty, it isn't something someone would want to see,
That smart young girl who seems to have everything figured out with a bright future ahead yet if you looked deep enough you will find  that everything is broken   Those kind eyes holds pain
This is not a mask but a shell. A formulated architecture Based on Observations Standards Expectations   I am not my mask, my shell Who is the interior He is Numb
Shy girl, heart on her sleeve, with a necessity for independence and to be outspoken.  Typical. 
  It’s not about the voices you hear That makes you hide Or the room full of masks To keep you in disguise
Excited & In Love With Christmas By~ Vannessa Peters I am excited & in love with Christmas.
“So smart.” “So Strong.” “So Brave.” “She’s the one who has it all together.”
Wonderful taste in life when you bite out of l
If I talk like this, Can I walk like that? Would it be okay? How would I be perceived? Or can you be deceived?   Stereotypes surround me. I think I have found me
  Life progresses with human reaction What you say now, what you do now How you say it, how you mean it   ‘You must be a role model for your generation’ Become poise incarnate
Step, breathe in, step, step, step, breathe out. Don't forget to smile. If it slips for even a moment, you suddenly transform into this perceived monster of unpleasant, dishonest and ungracious tendencies. How dare you.
The stories of the Greek Theatre
I do not want them to know How I am just an empty vessel My life has been so dull Ever since I let him go I was supposed to be my father’s hero But I failed him, my negligence unforgivable
The pressure to meet the mark of a standard that is ever heighteningAnd never compromisingIs seemingly an everlasting presence that can either be disregardedOr
This curtain is one of Carefully painted black lines Swiped across eyelids. This curtain is one of Carefully handled curls Dried in the wind out the car window. This curtain is one of
I hide behind an armor of confidence. It shines its' silver on the eyes of anyone who sees it. It seems strong, It seems bold, It seems unbreakable, But this armor breaks away.
In the public eye, I am happy, joyous, full of personality, In my bedroom, I am sad, depressed, full of sorrow,
It's not that uncommon to see on the screen,On movies, in books, and in everyday scenes,The portrait, the painting, the one-sided standard.The model of virtue that's held to regard,
The greatest lie I’ve learn to tell Is of the facade that I try to sell. By chance or happenstance, I’ll let you decide, Why behind a mask I feel I must hide.   Hard to describe our world as great,
What is right? What is wrong? 
Defying realityIs the best part of being me
My head is hurting, so is my chest I rush I choke to say what’s best Enough about me, what about you? It feels like cardiac arrest. My heart is aching, eyes are stinging Fingers tingle, ears are ringing
I am pure. I am true, but I'm not everything you thought you knew. Hiding behind the curtain, is a nervous, ambitious woman. Many tell me I can't do it. I feel like no one will listen.
I cry for the boy that lost his mom
Loosing Herself In a swirl of expectation she loses herself
Lord, Please send me a man, Is what she says...
Life is like a roller coaster--Psh, that's so cliche.If you really think about itLife does take you on a wild ride
To hold the curtain,  to clench it with my hand every stich meant to be missed curtains on a window curtains on a stage curtains in a hospital room to seperate the pains some to hide the shame,
Dude, you know I was raped, right?
I often wonder how I got here  
Painted across a thin veil That hangs lightly in front of me Is a girl who smiles, And enjoys sports.  She laughs at the right times, And thinks that people singing loudly is annoying.
All is empty then there's war you see first, a ring soon a kingdom.   Train your eyes to become super yet simplicity can do it all.  
  Beneath The Surface I hide myself
Year Zero (Infancy) I am born. I am dependent.
My mother earth gave me my shadow. Her heart relished in thieving light out of my body the way that dusk takes wrinkled hands and a sewing needle to stitch the sun into the seam of the horizon.    
The candles set fire, the ambers burn
In the corner, I sit, backstage, small and scared of the world around me. I don't want to move, for fear that I will go far, far away and never come back.   I want no one to look at me
she is blue electric music.    she is cocktails and bright neon lights and classic cars and pastel smeared colored flowers.   
2 years of battling depression are buried in her chest
I am from woods Behind the house and around the school With people sometimes but mostly in solitude.   I am from fantasy Tomes, stories, and tales
You Say, I Say You say I should be the perfect I say, I am trying You say don’t make any mistakes on the field I say, I am trying
Are we really glorified by the outcome? Are we paying the wages of a sin or an ideology? It is shaming us into silence. A two-face lie with another side.
when i see myself the way everyone else sees me i am walking down the hallway smiling at everyone who passes;
One-two and tick-tock Ribbons and lace tied up in a knot Like the one in my stomach, the one in my throat The one in my head that hangs from a rope Give me your hand, tie it up with strings
We put our front to shield ourselves from the monsters on the outside Worried about getting hurt again. My past is filled with despair and depression, And no one needs to row back there.
I am. I am not. I am not to I am not to be I am not to be defined. No one. No one can. No one can place No one can place me. I am the... Night before the breaking dawn....
it gets so confusingtrying to figure out who you areas you're force fed spoonfuls of stereotypesat such a young age and are isolated because we are different when people realize it.  
It's hard to see from the outside looking in What really makes a person tick. A girl standing at the end of the hallway Talking to her friends Looks relaxed and unafraid,
I walk on the stage beginning to shake, Adrenaline pumping through my veins. The lights above so hot my skin could bake, Anticipation takes over my brain. My cast mates around me seem like a blur,
Melancholy and gray, blank and boring, A new room in a new house. It is a strange place, Filled with strange people. A deserted island upon which, He alone resides.
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain, That quiet one, over there. For she is something unusual, Something you should beware.   Pay no attention to the girl who hides
Here's to the quiet girl who no one understood they called her incapable they said she was no good   so, she set herself on a mission to be an actress and a star where she could show the world
  They tell me that I’m a quiet girl, an innocent one
Just because I act the way I act Doesn't mean I really feel it on the inside Life is an act, a play, a show Having the bumpy adventures of a roller coaster ride. Someone once told me that if our heart says it
Underneath the flesh Beyond the superficial things Trying to past the test That society often brings Whats a person to do Underneath so much pressure Trying to make it through
He opens his eyes and looks at his reflection in the mirror He is lost,He is confused,He questions… Who am I? The answer is not one that is simple,But could be clarified with explanation
The mask I wear exudes strength. Confidence. Independence. I portray myself as a well-rounded girl, One who gets good grades, plays multiple sports, holds positions in various clubs.
I know my secret self, Do you know that self? It is different than my ordinary primary self. That self is hidden “behind the curtain”. Hidden, hidden.   I know my secret self,
I am from pastels, from finger paint and crayons. I am from the dust that settles under a marimba’s wooden keys (Grey, fine powdery enough to make one sneeze) I am from the orchid,
Since the very first day I lived, I looked out at everyone. Each man focussed on his sin, simply correcting what he had done.   Darkness falling on their souls, concentrating on their wrong,
I have not even seen it since I banished it The real you "Banished it for what?" For family, of course The very people who exist to hide you  
Every morning when I go to school, I put on a mask. A mask of "I'm fine"s and contrived smiles. I don't tell them about the doctors appointments, the counseling, the hours spent staring at a wall. They don't care.
Expectations   a cage of too much potential   making my perceived achievements and resultant pride essential   Can I let go?   or does my satisfaction and ego hold me back?  
My mother time is ticking, Her time is running out, The moment my life will change forever, The sorrow and pain that will last forever.
Eighteen years of backstage passes      Sleepless nights spent looking after the home Faked smiles while out,      bottled tears while alone      
On my soul lies a curse It is an evil few can grasp Granted me with a personality bright as molten gold
Smile. Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, keep them all at arms’ length. Perfect. You Must Be Perfect. We live in a society where hating ourselves
People say it’s like burning, but all I get is the ache.Dull and stabbing            constant and ebbing                        etched into my Self in pricklingthrobs.
Yes I have the blonde hair Yes I have the soft brown eyes Yes I have the slim figure that doesn’t grow Everything is checked off on the list
Ever since my first breath I have always been different In the eyes of others that is. Bullied so ruthlessly I had to change schools.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
Body still, lips are mute  Blankness in my eyes; I pass the days With hope that stays Living through disguise.   But presents are best when hidden Among the unexpected;
My life started out great, My childhood has been glorified by playful memories, Visual symphonies, Playing behind closed eyes, Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all lies, Honestly my mother tried,
    The Shadow Behind the Mask By Samantha Reece  
Walk through the door and I hold my head high, Never will they hear my defeated sigh. Walk a little straighter, come on be a little stronger, Stand a bit taller, you can hold on a little longer.
Don't be fooled by the persona I display; I'm a glorious actress each and every day. My vast array of masks harbors my broken soul, sheltering a heart that was never quite whole.
Everyone has different masksfor whoever they're aroundSome try to be the prepor the rediculed class clown
I remember the first day of schoolHow I clung to my dad’s armNot caring whether I looked like a foolCause I thought, as long as my dad stood by my sideI would be safe
The bro’s don’t know. That what is within the man is not without. That the truth of oneself does not play out.   The bro’s don’t know. That the late night parties do not fulfill.
From a tender age we are told Whether it be by a parent, teacher or other mentor “Be yourself” Like it’s the simplest thing in the world But even if it should be It’s not
I believe in myself to the fullest extent, but cann
She’s just a silly girl She’s more than a little crazy She drops too many classes
Normality: a fleeting illusion. The ones we befriend, on whom our sanity depends, hide behind a joyful facade.
I am an immigrant Or so they tell me. I don’t feel different, Like an alien. Yet I am an outsider Looking in. I am afraid to do anything Apply anywhere For fear of rejection.
I promised not to show weakness I promised not to let them in I promised not to tell my secrets I promised not to care I broke that promise because of you, in that moment I fell for you
When you ignore me you're only hurting me more Life's a journey and there's so much to explore Take me as I am or watch me walk out another door Not for you but for me I'm doing this for
Every person is clothed in beautiful, colorful fabrics, But is it their true value that shows When they dance to the tune that society chose? I hide behind my mask as the time ticks.
Some call hidding ones true self a mask but reality is not that simple "mask" is just an icon, a symbol removing it a futile task truth becomes cloudy like frosted glass flask
The outside is built of sturdy wood with a door with corners on a tilt   and windows that adorn. She walks with confidence and strength of a lion.   Unharmed by any hand
i don’t know if i forgot what happened
They were so jelous of her, She had the grades, the friends, the atittude. They all wished they were her... And she just wished she was someone else. She hides behind cigarette smoke and prescription pills on her bad days
I’m surprised they never noticed, Never saw my foolish act.
Behind a curtain I am no one But the person in front of the curtain I am Sarah Riddle I am the girl from California North and South Carolina And Japan
I can’t give all of my heart Because it’s been torn apart,  And that tender look in my eyes Hides my real desire to cry.  
Wrapped under draped curtains My audience on hold 
I am the real me
Pay no attention to these tears See only the plastered smile I must ignore my fears.   This done-up makeup will soon smear These nails were once in perfect file. Pay no attention to these tears.
Who sits in patience  Beyond this veil,
The retinas target the illusions, 
Wipe off your makeup
Back in side this ca
Even the most honest person may be hiding part of his true self behind a curtain That doesn’t make him a bad person that just makes him human We all are hiding parts of who we are behind a curtain
Hello people tell you every now and then I am just another number in this world I am just another organism with the same thoughts fluttering in my head but who are you? are you just another person to judge my work?
Seems like it's just me who's wrapped around this curtain.
Skin is not transparent at all Emotions blocked by thick broad walls One’s inner self cannot be freed As fake psyche pervades indeed   A curtain may seem like the same
  I hide behind the curtain, I hide inside the gloom I hide from other people, I hide from my social doom If they really knew me, they would not let me in
I need a backwards mirror. Something so that maybe, instead of what you see reflected back at you, you see me. Instead of the words you hear coming from my mouth, you see the back of my throat.
I only work in extremes. I am either all in or all out.
They ask me why I never speak Why my face holds a constant expression Don’t tell them now, then they’ll know A face of half-worn smiles and quiet laughs A lack of personality, I think not
Let me tell you a story:     It's about a young girl.         Her childhood had no worries,             But one ruthless day changed her world.   Laughter-filled days,     Seemingly endless smiles,
all of these walls surrounding me  my mask is on, yet still everyone is clowning me i cant take it anymore its time they stop doubting me  these crazy thought across my mind letting all these sounds be free 
All I can Do is Hide A Mask to me is a useful guide There's a certain Safety I feel I don't have to face the Past I can make the Good times last Disguising my pain, Just to Get by
The peacefulness of the rain couldn’t ease the chaos in my mind We fall in love and pretend that everything will be alright We mask our problems with cigarettes and alcohol
Doubt is but a stream of negative thoughts Telling you, you cannot do something You aren't good enough
I'm the girl who holds this smile,   Which is not near the truth,    So remember, when you look at me with a smile,    And I smile back…  
Thoughts as thick as caramel dripping from sugar stained lips. Cascading down a path of ice cream doubts. Hesitation- Impeading a great avalanche of expression. See her gossamer thread surround her physique,
Sometimes I'm quite witty Most people wouldn't know Because they're so judgemental I rarely let it show   Sometimes I see different From other girls my age I tend to be much more mature
On the outside  I'm perfect Golden and true The truth stops there That golden facade It's only skin deep On the inside  I'm better Radiant even
I draw breath in pain to tell my story. No dear friend Horatio to add glory. The curtain is now drawn. The players are on. A jester appears giddy and merry. Pratfalls, and pies make the audience laugh.
I am trapped under this mask The Iron Mask as they call it It's so heavy on my face and visible to see How come they can't see it too? I want to take it off to show them my face The true me as it is called
We live in a land of shadow a
Come, enter the world behind the curtain, Were the joy is diluted by the pain Where the smiles are not constant and not everything is certain.
as i look deep i see myself coalescing into a human being. tell me no holds barred  and i will spit until i am speaking; speaking to an empty room 
oh, how the depths whisper sweetly thy name, as  sea foam outstretches and kisses the rain. and oh, how the moon cries for the hopeless  and the hills sigh so softly, helpless to thy pain.
Some people hide behind a curtain, But I wear a mask.  My mask needed no purchase,  It came with my costume of skin, and can not be recieved via pay pal nor cash. I wear this mask every day
Come and get them,All purpose, all colors, all liesAvailable from A.M to P.MMy lovely enterprise
The Shadow Behind the Curtain   I guess I like to hide it My secrets at the bottom of the pit I don’t know why I like to hide With my computer and pencils by my side. I never want to draw attention
Most days, having a vagina scares me, And it's not because thinking of the giant life force that one day is going to spring forth from it and nestle itself in the crooks of my weary arms and loving gaze.
The fact is I am HUMAN. I make mistakes Those mistakes prevent me from Continuing my life, Where do I begin? And Where do I end?   Time goes against me, But life always goes on,
When you look at me, you see the young girl with the baby face who is always smiling being nice to everyone because she is always there to help.
Locked in a standsill with a pool of shimmering glass. Naked, afraid that this was all I ever was and all I will be. Dead black hair covering the bathroom floor.
Every day
I wear a mask. Not in a literal sense, But I wear a mask. The real me likes everything And sometimes nothing at all. I'm a total girl some days. I love makeup and hair and Gossip Girl.
I hide because I fear judgement and ridicule engulfed me before i hide but my time is near whats to say they won't return once more i must confront these voices my choice is clear
PHENOTYPE=Me? I'm not satisfied. Not just with me. Or my actions. But unsatisfied with life. Do my feelings even matter if I'm plastered- generic,   A Phenotype?  
To hide the true self out of fear of unacceptance or vulnerability
I hate this stuff I don’t want to write this verse I don’t like when people are tough  Can I write any of this?   I feel so stupid. People are sour
Halloween is October 31st, not everyday But every day you hide behind a mask The mask of a monster hiding an angel’s face Sometimes, the mask doesn’t want to come off Sometimes the mask is comfortable
The tag
In the beginning I was rather frail. School was not a complete smooth sail. Words of hate drove me to solitude. The sadness I felt was at a large altitude. To forget the troubling world,
The doors of a shuttered house stand closed You walk up to the desiccated grounds                     No true path No sign of color or vivid life                     No way to get past the hound
Put it onThat mask I wearA smile for my friendsA laugh here and thereDon’t let them seeWhat lies with inTears that threatenTo flow over the brim 
This is a rape poem but i am male impossible you say fuck you i trusted this man he was my friend a few years older we played hide and seek with the rest of our friends
So Who Am I   Cancer survivor struggling to make it out of chemo…no, that’s not me. Orphaned child trying to find love in a world that seems loveless…no, that’s not me.
Expectations. They control my life, they control everyone's lives. 'Do better' they order.
When  was young, my first word was "Momma"
Pay no attention to the me behind the curtain After all, I've worked so hard on the illusion.  See how smoothly the make-up blends into the clockwork? See how the recorded laughter runs easily into yours?
There is a girl,
I gaze into the mirror, wait that isn't me Someone else is looking back at me An eldery man, clean shaven with striking brown eyes I then realize, they are mine. Sunken cheekbones of slow death
These people. These conceited, overbearing, ignorant so called friends. I have spent over a year now with these people. I have shared beds with them. I've shared secrets. I have kissed some, I have hugged some.
Someone once asked me, "who are you and what made you this way?" I was asked that questions years and still am lost for an answer to this day I am a women of color with a body that has even proportions
Redheaded girl, who sits and waits, For the days of cold to be over. Whispers of other student's rates, On the always unnoticeable cover.   The pain she feels is always real,
The true me only shows up in the dark when no one is around.   When someone sees the true me, my smile is turned into a frown.
The Real Me People always tell me to be me To be the one of a kind me To be the real me To not be afraid to be me  
I wanna tell you everything I wanna let you in But innocence is so long gone Where would I begin? If you were me, you’d do the same You will never know my pain But maybe this time I will fall
inhale and exhale our lungs never seem to fail why is it that breathing comes so naturally   if a speck of dust is in your eye although you’re not sad you’ll start to cry
I never know what to expect. Whether I would be loved more or be left. Once I knew I was gay, Everything got so complicated. I was scared, hurt, and I didn't know what I should do.
Behind the curtain, Beneath the surface, I am confident. I am content. With my being, With my insightful views, And with where I am. When the curtains are drawn,
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain Peeking is not allowed. You want to see her?   Well you can’t.   Direct your attention instead to the façade standing before you
I don't need a degree in philosophy to know that I am Socrates.I don't need a degree in anthropology to know that I am a human Being. I'll make my degree in business to question: Who's green money is this?
The Judge's Anvil. All carry it ALL use it.   What is judged? People. Why do we judge our own race? We are the only species that does this. Maybe being different is not so great.
Curtains, i cry in my distress, Curtains. You lie to me about who i am, you dull the light. Yet  i can not be tricked for i am certain. you push people away, with all your might.  
So long, she's spent hiding, behind her velvet mask. Hiding herself from the judging eyes, Pretending to be someone, anyone else. She smiles, while everyone stares intently.
We are born into this world with no expectations; Full of joy and happiness and only elation. Our parents mold us into their personal creations; So we lose ourselves through all this emanation.
Death surrounds me like a blanket of black and blue How many times; Interesting how it started to happen as soon as I was old enough to determine what was valuable. meaningful to me. He was caught by surprise
How can I cease to be The person that is me For when I look in the mirror,what do I see? I see a girl that society is breaking, I see a girl that society is making. A girl that yearns to stand tall,
I forgot how to live. Couches were for comfort and laziness was for coping. Excuses, poor behavior and more excuses.
I stand face to face, With the person I was supposed to be. In the mirror he stands there, a smile on his face, While a frown graces my own.
"Be yourself" I hear that a lot But it's hard to be myself when people hate me   "Be yourself" My mother said in one ear As society said in the other to change everything else  
What hides beneath those curly locks Is tucked inside her ruffled socks This girl that rarely ever talks She's hidden behind the mirror   She's always so adroit in school Afraid of being not that cool
Another student aggravated by the public school system.Another face in the hallways.Another awkward and quiet teenager.Another average student who doesn’t stand out.Another organism taking up oxygen on Earth.
An ever-growing space between our hearts,
You don't know how bad I urge To get my self out of a pot hole full of nothing How I wish I could drive a fancy car Or atleast any car   Instead of dripping my sweat at every bus stop
yelling, screaming like the  storm that can't stop outside the window rainbow  used to come after the storm but this time, the storm breaks the glass and  the glass pieced 
Behind the Curtain, is a place to hide Where people,whatever age, try to hide their pride. People see what they want to see in front of the curtain But no one tends to ever look at whats behind the curtain.
We live in a world of neglect.
The True Me? The True Me is everchanging. When I try to find it, it morphs because I was not the same person I was finding it as I was when I found it. When I see her, few things remain the same:
Smiles hide my tears, They have for many years. Happiness is better than sadness But I'm filled with bitterness Society is often depressing And not very accepting So I hide behind the yellow curtain
I hide behind the curtain,  unable to be me. I have always been here, the real me can't be seen. only if only you knew me, then you could surely tell, no one knows the real me,
"You're weird!"- Who's weird? What's weird? The word weird is weird. How can we determine what a person is? Different seems bad now at days. Why?                                                                       "You're weird!"- Who's weird?
It lives in her heart; An unwelcome guest. She’ll never know peace. It won’t let her. To push It out, She has tried everything. And so, now, Rivers of deep, longing red.
I, cry these heartfelt tears Love overflowing, drowning in this flood Forgiveness exhausted, dark circles underneath my soul
The Locked Mind   They don’t really see me, Only my vulnerability, They look for a way to attack, A way to take me down, Find a way to make me drown.
A smile on my face as the sun shines through, Another wonderful day enters the room. The same routine is what is done,
Sick to my stomach everyday My eyes are watering I can hardly pray My depression is growing Along with my anger and pain
I am making mistakes Bumping down the road without a break, Binging on food so that  I can be in a bettter mood. I am the rock in the leather jacket, Standing against the gate looking cool
The true me is a process  The true me Is question that I sometimes have to contemplate sadly Cause my generation, my parents, and the people on TV Are all fighting the fight to try and define me
  It’s been there all my life. It’s made my life very difficult. I’ve come a long way since the diagnosis and have worked hard to get where I am in school.
A Women of All Odds   Please pay no attention to the women behind those books Intelligence is over-rated; twerking is all the new rage
I hide behind my curtain because I am just so uncertain.Seeing my reflection in the mirror only brings about my fears.To be judged or not makes me want to curl up on a cot.
Explore and dream and speak and learn An image I've worked hard to earn Good girl, hardly wrong, always strong A reputation that makes you want to belong. But I wanna be just me
Beneath the lattice Of heavy vines, A garden grows Where no sun shines. No roses bloom In neat, straight lines. Weeds they call them In groups like shrines. A rabbit hole
Prompt: Write a poem about the true you and what’s preventing you from pulling back the curtain so that everyone can peer in through your
Of course I'm fine, why do you ask?
We Are Anonymous Like the Mosquito that comes to bite you and you kill it. Now she is a forgotten entanglement of red and black. But you are still scratching the bitemark.
Orange, red, yellow, brownFalling from aboveBlowing over townLike the travels of a doveLeaf piles galoreTaken by the breezeSpread onto the floorMess taken with ease
As I walk down the halls, I don't know who I am
Afraid of what society expects of her Fearful of letting them down Always wanting to please people But tired of being their clown   What if she's not good enough?  Maybe there's someone better?
I can’t help but laugh when people say they know me.I can’t help but choke back a storm of words and instead just,simply nod my head and agree.Yes, of course you know me. 
Behind the
I'm erratic, I'm happy, I'm hyper! WATCH ME! I'm so full of JOY! You see me laughing and joking?! Please! Manipulate me, I am your toy! Wait, the poison in my bloodstream has caused this?
What is The Duality of Man?  I ask myself this behind a wall with my-head-in-my-hands.
Why did you pretend to love me? My life feels ruined without you. I was content with my outlook on life until you came along You made me believe I could have a best friend, that I could love,and that life wasn't all bad.
Way deep down, hidden from sight, Like stars in the day instead of the night, I keep concealed where no one can see, The inner, braver, courageous me.   Cowed by timidity, marked by blank fear,
Don’t look beyond the curtain’s edge, Please leave the veil alone. A secret girl is hidden there, You’ll wish you’d never known.   Keep her there, and lock her up, And never let her out,
What do they see when they see me ? Do they see the pain that I hold inside? No, they only see what they want to see. Behind the smile, behind the scenes  No one sees the true me.
Where I’m From   I am from a hygienic, OCD home Where I learned to clean and be organized.
Fear and doubt are what describe me I hide behind a mask filled with dazzling colors and glitters There isn't a pint of confidence inside my body "What a beautiful life she must have!" everyone murmurs
Sometimes I scare myself. My mind blossoms into the biggest tree with the longest branches
I came from strong guardians,             Jaws dropping at the sight of freedom. I came from the childhood of innocence,             Sheltered in protection,                         A house of PBS and religion,
Who am I? I'm just a happy guy, At least that's who I am on the outside, I keep a mask of a smile to hide my frown, So my sadness doesn't bring others down, But if you want to know the truth about me,
Have you ever seen a Venetian Mask?    Have you beheld its beauty?   Have you studied its intricacy?   Look at its colors.    Look at its shape.
    What are tears That they should run So freely down my face?  
Pre-rehearsed lines, Memorized gestures, It all looks perfect, The cheery optimist and cheerleader of friendship, But really she’s just staggering in step to a badly tuned song,   Doesn’t wear makeup,
but our hearts are on the brinkof killing us quickpoisoning our veinsand melting our brainswhere have we gonefaded into the shadows
They say, don’t hide behind yourself But they don’t realize they never give me a chance I want to scream and shout But all I get is shut out All you see is the quiet girl who does well
No one knows the pain I'm in, so i'll show them No one sees my pain, until they have to sew them
Who I am today,
Does showing myself have to bring me so much pain? I love acting but must I play another role? With confusion I hid my undesired face under a mask Teaching myself to remain neutral To shut up when I wished to speak!
From deep inside the Darkness varies. It hides inside the vivacious Light Trying to fight its way from seclusion, Growing inside to gain alliances. The pulling, the tugging, the atoms within my anatomy
My fingers intertwined, becoming lost in the red forest of my hair. I traced my eyebrows,each hair stabbing my finger Like sleeping beauty's spindle, I succumbed to the temptation For I was cursed, Trichotillomania.
Me. I am filled to the brim with sassy remarks and enough awkwardness to annihilate the Western Hemisphere. Me.
Heart pumping as I race through the halls, avoiding people, gazes, questions. Unable to release myself from this prison. Holding back, caring not of the things I want to say, need to say, have to say.
I dreamed a dream of a little girl in a yellow dress She was dancing with the white roses Her feet running gaily Her arms twirling as if she was a ballerina She turned to smile at me….
I see myself as a low life, Someone who doesn't really try. I don't care what people think, except for when I cry. I don't know why I do, but maybe I shouldn't. Where do we all go to,
I am a PasserbyNo one minds meI hide in corners For no one to see I wear this smileTo hide my growing fearsI put on this faceto mask the falling tears
She is a lovely little dancing dollTrapped inside this embellished music boxTwist and turn the dial to hear her call
It doesn't matter my height,I have to look up to you. I was born with no choiceAs a woman. That automatically makes meSmallerWeakerUnimportantOnly for your entertainment.
Why should I hide? We are taught from birth to do so but why? ‘We’re all human’ they said so why do they punish me? Who cares if I’m not perfect? Society apparently. Who they want me to be is perfect,
I have always wondered about this place, is it a prison, or do they really wish to help us succeed. It raises many question between me and my fellow students, we feel that teachers do not wish for us to succeed.
I am I am I am I am a woman I am a feminist I am an activist
I walk into my sanctuary, the Chorus room Everyone is talking and laughing But I just slip silently behind them As I awkwardly wait for the bell to ring I want to be one of them The people who talk and laugh
Why do old women wear musky perfume?  They are not mothballs yet
I put on my mask every morning The mask with the smile and the bright eyes Sometimes I don't need my mask, yet Other times desparately   I don't want you to worry about me About how i am so sad
Who is she? That girl over there? "Nah," they say. "Don't worry about her. She ain't nothing." "She lame. She this. She that..." Oh, but if only they knew. If they knew the real me.
I am BRITTNEY Most people think that's just a name. But it's so much more I hide behind Brittney and the scary thing is... People don't see through it Family, Friends, Strangers
The demons claw as the sun decends The wolves howl as the moon ascends Dark is the world that consumes the light Just as the monsters takes flight   Joy, laughter, happiness are objects of peaceful reality
For so long I have craved happiness.
A smile, a giggle, and cheerful hello. This is what they see.   But, is it the real me?   Inside I am in a panic, running around, crying, dying.  
I was never aware That I was not the only one Suffocating behind the contstraints Of a mask of my own making. That other people are in pain Just as I am. Trying to get along in life
                                                                                                                                            Life is like a door Contains many opportunities
  Behind myself is a person, Not just any person, But a person who isn’t afraid to get on a table and scream,
I'm meant to think of Love, Smiles, and Clothes Why can't I think simply that? I think of Darkness, Chaos, and Sorrow Left with just my thoughts it's misery But that's never what the people see
Under the covers Trying to find security My little brothers Can be something beastly Fearful and shy is what I am And they exploit my cowardice Courage is trapped in a jar of jam
  Mid day’s blaze following dawn’s frosted sheet, Signifies the suns diminishing heat. The leaves abdicate their reign over the sky Summer has ceased, waning climates imply. Oh the plethora of festive décor!
Every time I go out Open my eyes and see I put on my mask Help, people are watching me. I’m tired of hiding
Masks are all around us. People hide. I hide. Act nice, keep that smile in place. Don’t show them who you are. Society expects to much. Be perfect, what even is “perfect”
The surface is shallow it doesn't reveal
My name is Ami. It’s a friendly smile, the sweet nectar that butterflies enjoy, the common two syllables with the Gujarati pronunciation
Pain, pain, pain, Such vibrant scents Seated on this white plush... Feeling sorry for myself... and Others who may not sit here But instead On Rust nails, sharp cargo, ivory bones
I am a person with no reason to be, Paying for his life with the ultimate fee. I’ve lost my independence, And I’ve really lost my mind. I’ve lost it all in the daily grind. I put up a veneer.
Follow me into the depths if you can withstand the shark, This world placed spite in my heart, I’m bothered by light, So I’m comfortable in the dark, Individualistic by character,
Look Me in the eye You'll find an endless pit of darkness Move back and see my face, covered in blistering scars of past and present;
One can realize many things from all the worldly viewsPeople are like canvases, white and blank and newOwners of this art, realize there's much to do.
Living with depression is not an easy thing to do Living with anxiety is not an easy thing to do Living with both has become so painfully unbearable
  I am just a person the same as all of you Just a human
Being true to myself Can be stressful and hard And in order to keep my edge, I hide my crystal shard. I see myself as a crystal, you see With a blue fire inside Burning a bright light
Seeds watered with the sweetest rain grow to be the prickliest pears.
I am a giant in this world  The genetic anomaly that everyone despises  Screwing up the gene pool  Making everything a mess  Not because I am mutated but simply because I am different
We come from a conservative past To a high tech future moving way to fast The fate of these lands Are now forced into our hands   Will we bring distress to an end Will we have the efficiency to mend
how do you rid yourself of something that is inside of you, a part of you?  
Here I am.
I don't wear dresses or high heeled shoes I'm known for my messes necklaces and rings, I'd most likely lose
Loud talks, hard stares, judging eyes; there's no where to turn.
I pull shut the curtain of the poorly-lit dressing roomI shimmy out of my jeans to try on a dress for an event I don't want to go toI look down at my thighs and see my battle wounds
It is easy
*Read lines 1 through 26, starting at the top of the page, and  ending at the bottom.
On a breezy ye
The harshness of life The criticism of others The rough pressure of others The expectation of many The contributions of society The hiding behind a mask The shielding of one's feelings
the reason I will never donat
I have something that wants to get out Beating on my chest so hard I want to shout Feelings! I keep way down Crazy things, I hate the way they sound Bad thoughts to people or things
There lay a story of a lonely sailor Taming the tumultuos sea Taming the vivid monstrosity;
The girl you see before you is nothing more then an illusion Cast by a strong and powerful magican.  The real girl is hidden, Hidden beyond the darkness of her eyes.  There's a reason she hides in shadows.
If you want to live, Live! feel the breeze caress your face as you walk on the stars
You laugh at me, So I tend to flee. I hide behind this mask, I’m just trying to finish this task.   You call me names, To you it’s just games. You fill me full of pain,
She was the glass she held in her hand. Smooth and strong, calm and contained like the like the liquid in the glass. Then, life caught her off guard and she let the glass slip.
I've always thought that thinking outside the box was a good thing.
Who notices the kid With the glasses and the braces? Walking through the crowded halls Getting lost in all the faces.  
As we grow older we realize there's always a name to a face We no longer look behind the eyes or into the soul to find a personality or trait. But rather judge by age, color, and race.
fragile like a recordwe all break too easilywhy can't I be tough or thick-skinnedwhy can't I shed these stupid cracks in my limbs? I can't even play a song anymorewithout stopping, skippingstuck
Sarah had a little lamb,guarded in pink meadows.A young forebearer, no doubt.A deserted motherseeking to conquer the cosmos.
Astounding, how we can all wear the same mask and not realize it. The fake smile, the convincing laugh, the mastered skill of appearing happy. The act people keep up when they wish to keep their inner battles a secret from the world.
Day in and day out we search for answers, for solutions to problems no ones asked us to solve, for reasons behind already proven facts like "Why does the sun leave us every day?"
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain She longs to tug on the fabric, to pull it miles away She hides so that her mold matches that of society So that she won’t be seen for her flaws and mistakes  
Plates and bars  Bars and plates Never taking any breaks  All day all night  The clangs The bangs The blood  The sweat Never having any regret
During school, she smiles,She laughs along her fri
Complexion Tones and shades that make up me But why?  That’s what I ask my self, Shielded by the hatred of Hera I am blind To me, Why can’t I see what they see?
                                                             OLD SHOES                                                                    by                                                               Erasmo  
Theres no poetic way to say i'm not okay. "How do you stay so happy?" "How are you always so positive" They have no clue that i'm anything but I sit here on the edge of my bed and it occurs to me
    I won’t apologize for my complex emotions that can be your ecstasy or your next nightmare. I won’t apologize for being the one who won’t bow down to your word and whim.
When you look my way, you don’t see the inner struggle. The fighting battle that causes so much trouble. When you see me you see an ordinary person, But really deep inside its all one big diversion.
Don't hide who you are. What's the worst that could happen? In life you'll go far,  If you treat yourself like a captain.
All alone in a dark room Glazing, yet staring It's just me, myself and I Trying everything in my right mind not to cry I promise myself I would get through It's just hard to smile through a terrible mood
Come, I beseech thee, please take stroll with me
To look at me, you wouldn't see
Do you know what it’s like to fight to keep your tears from falling?
i wear a smile each day, so bright it could light the world on fire.
We aren't born with insecurity,  But over time we lose our pride and with it our perfect purity when told we've something to hide. We take a being so unique And demand from it conformity,
i'm really so simple! so innocent and plain, my minds races wonders i am without stains   and this makes me so mad because it is me, and yet this girl has yet to be free  
All alone in this crowded room.My eyes meet one…another.They do not see me for what I am.They see the smile on my face;
Someday they will see the real me, Instead of who they think they see I try to blend in, not make any scenes I'm quiet and thoughful Nobody seems to take time anymore to really listen It's about them
Who am I, who is this person that I've become? I find myself crying in a corner, wishing that it could all be undone. Constanly judged by wandering eyes, who am I? Only I have the power to decide.
8/29/14 I can twist my fingers and say "it's better this be alone. It's okay to be alone." But Really, I lay awake at night and turn my hands over an empty place, (hours on end)
Sometimes I am the clown Making people laugh with quirks, with jokes, with funny faces Sarcastic quips flow from me like rain falls from angry thunderclouds Other times, I am the mouse Hiding
My mask is pretty it's flashy and loud and bright a boisterous laugh and exaggerated hand gestures an obnoxious voice and a too wide smile   My mask is strong its varnish my fear of rejection
 With friends it’s all fun and games By myself its nothing but pain Scared to take a chance On the outside I’m bold
Blood of velvet Falling from the sky     D                                  R
A Kaleidoscope Image With every turn, Your image swirls for bypassers ... Just a sad face on the corner, your neighbor has seen you.
  And all for verse, I wrote it.   To preach for our Humble experiences.   We have miles, and the seas behind us,   From the farthest Splashes, we Have Carved out harmony
Maybe it's me, Maybe it's not,
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain. She's just a body. Just a cabinet, shoddy. Look away, look back, look at the more certain.
A serene statue lost in the crowd Scarred wrists and stolen innocence Playing war and failing at failing in the constant game of survival A coffee too bitter to sweeten with milk and sugar  
I stand here petrified, awaiting for the storm of judgment I want my voice to be heard, I want my voice to reach the far seas
Sit down Good girl Close your eyes when you pray Always look happy, even if you aren't Look at her She never makes a mistake Always does what she's told Always listens Always holy
The maskMade of angels and demonsShows the good and hides the bad The maskDisguises what is insideConcealing hardship and hurt The maskShows a light on the outsideAnd struggles to find inside
Where am I going? Where have I gone? I look at myself knowing That the me I portray is a con.
I wish I could tell you,
          I amI am the kid who grow up in the lower class only plastic cups no crystal glass.I am from a family of five it should of been  six but I lost a little brother and can't offered to lose another.
It’ll surface soon
New places, new faces Same me. Same girl. The only difference is the new faces She sees look back at her With disdain. Disdain at the music she listened to The clothes she wore
My blithe smile shelters my rage
dead. dead. dead. Don't let them see you.  They see you and you're dead. dead. dead. dead. You weren't made to be around them. They wouldn't understand, they never understand. dead. dead. dead.
Close my eyes Runaway and hide Don’t let them inside They’ll just hurt you, not really there for you All they do is lie   All that have tried That had sat with me while I cried
Laugh. Smile. Agree. Don’t fight.   You’re getting too close.   Slam the door. Pull the blinds. Cut the ties. Leave them behind.   You’re getting too close.
Something that makes me smile,  I'm not really sure, Maybe it's season aisle, Maybe it's immature   I enjoy the sunshine, When peeking through the trees The needles of the pine,
We are the storied questers, Introducing ourselves with tattered names and all the jokes we know. We build our suspecting images of each other,
Lo and behold, friends, my life dressed in gold,For nothing else does my glory justice:Here rooms of color, each so grandly bold,And marvelous! You'd swear't an angel's kiss.
It screeched in my ears, Echoing across the earth. The everlasting sky bent to hear, the Presents of Death and Birth.   My mother's hands comforting, My father's coarse yet warm.
People call me a perfectionist. And I would agree with them. I would at least, if they asked me. Perfection.  It is expected, so I will deliver.
Peering at the luminous cheval glass stands a w
I've bought the clothes, I've styled my hair, But it's not fair, no it's not fair!   I've put on all this make-up, to not look like a freak; And to keep up my physique, I haven't eaten in a week.  
What is a delusion but a demented dream What is a distraction but the illusion your mind is truly diverted What is divorce but a family perverted
The cape of a superhero, prevented from billowing beneath tight clothes. A gilded heart tarnished.   A polar bear with fur white as snow, tainted with the blood of a meal
I used to hide behind the mask of violence and anger, Lost in a world of pain, I realized I hade to change, Now a lover, friend, and sister I am renewed.
On the outside I reveal my sweet smile, But lately I haven't been showing my face around I keep to myself avoiding you for awhile I'm sorry when you see me that my sweet smile is bound Don't cry don't weep
Survival  In seventh grade bio, I learned about camouflage. Like all textbooks, chameleons, and tigers, and zebras lined up the pages to put faces to the definition.
Who I am? That is not the question, but Who are you? We are not different. Open your eyes, you are me. We are the same. Same person, same air.
The Endless Improv   Now you see me Now you don't
And all I want to know is Are you okay Or do you merely say you are  To avoid weird glances And long awkwards talks about feelings That do absolutely nothing 
Their perfect little daughterMaking perfect gradesIn every clubTop of her classPeople stare and say:"She's just an overachiever.""What a teacher's pet.""Does she not have a life?"  
Always shifting
Sipping on my drink, dark bitter brew and drunken irish tunes add to distractions that aren't what they're me
I am content in who I am,
When I am myself I get to be the true me I don't have to hide my feelings I can let my joyous smiles and bubbling laughter go I get to be the proud senior who graduates
Hiding? No. None of that here.
1.) If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth 
Is it bad for a girl like me to cry ?
No one sees the real me, under the smile and all the laughter, and the friendly conversation, there's a cloak of sadness covering me, depression stalking my every move, never letting me go,
Smile, and let the whole world see. Not because you wish too, but because you must. Hide behind the laughter and joy, that once alone, becomes anxiety and fear. Let them all feel loved, and you will too.
Hold it. Girl, hold the smile. Hold the pain for a little while. A while longer,  and they'll see... But then fear gets the best of me. Hold it. Must hold them up.
Don't look at Me. Look at He-
Can I take this mask off now? It smells like mold, like a forgotten fish tank Probably from all of the long trapped tears   Can I take this mask off now? I cannot see through the eye slits
I am the One that walks in the night I give the world a terrible fright When I write in what i behold not just in what i told    
See the girl with a pencil? She seems bright  Intelligent maybe But she hides behind a curtain
You said we are friends. were friends till the end but what you do not see is the real me. All I want do is to make you see the guy inside me. Inside all the fear inside the fat and tears I want you to see the real me.
Leave all doors opens, I don't know if I'll return. I'm stuck between trying to he Myself, The perfect daughter,  A flawless, better version of my sister,
masquerade. a masquerade of sorts, and i shall hide behind the velvet curtain. streaming down to cover my light, blushed face. vexation of no sorts, i too begin to believe
Love is a four letter word with a lot of deep meaning. You search and search for the one, and once you found it, you want them to stay. It all starts out with happiness and joy
Why am i so fucked up in the head sitting here wishing that i was dead. Crying inside this shell called a body wishing this disorder on nobody. Why do i feel so empty inside,
Girl! Let me tell you Life’s a game With missing pieces to the puzzle Eventually you find them All broken up
Will they like me? Not a chance in the world. We all wonder why, Everyone is so shy. Nobody thinks that it is true, Until the day, it happens to you.
This mask I wear... is one with me I am fury, passion and chaos. Hiding behind this curtain, hiding these silent tears trailing down.   Show me your true self, staring down into those still depths
I am not who you think I am Sam I am, Act as though you have it all together “they say” Be Together and Do Your Best “teacher says” You can be anything “they say” Live to you full potential “sister says”
facade, mask, cloak, camouflage, veil it doesent matter what you call it we all have one what matters is how deep you are inside that blanket of mystery   the me you see isn’t the me at all
The facade of the lionWith the sheep spirit.Proud and powerful with the weakness screaming out to hear it.Independent, I don't need anybody.No one to ever know that the curtain is shoddy.
Preference is irrelevent Superiors care none for what you choose Superficial injury like a bruise   But the pain goes deeper Hold in your feelings Your preference would send them reeling  
I run from the light that reveals me Into the shadows that consume me The shadow of guilt I hold it within myself Sacrificing my soul to its desire I hide my face Yet I can never fool myself
Being 15 is a prick going through changes that make you sick wishing to go back to the good old days   Once a baby young and helpless crawling around causing a ruckus
Perfection is an illusion It is the invisible lock that keeps us from unleashing maximum potential There is no curtain I am my only roadblock The things people judge me for are the things that make me so beautiful
Before I speak, they believe in the simple and common that lies within me, After I speak, they flee and judge from afar. Time after time, many don't understand,
There once was a bobble-head, it says yes to everything said either boy or girl from out of this world the bobble-head always said yes.   His name was skinny Rem Tim,
Hello, is anyone there? Anybody at all? Ive cried too much. This demon, it has me locked, locked deep inside. It has me lynched and lifeless. It drained all of my life,
i never thougth i'd be this depressed, wondering when the lights gonna fade. I never thought the pain would get worse, scaring, and lining my arms from blades. I never thought hurting could feel so good
Im fine, but i need help. I just tired, dont leave me alone. Stop questioning me, just ask me whats wrong. Go away, i dont want you to leave. Im done, somehow,
Confusion fills my head torn between mixed emotions it breaks me apart piece by piece my heart falls into an abyss called pain The days pass and i feel more and more empty i cant help
They scream, they shout, the cry my name. they wait, and sit, and stare at me. The urges the feelings the fears come back all feelings from one
What will happen when love turns to hate passions turns to fear and life turns to death What will happen when agony, sorrow, and pain controll all your emotions,  when the ones that
We all make mistakes i live in a life full of them. All of the mistakes i've made make me a giant mistake. Every day new mistakes I wish i could go back and right the wrongs
Broken hearted rip it out do it slow dont make me shout   Make me bleed and drip me dry wipe my tears as i cry   take the knife drive it in make me feel
Each day, i wonder what my life would be like if i hadn't made the first cut if my emotions hadn't overpowered me if i wasn't so desperate to let it out   It started with one and then another
Running out in the Sun Sounds like Fun Laughter fills the air From the distance I glare. Long pain of despair. My mask can no longer spare The amount of sadness I can't stand
I'm an odd one,If there's anhng I have leared these past 1 yearsIt's that.   I realized recentlyThoughSomething peculiar, if you will
We fought I left you didn't run after me. I ran to fast, finding a path for me. I threw the bottle and watched it shater. I saw that one piece that shined and went after. They don't know how I stay sane.
This is the land of make-believe,
I am like the ocean The further and deeper you go The more unique and beautiful features you find Deep in the ocean there are colorful reefs where colorful fish swim
Me That is all I will ever be. I scream, I shout, I cry No one even sees me try. My hair falls over my face. Life is such a disgrace I hate the darkness in which I live
In the morning, I don't have time to go slow Because I have to be at the church At 5:50 am To make God happy.
In this mask I am silly, goofy, and i act just like my shoe size. I am really childish, and don't listen to anyone. My actions describe who and why I am me. My skin color is silk brown and I am hilarious to my friends.
The face you see is not the face you recieve But it seems, oh woe, no one doth care. Ones heart would be a sticky sieve,  Yet others are unaware. The curtain drapes heavy over our masked production, 
I am starting to worry I find myself confused these days Not quite sure when my words are real,
They sink with anger in the depths of Tartarus, But no one sees them cry. They crawl and snarl and shout with madness, But no one really knows why. They climb a mountain without any legs,
Sometimes I don’t know the difference Between what I say and what I feel. I just Smile Smile Smile Smile And nod. I’m lost in a crowd of people who hear me But they don’t.
'Come out and play' that chiding voice inside my head calls out to me as I hide in the corner reclusive The scars inside are too deep for even me to see And they never break the surface
      The dou
She carries a black backpack with her embroidered monogram on the front. Inside is the work that it will take to get her where she wants to be.
Every angel has a demon, Just as every light Creates a shadow, And it gets more arduous To separate the two each day.   As the sun rises, my Angel rises. She likes to please others.
When I was four I loved my brother and he broke his arm he screamed and fell and I didn't know what to do so I gave him marshmallows When I was seven I loved a doll and I cut its hair
Those flaws uncovered, hidden by the masks we wear on a day to day basis. Those flaws uncovered that goes unheard and is plainly written on our faces. Dear Lord help me remove this mask that reaveals the true me.
People see me and assume they know everything about me based off of the little information they know.
If I let you in my head, Make sure to bring a lantern, Some holy water and a bible, If you have it handy   Don't open the doors; You won't like what you find There are monsters hiding there,
Faces pass and time flies The feelings I have, I’ve kept inside I keep them hidden from the world
I imagine Life after death where we all reach enteral bliss Death is scary but the only reason I accept it is because this can't be why we live I pray god made his kingdom just for us 
lights, camera, action, green screen, Steven Spielberg special effects this set up is more complex than anything you’ll find up in Hollywood There is no time for stage fright the cameras here are always rolling
colorful phrases of never having reached manhood bass notes lost no soul loud laughter carried on a gay boy’s shoulder it’s not fun it’s not funny the shame and hatred seen in the twist in his walk
Sometimes I wish I can really be myselfby talking to lots of peopleBut I can't
I have galaxies growing inside me. I move on like light speed You are nothing more than A fleeting star blinking out.   The pain you think you caused is gone Down a black hole never to be seen again.
walls imagination runs away from me where they also happen to speak free Walls built up tears and harbored tension wanting to be stuck in an alternate dimension WALLS
My face is numb My legs weak My body limp
Who am I? I am a sinner. I am a saint. I am judgmental Yet I try to be accepting. I care about others pain Yet I don’t mourn for loss. I have a dirty mind But a weak stomach.
I curl my eyelashes to hide my eyes,
Smoke and mirrors is all just a game Society judges and laughs at our true self We hate to be judged, We hate to be different. I spend my life hidden behind the games. Hidden behind a curtain.
A Look Beyond The Mirror If you look into the mirror The girl that you will see Is someone you might like But not who I wish to be If you look Beyond the Mirror
This World This Hate, These choices of gods decide our fate.The Pain we cause the destruction we bring, To us t
I’m goodHow about you?“I’m good too” they sayBut I both know that’s a lie becauseLittle black numbersVerdana 11 black fontEach curved elegantly, but rigidremind me that I have nothing left
A girl, scared. She cries alone. Writing her fears on her arm. And then hiding them again. Hiding her face, her voice, She sits in class, quiet. Writing. "The boredom sets in/
From my youth, I recall thoughts and wishes Of my life being as the wind that swayed the trees. It didn’t hide its true self behind something fictitious It was powerful, beautiful, and noticeable, just as I wanted to be.
              I can't tell you how I feel
I look at the guy in the mirror. His ecstasy can't be any clearer! See him in the hall, he'll give you a high-five! See his walk hear his talk, this guy is alive!   He's the popuar kid in school!
When I go to work I have to be a leader It’s not an important job, a prestigious one neither But there are people relying on me to get things done That usually translates to all work and no fun My employees think I’m an asshole They think that I
Curl my hair and make up my face. I have to look cute or school is a waste I'm here for the boys. I'm here to complain. "Ew science is gross! Math is a pain!" I'm a small town girl. I'm pretty.
Who am I? Who do you think I am? Who do I want to be? Who was I in the past? sometimes it's hard to tell the difference a hodgepodge  of memories  that sometimes i can't tell
Who am I you ask? The invisible girl behind the mask Along the ride -- she forgot who she was not that it even mattered because She's wandered too far And now it's too hard It's too real, too raw
It is a choice. Those four words have the force, of a thousand. A thousand words of anger, a thousand words of hate, Misunderstood, misinformed, is a mind that's in that state.
Happy, not a real emotion, People wonder, what is his commotion? I have a problem with extortion, A good reason to be hyped with emotion,  I promise you it's just to test my devotion,
The quiet silenceAs my soul remembers meAll that I became
Have you ever noticed how your laugh sounds different when you're with your closest friend than it does with your dad?   Have you ever wondered what it would look inside of an
no one ever suspects the girl 
I do not hide behind a curtain I do not cower behind a thing   Instead I am a window
I rap like a rapper I Po et like a poet My mind is abstract But who really knows it   If I am a box A square full of roses Concealed to the world Who really knows it?  
Best friends through thick and thin Would not last long if there's no trust Although we may be friends for years, the better we get to know one another, the harder it is to remain our relationship
Best friends through thick and thin Would not last long if there's no trust Although we may be friends for years, the better we get to know one another, the harder it is to remain our relationship
To cut your own hair is the safest way to live dangerously I want to dye it - pink, purple, blue   but change is like going into the forbidden forest or walking into mordor
She goes around laughing, laughing without a care.  She surrounds herself with people,  everywhere you look. She's with someone. And that smile.  It's always there, never faltering. 
I, am emerging,    photographic greatness Raped, by compliments,             encouragement My, mind is different,        not currupt, right? Little, things, little steps
I'm usually referred as the "quiet chick" by almost everyone, but inside of my mind it's loud and a good place to escape the labels.
They hold hands,
Teeth are seen first. Smiles all around. Disdain within. Keeps me planted to the gound.   Seeing everyone. So many sheep. Hate keeping quiet. Never a peep.  
How do we know when to say those three unforgivable words of intrepid meaning? Do I stand back and wait for you to be first? Do I blurt out those three little inconceivable words?
He says that I’m too sensitive As our friends cheer on to his venomous jest It’s just a joke, bud, lighten up (I’m incensed)
I used to be scared of the devil. I would hide behind psalms 23 , Matthew 5: 13, psalms 121, verses I was force fed and swallowed up as I child.
Judgment comes from those who “know” you But if you really knew would you judge Eyes show a white girl who has not a problem to be dealt with If you looked deeper you couldn’t see
Loud,                                   annoying
an illness knawing at my internal flesh no one can see the Scars except me. a Facade to hide all the Pain. i tend to  Laugh harder, Try harder, just so They won't see
7pm on a Friday night, the breeze blowing through my skirt.
  It always confuses me when people say I am calm or good at handling stress One look at my flayed nail beds and they would have a hint at the truth  
Scars cover my skin
The curtain is your body and mind. Behind it there is nothing.
Here I am at school today Seems like nothing's in my way Gorgeous hair and a perfect face
Do not be confused, who I am is what you see. But perhaps what's more confusing, is it really me? Everyone wears a mask. Some people, on their faces to hide their identity, but most on their hearts, hiding what they truly feel.
Let me paint a picture,
He swore there was gold woven through the fabric of her skin, But the slightest ivory phantom slipped out of her mouth.   As soon as she understood, she inhaled. "I take it back," she breathed
you say you have never been out of the country but my dear you really have you say you have never crossed the border into any new lands but you have been all around the world my dear to places far and near
This is I I'm gone in the blink of an eye That is She She is the one that people see   I'm the creative spirit I live by the minute She is the perfectionist She dwells in her deficit
All those people looking, But who could really see what goes on behind the curtain? Pray my face wouldn't betray me.   All those thoughts and feelings tried to escape my head;
Behind the curtains I stay
We all hide behind our fears, convincing ourselves we aren't courageous enough, brave enough, strong enough, or proud enough to succeed. 
  Over the years I've lived through a lot of things; Over the years I've been a lot of people, So many that I lost myself.   Sometimes I look,
I’m sick of their presumptions
There's a child in my mind who belives in mermaids and fairytale weddings who won't stop smiling who won't stop laughing who won't and can't stop believing in optimisn for this world  
  Why am I so ashamed to express myself? Is it because, I was overweight? Is it because, my parents are immigrants dragging me to a lower class then everyone else?
Difference. Individuality.
I think about suicide all the time, Even when I don’t, it’s still at the back of my mind, I try to remember all the time I tried to leave, I’m aching for this pain to recede, I’m so tired of feeling worthless,
Your lips twitch, almost a smile Before the mask slips into place Stoic and as strange as before Trying to so hard to be what they want To be anything but yourself But liitle things shine through
Being a senior in high school I know all about the cliques, ya know the popluar kids, the nerds, the jocks, the misfits and so on. I, myself, do not hide behind a mask, I am who I am and love everything about myself.
A stage opens full, vulnerable to the tap tap of pointe, piercing down into grounding earth, her water born face is supported by a broken shoulder joint.   A body cross-sexual, no set form,
I conceal who I am to be seen The foundation I walk on is not pristine I powder on false details to change myself Base my life to look better to someone else   Depression is seen through smoky eyes
Identity Who are you? The biggest question to ask yourself Who are you really? Do I know or should I know?
They say witches burn in fire, arms twisted behind back with iron shackles and fire licked at beaten - blood - bruised - bared flesh
Where have you gone? you think youre hiding but your wrong your not insincere or fake or lying you are you, and you are trying Becuase when you dig and dig and dig, you wonder who you are at night
Here I am Yesterday's make-up smeared Hair a tangled mess Skin cold and dry Eyes barely open And this tightness in my chest I can't seem to shake. One thought over and over  And over and over 
Where have you gone? you think youre hiding but your wrong your not insincere or fake or lying you are you, and you are trying Becuase when you dig and dig and dig, you wonder who you are at night
  I am the funny one
What you see is what you get in a perfect world Illusions are for the foolish, and clarity takes prevalence  We walk around with masks, day in and day out  Masks that only come off when were too tired to keep them on
Confident is how he is seen and perceived Seen as one who has achieved All think he knows what he's doing All are unaware that he will be his own undoing   Alone, he fears what will come
True You, Where are you? Are you hiding, flying, fleeing, Dancing, singing, feeling blue?
sorrow clutches onto her heart
Crayons on the ground, Pages from a coloring book sprawled on the floor. It's just me,
Is it enough to pretend to that we care?If I showed you who I truly was, would you love me anymore?Did you ever actually love me?Do I even care?
Lost in my sea of thoughts both good and bad mind cracking ready to break am i mentally insane no i just have a issues lots of them but my mind is an ocean that anyone can 
Yelling after yelling Hides the heart that's willing To be free To see Behind the harshness of words To finalliy be heard. Then the heart heard it!  It couldn't see it, 
This prison I carry, Till my time ends and they bury, Is but a shell of the truth, Of what I was since youth. The prisoner hides, Till the voices subside. And will only be free,
Who am I? I am the girl continuously smiling, The one who's "jaunty". The girl with the letter-perfect life, consistently doing what is envisioned.
           I'm screaming in here--within walls of flesh--within imperfection--                                                                  drowning in self-imposed perfect standards.           
The way my eyebrows arch And the way the corners of my lips tilt south Many assume that I'm rude a bitch a groutch. My presence demands respect
The trust of another I cannot tell. The fear drags me down into the darkness. So far, I have forgotten how to live.  What once was joy has twisted into pain.  For pain has no limits.
Through the windows of my eyes, they squint by trying to hide The wind blows through my dark hair, and brush rose cheeks While chills channel through the vines of blood, there,
Fear of judgement, endless hope, constant drama. High School You stand out like a white leopard in a building full of black leopards 
Long brown hair and big blue eyes Put together by make-up Covered by lies. Her fabric made of a mended hole What more is left? Just a broken down soul. Full of exhaustion from being someone she's not
I wake up and I put on my mask. It gets me through half of the day but then it starts to crack I feel the toxic air of the real-world seeping into my mask, burning my eyes
My time is coming, I cannot
  I feel this twisting in my stomach, I fight to keep a straight face. Secretly I wonder, Do you feel the things I do? The same desires? No, you don't. 
the person you don't know ?
  Behind close doors I actually have a personality but yet to be explored... Because where my heart lives it rains...alot And the monster in my closet remains lock
I adore limitations because I fear the unknown I am consistently adorn in chains of shyness The need to be unseen
You can't know meYou don't see my every angleEven the pictures I’m inHide the heart behind the skin
I refuse to leave. I can not leave.
I may be out, but I refuse to leave the door open. I refuse to feel restricted, suffocated, silenced. How is it that a door can be both an escape and a sentencing?
See my Smile Hear my Laugh but don't look into my eyes No one can see me.... They wouldn't understand me. The way I am They only see my incredible masks My intense curtain of all colors
I hide behind my curtain Curls, glasses, and skirt
Let us paint a smile and walk among the happy, while they go on with out a worry.  As we sit here in our heads contemplating the life we could of had or could have, 
Here I am, sitting with a smile.The corners, ever cracking.No one will see the reality of me.Stay Strong, stay happy.That’s all that they want of me.
I guess I can say I am normal shapped now for an american guy. Not fat, but not skinny;  Becuase I have "love handles" with some chunk on the belly front lol 
My heart beat increases when I hear their wispers beyond, The sound is so strong I feel it supress me,
A poisonous lure tugs at my
Don't you have secrets you can't tell anybody? Secrets you've kept like sacred promises? All your life feels like an unopened box If you let the light in, your demons escape.  
Have your eyes ever fallen upon it A tragedy lost among the comedies How they all cry mystical fallacies Yet one is quick to assume the opposite   Don't show me shapes from your cutter
They’re spelling beautiful wrong these days. It’s not B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, it’s B-A-L-D. It’s the gown with the bows in the back, The mint green color that’s trending this summer.
Behind the curtain I stand afraid of who I am hiding the person they see from the man that I am. in truth I am shattered a million tiny pieces. swept under the rug and covered by those teases
When other people live their life through you, it's almost like studying for a class you did not sign up for. Observe, Obey, Follow, Conform.
Who am I? Who am I to Decide what I do and where I go? I can feel the pressure of the
glitz and glam
You are nothing That is what I would tell myself That is what others would say
I am screaming. I am screaming. My words clog my throat like a rag. Stuffed in violently, So as not to come out, But simply be There A muffled outcry.
These hands are not my own. The take away fom me. With these shaking hands I have not grown. I am supposed to be a healer, cutting free. A surgeon's scalpel can not be so different from a pencil.
Avert thine eyes From these cold stars sculpted upon my face From my arms painted fools gold    Avert thine eyes  From these hands of obsisidon From this mouth full of bitter fruit  
Who am I? am I who they all say I am or am I just a figment of who they want me to be? am I really that wonderful or is that just a cover of my madness?
What does this world look like on the other side of the Drapes? Is it green like lettuce, red like tomatoes, or is it purple like grapes? I will never know, unlike the farmer who tends to his field,
Behind this curtain, you will see, a girl so different from the outward me. A life worth a million lies, I put up a happy face to conceal my cries. In order to hide my self-proclaimed imperfection,
I am dying on the inside And it is getting hard to hide. No one seems to see What is really going on with me.
quiet, mysterious, alone who is that girl in the corner? i want to say something, but i don't know what i want people to know the real me i want to break free i'm opening up, making friends
"Being Human"   Being Human Means You Strive for Acceptance,
I have two legs Two arms eyes and ears one nose one mouth and seventeen years
I Just want you to know who I am Who I've been all along Not afraid of rejection  Not afraid of what you think But I never say anything I run and hide I don't want you to think any different of me
I've always hid behind the curtain Walls of every color Too afraid for them to know the real me Afraid of acceptance Afraid of appreciation  Afraid it won't be the same But now it's time they know
I am broken But not in the way you think My cane is just an accessory to me It’s my mind that is the true issue   The truth is I’m scared Being like this is hell
Living behind a curtain? It's what we all do. I used to think it was just me. But now I see its everyone, maybe even you.
They say one door opens another closes But it seems I’m stuck in the threshold Drag me down an empty hallway One fool’s junk another’s gold   Suck it up for the onlookers Like I’m having a grand time
You don't know me I hide who I truley am I act different around everyone I say what others what me to say
Hiding behind what I'm not, never in the open.   I hold everything inside of me
I can't make you change I can't make you love I can't make you be who you were I can't make you be everything I can't make you love me   Make me believe Make me trust
Will you walk away? Would you walk on by If I ignored you now would you say goodbye? Would you tell me it's not me you love anymore If I asked you to Will you stay?
Let's make this last forever You're so Delerious  Let's be serious It's you and me Take what you want All of me I have what I need All of you Take off your clothes
Guard down and all, I use to think I had a home, now I have no home , now all I do is play a guessing game outside in the cold, guessing who am I?, lost myself in the process,
(Verse 1) Day by day. I'm so glad you left. My life hasn't been better since that day. When you said goodbye. You walked out. I cried. It hurt so bad.
(Verse one) Do you remember when it was just me and you? On that hot July afternoon You took me by the hand led me into the woods And whispered "I love you"
When it's after midnight and you're next to him and he just looks at you, the moon making his eyes look like stars. It feels like the moment is just frozen right there.
I will not love.At least not you.My life has gone.Passed me byToo many tears.So much painI will try to learn to love againBut not for you.
(Verse 1) I promised to wait for you. You wasted my time, and took too long. I decided to move on. I'm no longer yours. Spended too much time waiting for you to come around and take me away.
(Verse 1) Just one wrong word. Can turn this all around. End everything we ever had. Destroy the love that we always dreamed of. I don't wanna be the one wanting you back.
(Verse 1) I thought we might of had another chance. But you're already gone. I wish I could go back to the start of it all. I didn't realize how easily you could move on.
(Verse 1) So many things to say. Always holding back... Every last word. There's so much I wish I could just finally tell you. Like the way I love you.
(Verse One) You set my heart burning up in flames . You just drive me insane. You'll never understand how this was never love, that I was feeling.
The legend of the koi fish goes that if the koi fish swims up the waterfall  it one day it will become a dragon.    Since I was little,
Whats my c
John Dominique once said, “You cannot kill truth. You cannot kill justice.
Happy girl. Nice girl. Innocent girl. “Cute” girl. This happy face I put on for everyone, tells them these things The innocent stories I tell, tell them these things The nice songs I sing, tell them these things
The person I am can probably say a lot more than the cage itself I've dwelled upon since birth.  I never found the courage to exhibit the
Crying in my room. I just want to be accepted. Just want to be loved. I don't know why it has to be like this. With so many people that already can't stand me. How could I ever show them the real me?
I've never been good at opening up
People keep saying that I could just leave      They say, it is as simple as walking away      (How could they know?)      They say, I’m strong, and that I can preserver: (How can I?)
Misogyny By Bre Jon Harris     I am me not what they portray me to be Misogyny What’s that??? Hatred for women I see Politically Does this strengthen the legitimacy?
Every day she comes closer to finding who she is
I am from scorching heat and dried roots, From tumble weeds and one great salty lake, Surrounded by tall mountain walls, I am from a small, sparkling city in a bowl shaped valey,
The poems I write will bring tears to your eyes Speaking only and always of loneliness and fear.
Everyone knows me They like me at  best I'm the funny guy in class making jokes out of tests.   Are they really my friends or am I  just comic relief? I make a mask out of smiles
Death, Disease, and Lonliness Abandonment, War, and Fears All kept behind life's curtain
When I first arrived here I brought with me a rough transparent hunk of stone   I held it out at all times For the world to see And when light shined onto it
This bottle contains my sadnessEvery little ounce of despair.Through open doors it migratesHidden with a quickly donned veil.
As I walked the halls I could feel it creeping over me I checked my shoulders but no was there to see I could feel it lurking in my shadow As I walked past a window and saw my reflection
Smiles to go, Nobody can know
who am i? I am suposed to be the homecoming queen Most know me as the treasurer of our class I am the varsity goalie of the soccer team I am the 400 meter hurdler of our track team
"it's okay to be you" "i won't judge" "speak your mind"   but if i do, you will judge i know you i have lived with you my whole life i know you  
The man behind the curtain, the face behind the mask.   One beautiful soul, behind a treacherous task.   A woman of inseurity, concentrating on what she lacks-  
I try to smile And show kindness To those who may need it But sometimes I wish They could see behind the curtain The veil that I have on It's there to keep people from seeing
We all hide behind something in this unpredictable world.I for one hide behind a curtain. I've been told to come out from behind this curtain with dignity,confidence,self-esteem,and pride.
The fear of growing old can effect a person extremely, one does not grow old to be closer to death, but one step closer to eternal life.
when I'm here no one else is
I see my reflection
When I think of “my identity”, I think, “The naturally straight-A son, the church goer who worships God, the boy who likes girls. This is me.
There's a mask I use to present myself to white friends saying things, like, "Oh Em G," and shit like, "Yeah, Totally."
If you could have the chance to start all over If you could change what you may have done If you could take back what you said If you could alter the mask that you have worn so long
Behind the curtain, you’ll never see What I really feel What I truly believe: I can never be healed   There’s far too much treachery Lurking in my past The horrible memories
I'm not that kind of girl I'm not running all over the world
It's 8:03pm and applying for scholarships.  And my mom just scolded  me on the burdens  of student loans. Like I didn't know.... Just found slam behind the curtain.
I am different. I do not resemble the brown skinned, brown haired people I have grown up with. The faces I saw in kinder are the same faces I see as a senior. Not much ever changes, but I have on the insisde.
I'm not a robot, I have my thoughts Don't always show them, it's a little tough I feel so tongue tied, get stomach knots from my big fear of not being good enough.   This mask I wear must now come off
A quiet stone stillness Flushed by petal skin Glowing but whispering Eyes painted with grim Black lines suggest somber Whimsy chilled by   Apathetic limbs worn By an apricot smile
What do you see inside? This pretty face, a painted disguise
Shadowed over don't look at me Like a rover I'll never be Self infliction will ever stand Hostile friction is in my hand Show myself to take a chance On a shelf
Pretty Every day they tell her she is pretty People she never met They walk up to her and as if it is their duty to humanity they tell her she is so pretty I want to be just like you Perfect A day doesn't go by that she doesn't hear that word The
STOP and listen. Hear the song that is singing within my heart. It is desperately trying to break through.   Yank me out of the garden in which I have grown my roots.
No one will ever truly know me. How can they when they never even try because I smile they assume im happy. No one knows me. I hide behind mask. They never did get it. No one knows me.
Why is it such a big deal? Why is it such an issue? If a girl wants to sag her pants and get fresh like the guys do she can Why is it such a bother? If a girl would rather be her child's father I can
Its funny that this Slam was chosen, I had written a litteral poem my freshman year literally called "The Mask" The mask is constructed To hide you away You appear happy You appear kind  
Skin, bones, blood, flesh A body Inside, a mind that’s loving and kind A girl who just wants to reach out and connect Thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories All anxious to be shared
I stand in front of my worst enemy, the mirrorI stare at my 5 foot 7 large frame body and I begin to cry
I often ask myself, a morbid question I do admit: When my life is done, when my memorial candle is lit, what will be my eulogy, How will they remember me?   I often fear that
I have no idea who I am Am I someone special?
Theres a innocent young woman there, Hiding behind makeup and long hair, She smiles for the impression of others, Because the only person she can be true to is her mother.  
Her scars' could not be overlooked or hiden said the mirror. There was still danger near said the fear in her eyes. She had no home to go said the dingy backack that hung on her back. Who is she said the comunity that was quick to misjudge her.
Nobly and drab, heavy curtain hangs toward justice. Righteousness hides primitive desire’s poetry read to the meter of heartbeat. Sacred service, trust, churning guilt at the ignition,
They say  to act your age. They say  to be strong. They say  to always be lady like. They say to be skinny to be pretty. They say  to watch your opinion so no one is offended. . Who are they anyway?
She has a face of innocence but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a bit of fire in her. She fights with her words and not with her fists, compared to fists her words are a thousand swords going into your dark soul all at once.
Does anyone remember when they were little, And they loved to play pretend? neither. But it seems that, As we grow older, Learn the twists and cavities Boroughed into our bodies
Deep within me is the pain of imperfection. In the day, demons sleep, but in the night, they’re steady pressing. Fallen dreams begin to scheme, and I can’t seem to leave; that is my problem, why
When it comes to being myself I know the outcomes of failure pull me behind the open doors, so while their open and wanting I will not walk through them because if I fail I know I'll never leave again.
In her dreams, she is a sailor. She lives her life at her own leisure.
As I look in the mirror, my gaze lowers as I slowly look away "That’s neither who I am nor the person I want to be." Who I am on the dull surface doesn’t compare to the rainbow girl within.
Lets live for today  Let past troubles fade away Let go of the uncontrollable, its not here to stay So why do we worry about other things they dont matter, they dont matter Nothing is here to stay
Faint smile and emerald eyes, and yet myself I sometimes despise. Cold limbs and delicate thoughts, and yet my love I sometimes let rot. Active pulse and steady breathing,
Armor plating to shield my soul. A fragile existence thrice tortured, Marinating in sardonic contempt, Masked by a pretty face And an empty smile.   False confidence, False cheer.
'Confidence"  You think I am confident. You think I'm not afraid to say any given word....
Behind the smoke I beg for it to be a high The mirrors show a pageant queen, doe eyes, a glimmering smile But with all the pompous in the world, I could never be, she I am crumbling
Covered, veiled, hidden, but strong, Your thoughts about me are probably wrong, Mother, daughter, wife, most importantly – BELIEVER Uniform on the outside, but inside I am FREER –
"My momma told me when I was young... We were all born SuperStars..." Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" lyrics should speak to me I should embrace who I am indeed   I have always wanted to pursue a career in music
That smart girl at the back of the room Who is she?   "Just a two-dimentional nerd" As if, I'm so weird I'm four-dimentional "She is too busy studying to have a life"
I once was a sunken ship buried to the ground. I carried a burden so heavy it held me down. I felt so trapped it kept me bound. I felt as if I had drowned. I let go of the past and then I flew.
Slam Behind the Curtain   Explanation You will never know me, feel free to assume
Sometimes I fall between the lines And I ask myself why I'm here this time Everybody is going ninety down the highway, And I'm stuck on the side, wondering why,  I was never able to hitch a ride  
Everyone's always told it be true to how you feel, but what happens when what you show isn't real?   why do we always feel the need to hide what's true why do we always feel
Behind this black mask I cross the side of ice and fog It is neither crowded nor loud Fear surrounds your soul
Give me your eyes  So I can see Much more than this disguise  Much more than sensibility   Imperfection eclipsed by glory I realize now Hiding and fronting Is what I am about  
I wake up to cosmetics and perfumes everyday to seem presentable to the world outside. 
I am an old oak tree whose roots of the past keep me standing tall and strong through storms.  I am the clarinet of a beginning musician; it takes time for someone to grasp how all my keys work together to make a beautiful melody.
It’s not a mask Or a disguise It’s not a shroud of smoke I use to conceal my true form Although I am a monster, sometimes I can be that harmless little bunny that you’re surprised to see
What am I hiding? Sadly, thats not the question. My question, the one that hangs on my shoulders is, What are you hiding?   Because, believe it or not, I can see it.
People want me to work hard People expect me to be a Genius It's all Math and Science People expect me to be a Model It's all make-up and hair fixed right I'm a people pleaser so they get what they want
I first entered this world from behind a curtain into a bright world.  The first man who touched me wore a mask. A bright yellow mask, which only showed his eyes.
“Painted” By Jennaveve Johnston My mask is painted bright,
I am wrapped up in this curtain it is killing me I'm certain. This curtain portrays what they want see a smiling and happy me. What happened if I took off this disguise?    
Hey look, it's the man behind the curtain! No, wait, that is just me and it looks like I'm hurtin'. I can't open the curtain to who I truly am. If they don't like me I'd get slaughtered like a lamb.
They sit and yell and gossipBut what are they really saying?
As a pre-teen, I avoided nakedness as much as any other would. My body was not what I had imagined it would become. I had mounds of fat that sagged from my sides that caused brown straight marks to form along my lower back
I'm my own mind,thoughts, and process Creating thoeries from my past Asking why did I turn out the way I am Thinking sullenly like the dark clouds in the sky
When I walk down the street, Talking to the people I see, I can't help but wonder, If who they see is really me.   To them I am funny and kind, I always have a smile on my face.
I don't think like others, I don't talk like others, I don't look like others, I don't play like others,
Ladies and Gentlemen Peter K. Amezcua   We are often told to “Not to judge a book by its cover” But why give a book a fake appearance if it differs on the inside?
"Pay No Attention"By Samantha S. MastorioThose around me see someone grand,Someone carefree and full of energy,Little do they know, little do they see,
Dodging bullets and menacing glares, Trying to survive behind a facade. Every day is a struggle, Between being who you tuly are And disappointing your family. The constant shame and guilt
There is no honesty in a curtain What it conceals could be either False or Naked And sometimes it is Naked clothed in False garments But what is False would never stand to be Naked
I can not see myself Within the confines of these walls Bright red words are slashed everywhere Loser Ugly Pathetic Fat I can not see myself Behind these rules and images Skinny
Who is looking at you? Your friends, Who bring out your best? Your kids, With clear, innocent eyes? Your wife, Love etched in her gaze? You must be strong for them.  
There are many me's as there are many you's, the kinds that keep low and hide in their minds and the kinds that speak out the truth. Have you ever noticed, when you went out to eat, that the waitress spoke sweetly and loud?
  “Moi et mon Rideau ” (Me and my Curtain)   So you ask why, a poet like myself, is hiding behind a curtain, It’s simple; it’s a security blanket.
Love thy self they say My self respect was crushed long ago
It started when she was young  never thought shed be numb she knew that she was me so I thought the boys would see The pretty girl in side It turns out I was lied to The only person that I knew
I am one of the 2% of American teenage girls who don't shpw their feelings  In fact I hate it I will do anything to keep people from getting the notion that I even have emotions
Close the curtain and turn on the smoke machine. 
“Wow.”                   What a simple remark, yet it’s so flattering to hear.
Happines is a just an allusion  You see the smile and draw the conclusion  Anger, Depression, Frustration is what she hides  laughing on the outside  slowily dying on the inside 
The true me, the true me, Can you argue with what you do see? Beauty and Kindness all wrapped into one, a benevolent demeanor non-regarded as the sun.
Loneliness. The pain of being alone and ignored. Different isn't always better. The world only accepts those who conform. So what's left? Solitude.
A life of sleeping horrors?
As the sun vanishes and the moon rises, our reign over the dark forest commences No animal can stop us even the predators that top us, we hunt in packs This is the key to our notorious attacks. Our prey become easy targets
The girl with the big smile Who laughs and talks and is feeling great "Hi! How are you? Sir, can I take your plate?" Running until the end of the day All day long with that smile on her face
She awakes from a night of taunting dreams Let’s her mind wander upon the happenings of the day Soaks it in and just breathes With a tear of hopelessness She applies her make-up to only hide her true beauty
Do it all and start over, again and again, it's almost safe to say I'm hungover.
I'm stuck.  Stuck here with these people, Doing things that make me unhappy. ...And things that make them unhappy   I go to the very place of my unravelings everyday against my own will.
Behind the curtain look and see quiet and fearful inside its me.   Looking for someone who'll love me for me not just someone to add to my family tree.  
makeup botox reconstruction surgey all this to alter your self you're pretty you're gorgeous unique in your own way nothings wrong with these things just don't be dependent on it
They stare, they talk, they judge. I run through the streets, drive past strangers, walk through the hallways.I’m present, but am I really present? 
I’d rather wear the mask than listen to you laugh.   How does it feel? Bob Dylan asks.   The mask is fixed as wax figures trapped behind glass. But  
Let me begin by asking you t
teases me
You tell me I'm beautiful when you see I have different shades of make up on. You tell me I'm beautiful because I bought a new bra and you can see it through my shirt.
One question I avoid at all costs: Who am I?  One question to rule them all: Who do they think I am?  Are these one in the same? If not, I am to blame.Misery sets in to weaken me,
The bark, the initial impression people have.Seemingly tough and perfect. Yet you peel that bark awayand you'll find layers upon layers.
A mask is the safest form of deciet I hide behind a disguise A disguise of extreme optimism or pessimism To keep people from knowing how empty I sometimes feel inside,
I don’t know who I am I’ve been someone else for so long Being who I have to be To get along To win, to succeed I wonder if there is a real me.   It makes simple things hard
Silence speaks volumes, words are louder. Honesty is the best policy, freedom is in your words. Let your light shine and the darkness hide. Speak your mind loud with you head held high.
I am from the cicadas of hot humid summers
  Why do we hide who we are on the inside? Are we worried about judgement? We don't want to be denied by the people we love?
My parents are dead And that has changed everything Everything that I could or would have been is different My fear consumes me now Fear ravenous and deadly, it dictates who I am I walk the streets by night
I want to do ballet. NO. You’re not flexible enough. I want to do beauty pageants.  NO. You’re not near attractive. Ok.   I’ve made six A’s and one B this quarter.
I pull up to the stone-made mansion  In my ball gown and mask  Nobody will know who I am,  But who's going to ask?   
   Every day I turn on the TV,
Behind the curtain, behind the mask It all sees daydream But it is what is tasked It's never what it seems The needles, the germs, The casts, the genes. Expected me to be my turn  
My friends are brilliant but not smart enough to see my face is a mask at night i go home finally free from constraints i see the mirror the face reflected seems unfamiliar to me
The boy behind the curtain, Was hiding his man. He couldn't bring himself, To take his own stand. What other people saw, Was just their own reflections.
The eyes. A key to your soul. The nights they are filled with tears. The days they are filled with hurt.  Nothing can compare to this deep, dark hole That I am in because of one night alone.
When that curtain opens I am the center of attention. I'm confident, happy, and a joy to look at. You see me as you want to see me; you see what I show. An actor and a character role, but never the real me.
Memories of destruction, On my heart and mind   Sewing up the wounds, Caused by my once upon hero, Who turned into the villain   Life isn’t a fairytale, Yet I’m stuck in a castle,
Once upon a time, my mother's words would enlighten me. Now life's obstacles frighten me I pray to the skies hoping that these evil spirits could be harnessed and my soul could escape this never ending darkness
A flower doesn’t concern itself with the one beside it It grows independently in time,
Ring-ding-dong A man casts a shadow upon the lawn. Ring-ding-dong To her chamber he is drawn. Ring-ding-dong A kiss he gently lays upon, Ring-ding-dong The brow of beauty long foregone.
through joking eyes clown smile and ridiculous ties,   this girl gets through the day she really tries.   slouching on the couch kicking off the heels, 10 feet too high,
I intentionally joined the am and I, I have done it so much but why do I lie, I lie to myself about who I am, I walk into the bathroom, see the mirror, BAM! The outside world sees me as a crazy,
Lies. Pain. Hurt. Cries. And still she smiles.
She doesn't want to be a burrden
i hear an echo Where did it go? Disappearing into the atmosphere How can it be described? Like a rain drop blending into the ocean waters As a iguana blending into tall grasses
Who am I when nobody sees? When the wall crumbles what will you see? Who am I when no one is watching? What will you hear when I stop talking? I am silly when nobody sees.
What?! What are you looking at?... I suppose reading me, literally! You think you know, but you don't . Look at me, you guess, rite.!
Each day I awake and am shortly greeted with my own reflection;
Who am I? It's a tough question, do I answer with my achievements, my dreams, or my friends? Do you want to know my shining moments or the stories of my scars?
A lion. Brave and Magestic, don't be fooled by the fierce stare there are scars hiding there She fears the life domestic.  
I canot bear to bare my face, For fear of what you'll say. I try my best to hide inside So you don't run away.   I try to hide the crazy things I feel inside my heart. I try to lock myelf away,
This long, wavy, blond hair represents her soul. It represents the blood, the sweat, the tears of that month. It reminded her of the only thing she felt she had left.
she said winter is a violent lover. has beaten me so my hands have frozen to become jupiter's moons. has shattered me till i only remain jagged glass. - she said winter is a brutal lover.
I want to joust knights on strong horses   Attend decadent weddings, in elegant robes  
Hello reflection.
The faces turn And the eyes, they burn. The can see me. I can physically feel Their appraising looks of Disdain, Like unwelcome fingers Raking over my body And poking
I feel it everyday, I see it staring back at me; My body wants to sway. I've let it consume me like a disease that has no cure. Why do I let it do that to me?  "Don't be so afraid.": that is my lure.
My life is hidden Behind the curtain of my fears. 'What if' is the repeating question Never looking for a reason but always being there  To feed doubt into the monster that is worry.
It's a one-way glass, this curtain of mine. I can see them all; their thoughts and their feelings But they cannot see mine. I can see their anger, their hope and their disapointment But they cannot see mine.
Honesty's the rarest rebel root A precious pearl in dark long harboring Whose maker groans and lifts to bring to fruit From murky waters cull hours laboring. 
Many times I've pondered over my life's purpose I've had many chances to be heard but none which I was ready for Many times doors have opened but I stood back watching them close
Pay no attention To that girl behind the curtain The true to herself girl That no one wants to see Pay no attention To the face behind that mask The face with no makeup That no one wants to see
The deep red, velvety curtain shades her from reality A mask to hide all sorrows This thick wall of shame to cover all past sins and tragedies.   
  The fear of visually displaying yourself to others The fear of not being accepted for who you are The fear of living behind closed doors that are locked and Bolted from the world outside
First Impressions A nice smile, soft brown eyes,A look that’s worry free.
What is it you see when you see me? A girl? A person on the street? Someone you would like to meet? Am I defined by my clothes? Or how I fix my hair? Does it matter, do people care?
Behind my Curtain there are things that peope do not understand. Behind my Curtain are secrets that I wish to keep. Behind my Curtain there is a voice telling me to keep the world away. I have a curtain and it is time that i open it.
I am someone who can find beauty in the strangest places. The bush outside that has gone away for the winter. All alone, with no leaves to keep it company during the long cold season.
As all days before us,and all those to come,those with hidden faces,they learn to be numb.The youth grow with knowledge,with hopes that life is true,The old know by experience,
The world is light and color and shape; The air, a silent voice.
I don't care. I'm fine. It's all okay. Don't worry about me. Someone help, anyone...are you there? I can't do this alone.
Perhaps, there is an advantage to being many-sided: People don’t see all of my flaws. One may know me as particularly introverted But others will have never seen me outside a group. One may think I speak too much
I have a blanket.
Who's there? I can hear you breathing. Is what I see hair?
Outside I am confident
They say yeah kid, I feel you. Mistakes pleaded upon by cheap lips.
They cover you in make up, and then they shave your hair They talk about how we've all come so far and how lucky you are to live in these times Then they tell you who you should be and why
Who's really there ?
I’d like to say I have nothing to hide, That everything I am is revealed on the outside. The only place I am completely me, inside and out,
My mask is glued It does not come off at night or in the shower It does not come off.   I did not choose this mask I did not choose these purple bags that rest so easily underneath my eyes
Show your true form, you are handsome inside Draw your curtains and have some self pride   Make-up your face and hid your flaws Oh! It's only for girls but don’t give boys
a girl living on the top of a very high mountain sat in her house all day every day and looked down on a village far in the reaches of her sight to the point that she almost wasn’t able to see it
Oh you came to my house with a fire in your eyeI was 18 and you were 25But I couldn't love you even if I triedBecause you don't even know my nameBut I can't cry for her she didn't care
    I stare into the reflection on the mirror. It’s me, no one else. That girl is confident and free Fills the space of silence with her voice; she’s loud and there’s nothing wrong with that.
How easy would it be to let go? To let free my fears and sorrow. Would the cries be silenced? Along with my heart and blood be silenced.   Facing the world with a smile,
An illusion is all that it is. Giving myself a heart attack from all the stress I put on my arteries. Too innocent to know any better, or is it the opposite? A written letter stained with rubies from my veins.
A smile on my face  To decieve those  around me A fraudulent  demeanor To fool both them and thee Kindness and warmth on the outside A shield for my innermost self The darker ego that is my person
I'm tired
Constantly told for 18 years I'll never be good enough. That I'll never get to leave the small town I am from, to pursue my future goals. So I when I finally do, I finally leave that town
                                                      Behind The Curtain                              Pay No Mind to the Man behind the Sagittarius  
I keep my head down, I keep my mouth closed. In all my life ive never been, myself, i suppose. I am a contradiction, not one self-imposed. My mind is spinning, perpetually alive, my heart; 
The light from my window pane has crossed the path of my glass framed mirror. I stare deeply into the image of I and realize the flaws of my outer and inner most being.
The light from my window pane has crossed the path of my glass framed mirror. I stare deeply into the image of I and realize the flaws of my outer and inner most being.
I am not who I appear to be I hide behind a mask that you will never see
So pick me up, examine me, try to understand me because everything I do gives away my hand. Every word I say,  every thought I think,
Magic Mirror on the wall  Do you really reflect it all? Do you see the true beauty beneath my skin? Do you see my heart that bleeds? My soul that cries The building rage that I must constantly deny.
What do I see when I remove this mask.? This mask that i have been creating for so long. What do you see when you look into my eyes? Do you see the smile I wear, as fake as it may be.
Torn and mistaken cuts cover her arm
Snap ! Zoom, get centered more, then delete. Twenty to fifity shoots until we get the one that is unique. Taking photos for others to critique.
I’ve been exhausted in vain Becoming a waste of space Growing used to verbal abuse For a minimum wage
I find myself in a vast dessert of uncertainty. Unable to tell my moments of clarity and sense of direction from the many mirages that block my path. My steps were once loud and clear with conviction,
  Behind her blue eyes, there stands a girl, chubby and stout
I’ve got something in common With all of those kids you see in movies Who lie together and watch the stars And wonder aloud Frozen in that moment of calm contemplation Underneath all of the skin and bones
With you there are no words to say. you seem to  take my breathe away. I finally took a chance, and you,  gave me a second glance.
I'm like wet clay Altered by the hands of others Forcibly changed to become what someone else desires Well liked when expectations are met   I'm cold like a corpse
I am concealed in my mask of mystery Eluding everyone everyday as to who I truly am Almost no one knows of my backstory Of my struggles Of my woes They would rather see the mask I wear
If you're not perfect, then 99% of the time, you're not good enough Mantra, philosophy, motivation It binds me like ropes It controls me like a puppet It restricts me like chains
So "I think therefore I am",What a pearly phrase,Slung 'round and 'round from corner to corner and ear to ear, 
Each evening as the lights dim                                                                                                        Consciousness unleashes its whim Ever so thouroughly pervades the mind
Don't you love the perfect girl?
Will I ever let them-  the ones who see me but do not See Me-
Over the years My parents' divorce  My struggles , My fears Never letting anyone close or near
I’m that type of girl with the needy descent. I hear the voices surrounding me, killing me, so profoundly. There’s an acidic curtain made out of the strongest built ever made;
How ironic it is to be controlled by the ones who should encourage expression
Who am I? Even I don't know.   Am I the girl everyone loves?
Every human wears a veil, It is one that we choose to wear, Not because we want to, or because it's fair, But because we seem to think on a much bigger scale   It's partially true, I don't know who I am,
My first face is one timidity, of shyness and of meekness Bowing for others more "superior", convinced of my supposed weakness,   The second face is a jovial one, meant to placate and pacify,
Dynamic energy Pounding Pulsing Begging to escape And I won't let it   Though bright Though powerful Though brilliant It is vulnerable It is afraid  
My apologies to the audience (In regards to thedeath of my sadness). Oh, how many of you turnedagainst me since the year of last, castrating myfruited labor ever so fast. Funny, I thought you were
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. He’s the cowardly one, The loveless man. He’s the one who hides his faults, Putting up a façade the best that he can.
To hide myself
I look down at my a
You see a young lady who is talented and smart. She stands. Some say she is the epitome of who Stands for what's right. She stands.
What's a little white lie without a little fun Because 'Fun' is what life is about Nothing matters as long as you're having a good time I'll be a 'Her' instead of 'Me'
Opening my eyes I see the dept of world; A little girl stuck in a throing of flies. Flies who are too blind to see the tears in my eyes,  Laughing to lies.
She was a lively girl, unique and different. She laughed, danced, and loved to express herself but everyone looked at her as if she was crazy. Crazy because she didn't conform to society,
the curtains open  Put on your  make-up  Wake up.  You live in a world that demands perfection 
I don't have super long hair, or pearly white teeth I don't have rich parents and in my room, no, there is not a huge bed where I sleep I don't have a Bentley, or even a license for that matter
The colors splash on the canvas, creating a little picture. Blue paint and red paint collide to create dark, purple skies And at the bottom of the canvas, in the small corner a little girl sits,
  It fits so nicely and I choose wisely my disguise to hide what happens inside. Friends?
As a warm - hearted introvert, I feel as though I need to convert, from always feeling humility to a personality of audacity.   I feel trapped inside a freezing box, with multiple steal locks.
Confident, Shy which is the lie? What do they wish to see? Why can't they leave me be? Strong, Weak I can barely speak. What they see and what they know all of which is just a show.
Pull me down and watch me plunder,  
How difficult is it to simply be ourselves? At a young age we're all taught that who we are isn't enough- Not tall enough, they say. Not pretty enough, they say. Not smart enough, they say.
The mirror doesn't look like who I want it to be I thought it would resemble the birds who ride the winds I thought it would be free When I hear them sing their song I wish it were me
There she stands, with her past far behind her. Yet so close it just reminds her. Memories of the mistakes and the bullies. The disability that has kept her.
there was a me before you just as i know there will be a me after you after all we are seperate people with seperate thoughts and seperate souls and beliefs and ideas and likes and dislikes 
I ask calmly Fear hidden behind serious lips And dry cheeks As I pretend I have swallowed
The pain I felt everyday was a knife to my heart The days went by in darkness and no hope  So close to just calling it quits and letting the sea take me away  But then the day came which threw me a surprise
She's conceled behind the curtain, listening to the footsteps of her prey. In her mind she wonders just how long she'll be around to play.
                                                             I have two sides I am two people
The sheep follow the shepard As the shepard followed the Messiah So I ask why cant we be like sheep and put down our guard We as sinners follow our desire The same desire that makes us sad
Once a wall of soil a bright sun supposably kept it warm. But darkness of a vancant,
Blonde hair rests on her shoulders,
Why does the world judge us? They act like the victims, yet they're holding the gun. Why does the world judge us when we learn from our mistakes and we're just having fun? Just because we're different
Everyone leaves me. This façade is so much simpler than the real me. She is happy and lifts everyone’s spirits up, who is she?   I never knew her and I still don’t.
Very well groomed, always clean Unkept, unshaven, and periodically obscene Focused, driven, and ready to work Distracted, halted, forever needing a job I am the man with which you would share your life story
Some see me as an embodiment of light But a streak of darkness flows through these veins To them: I am witty, friendly, perhaps even bright But I am more. And its this that pains
I differ in home than I do in school, in stores, in Restaraunts; in places out of home. When it comes to school, the strong love and affection I Feel for my friends, my adoration, hide within my Bodies' boundaries.
Who I am  Is not well known. A quiet girl with curly hair is all I seem to thee, but under this mask is a superstar trying to break free.
That stage is only a platform she stands upon, the audience, meer shadows that occupy otherwise empty chairs.
My jokes are like my armor Something to hide behind Something everyone can laugh at  Without ever seeing my mind   For if they were to pierce my armor And see what lies beneath
One step at a time A skill already learned Walls up, Im guarded Hiding within the shadows, nothing left unturned Retreat..
I once was a girl with fear whispering in her ear. Pulling me far and drawing me near. Weaving poison into a story to be merged within my very being. There to sieze a whiff of the life I was breahthing.
I have a weakness for boys, but what female doesn’t? Want a guy to make me the spotlight, like Jennifer Hudson
Awakened by the sounds of screaming Put asleep to the noises of disaster Voices constantly piercing  Heart rate still increasing See life isnt what it used to be
Life is like a big secret No one really knows how you lived your life or Grew up What you did and how you thought To the current point and time There’s one part of you that everyone sees
The mask you ask, is it there? Do I hide myself inside? For me, I'm proud to say it's nowhere. Though the mask, I mean's been tried. I used to live behind that mask, I knew it all too well.
While a mirror reflects the way we look, No one ever sees themself. As others can see us, You can also see them too. People think themselves to be Deserving of friends, being wealthy;
I try to hide myself From everyone else I am not ashamed For I am not insane   But my heart yearns for love From each and everyone We are forced to wear a mask
I am a lov
A storm cloud brews in the depths of my heart All anyone sees is the smiles No one looks deeper To see the façade All anyone sees is the mask Even my friends seem to think nothing’s wrong
My all encompassing fear It formed chains around my body Every limb, every piece of me Chained down Every movement created such the echo The chains would clack and clank and creak
They watch me close. Can they guess the next move? I keep my pose. So many try to shove. Watchful eyes It keeps me afraid. They pester my thoughts. It's as if I've left a debt unpaid.
Little girl lost and alone Won’t pick up the phone Too scared to go back home   The bottles kept stacking up Daddy didn’t you have enough Anger grew, We all knew What he was going to do to you
Did you ever wonder why i hide ? , im a shy girl in dispised i hid their in the night and come out at day not to associate nor play i have no friend i get teased  alot
Who gives a damn about the real me. Nobody  Nobody really cares about who you are Whenever you talk to someone you are just speaking to their repersentative People who try to be real are shunned 
What do you do when your world falls apart
The nip of the blade sinks deep into the skin, Adrenaline rushing through every cell with each sweep, Feeling like you will be forever happy and unstoppable, Once it fades, all you want to do is weep.  
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain, But she is the real me. The woman you see is a fake, Pretending to be what others like to see.
Staring in the glass I see not my reflection But instead the reflection of a shell A shell that contains the genuine me The tender woman Whom is the definition of being more than what others perceieve
I hide files of myself into steel vaults keeping the code to myself not letting anyone else see who I am  and what I hide But only what I pretend to be In all these years I still have not come 
Behind the Curtain,  I am a mere man, Trying to live life the best I can, Just like the other 7 billion people on Earth.   Behind the Curtain, I am a dreamer,
You can look at me And think you seen all that need to be seen But the truth is you cant even see the half of me,
Lay the bricks up higher, realize the mortar is all but gone, you have built this wall, do you bask in its beauty, or realize it is not a clear reflection of who you are, do you want others to know, are you sure, ok.
My eyes are the windows to my soul What's inside of me does it glitter like gold? Take a sneak peek just to see the real me to whom I express my individuality
  A chameleon blending   My person bending To match all the colors surrounding My expression is cool As I walk into school But meanwhile my heart is pounding   White are the nerds
I hide to stay safe
The curtain is so thick  I am not sure I can see past it.
They say you need to be a certain way. They say you need to have courage. They say you need to be successful. They all say something.
I don't know what I want. Making plans, I feel stable. But he sees concrete.   I am not concrete. He is the wind and I can't Fly without a map.   I am a river,
if i wanted to punch you in your eye right now, better believe i w
pay no attention to the man behind the curtain the one who wants to but can't socialize when working pay no attention to the boy in the closet who stays there because his father beats him like he's lost it
Little girl, little girl, little girl, why do you hide?
 My identity changes as I rise 
Behind this face, behind this smile, theres a girl that no one knows. She's scared. She feels like she's living in the past, back when her step dad, the man she loved, would beat her and scare her.
I am Marley, The child of the long lost south. You have never met me, but heard of me by mouth. Bombarded with questions since the day I have arrived
I try my best to mold and change myself to fit in with a group, I put on my best act, and change my views to be acceptable to a crowd, but it never works out and my cover is always blown,
You are hilarious, the joker, the funny one the comic relief Quips fall off Your tongue like water and raise off Your body like sunlight and You
“Take a look” She tells me, and I shake my head Desperately wanting to clear my mind of all her encouraging words I refuse to look at that mirror Covered in steam and laced with jewel’s
“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” I am just a woman who hides behind things. I know one thing is for certain,
What keeps me from being who I am It's nothing but the fear of judgement What (who) will I lose if I dare to expose myself  As the person that I know I am inside.  
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain, I don't matter anyway, If people knew, and had the choice, They wouldn't ask for me to stay.   They'd want the empty eyes,
The door is closing The door gets slammed behind me Always lost inside
The real me? She's outgoing, full of life, fearless, speaks her mind. The me that society has come to know? A girl who doesn't alway say what she feels. A girl who is so reserved, so timid.
I am confused about my religion.  I am supposed to be a faithful Christian on a mission.  So why do I feel Muslim?  To God is my submission.  But I would rather call him Allah, Father, or Jehovah. 
Fake smiles here fake nods there listening but never talking  the quiet girl who is quietly walking knowing in my mind and heart what I  truly want to say  but bottling it up and walking away 
I put up a front,  and i don't mean to be so blunt, but the curtain is for me. I can't look at society. 
My mind
My mind can be profound, beautiful, mystical and  intellegent when I am not around judement or stereotypes.
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, Warm, inviting, gleaming with light, But I have never looked into someone’s soul, Nor have I looked at my own, I am denying myself the sight.  
"In a land that is full of opportunity, I only have on true desire. To write and sing,
I tell myself I am enough. From the audience, I see a smart girl I see kind girl I see an honest girl I see an outgoing girl  I see a small town dreamer
Beauty dripping on the floor, tears that no one could see  The who, what, and where, from the comparison of you and me I am short not tall  My voice does not reign, but is small  I feel worthless, but I was bought
She was a wor
Through glossy eyes I view the world In colors to beautiful to describe But all you see when you look at me Is a young man with starry eyes   It's not like I haven't faced a crucible
Every day I want to be with him, I know I will be hated.
Can I join in?Can I be part of your little niche?Can I join in?Can I feel like I'm part of a new subset?I don't want to be just another person.I don't want to be me.I want to be part of the scenery.
I hide because I'm scared of meof how weak I might actually beI'm not so pure, and fair of skinbut I act like that's who I've beenas a child I was raised  "white"Even though my skin isn't light
People will say I'm happy and brave, But the real me is scared and afraid. I'm afraid to mess up and afraid to cry, Afraid to hurt and afraid to die. I feel so alone in this world so big,
I'm just a girl full of thoughts and ideas
My Entire life I've always heard the words "Grow Up"  But , What If "Growing Up" Wasn't on My Agenda ? 
I can walk the walk and talk the talk with the best of them, but its not what I want. Its easier to go with the crowd than to follow your own path.   I can fake a smile, a laugh
Behind the curtain and deep inside There’s a girl who can no longer hide She has been hidden too very long And is no longer able to be strong Her hopes are high, and savings low All she wants to do is grow!
A dream shines deep behind my eyes A hope to be held in eternity Not as fair as snow
People ask me all the time, "Why are you so quiet? I usually reply "I don't know", but even I don't buy it.
For years I lived, hiding behind a curtain     Living in fear, always uncertain I dreaded the days of middle school,   Was my hair a mess? Was my outfit uncool? But as I grew older I began to realize
Gaze into my bright blue eyes ask thyself not what lies inside for not all live curtain conealed i present for you all what i have to feel Uninhibited you'll see i am no mask, or shadows bend my command
Everyone keeps a part of themselves Locked away In a place where sometimes, They don't even know How to bring their real selves out.   I am one of those people. There's so much darkness
You do not know me. The world does not know me. Of course, there is more to me than what you see   I am open and honest,
A mirror.  Most people have one hanging in their room Keeping them hanging on each flaw they see Why I let it keep hanging there, keeping me behind its surface
Black jacket hold me  Closer until they pass us by Never let them inside
They said grow up and stop day dreaming. They said be serious and sit down. They said don't talk so much and just smile. They ask me what's wrong and why I am such a bore. What they don't know is they made me this way.
We are who we want to be, And we will be who we are. A moment of clarity,
I bow as my audience applauds Wave goodbye as the curtains fall I look toward my crew, who give approving nods I trudge backstage, sink into a comfy chair And listen for the sound of nothing at all
The struggle- it's real. But we mask it, and we hide it, and we walk away from it thinking it will finally just disappear. I've struggled many years like countless before me and thousands after me.
I've always wondered what people see when they look at me. When you first lay eyes on her, what do you think? Some see a stereotypical black girl, loud with no self respect. Others may see a quiet, shy child who thinks more and speaks less.
Smile Smile Smile Breaking Don’t show Death Hurt Smile
Staring at the image of a reflection, The glass shrouded in its entirety, A personification of what must be.
Do you want to see me cry. Or bleed heavily from heartache. My mind gushing from a gunshot or stay here in my black box. The world can be cold especially being raised in the ghetto.
Woke Up with my legs open and my mind crossed. "Boys sure do like me" "boys like me" "like me" "me" Boys like to suck me dry. my being, my spirit, my soul;
Was it the 8 year loss? Maybe her death and the family of crushed dreams... Mental issues.. Maybe? All the way from fetal stage, Most likely genetics from the bloodline, ya Nerd.  
'Be yourself.'   How?   I am so many different People.   At the start of the day, when the sun has not  fully awaken herself 
Family comes first. That's the one thing mom taught me indirectly She never said this, but through her actions she taught me-- Family comes first.
Smile, girl
I have clouds of sulfur in my eyesThat cloud my truth and give me lies.In my bed awake at night,I lie for hours frozen in fright.He lurks behind my bed,Runs crazy nightmares through my head.
Natural hair on my head writhing like snakes Skin rich with melanin, with fine, arched brows Thick lips quick to pout, expression quick to scowl The face of an angry black woman  
I have to go to college because it's expected. There's no alternative.  
She is exhausted.   She walks into her room and shuts the door behind her. She rests her forehead on the door frame, and stands there for a while, Just taking a few breaths to herself.  
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! This show boat is for certain
Row upon row bekons to me As I pass each one by I ask myself Who will I be today? The tired one who oozes laziness The reluctant one who lacks self confidence The smart aleck, the isolated one?  
People say in God we trust but there are many times I continue to doubt It bothers me much since He is the one I love but with lost of hope and constant disappointment My actions speak louder than my words
Im here but then again im not ,surrounded by this noisy world tuned out and in my thoughts im in this predicament my self spun coccoon.Its hard to describe but its like im stuck peering out to a world where im from but from which i cannot become
pushed and shoved, unknown or forgotten erased and scared, mummyfied or rotten looking for a door longing for more empted and cornored, damand or amused settled and awake, quite or abused
The Lotus Flower. It blossoms in the muck,
You see her laugh but you never see when she cries You see her jump  but you never see her fall   You see so little with those 'things' we call eyes becasue as humans we have learned to disguise
I take hot metal and burn my hair Running it through piece by piece Transforming each curly unruly hair Making it look perfectly straight   I look over my naked body Searching for misplaced rebel hairs
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