The Mask That Hides Nothing at All

Do not be confused, who I am is what you see. But perhaps what's more confusing, is it really me? Everyone wears a mask. Some people, on their faces to hide their identity, but most on their hearts, hiding what they truly feel. My mask does inhabit that life giving organ. It covers my heart completely, it locks it like a prisoner, I don't even have a key.

In society, it's pereived as "abnormal" if you're different. So the masks comes into play: look the part, act the part; become the part. The mask on my heart, has remained so long that it is no longer a mask. My mask has become who I truly am. I act the part, play the role, because it's no longer a character, it's my reality.

The odd thing about it is, perhaps if I removed the mask, I would not even recognize myself anymore. The idea of conformity is a little discomfiting at first but the thing is, we can conform and hide our true selves, our weak selves, our meek selves, our lesser selves. Or, we can pull back the curtain, put on a show, act brave, take a bow, and then after a while, it isn't pretending anymore. You really become brave. You become the facade, you become the mask, which in the end, was not a bad thing after all. 

What you never seem to realize is the mask was your identity, it gave you the freedom to unleash the courage inside of you. Without a mask-put on a brave face- you would still be insecure, and shy, and less extraordinary than your true self released by the mask.


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