My Family Secret

Little girl lost and alone

Won’t pick up the phone

Too scared to go back home


The bottles kept stacking up

Daddy didn’t you have enough

Anger grew, We all knew

What he was going to do to you


Tried to protect my brother

He was too afraid

Ducked and covered


I ran after him

Screaming for my mother

Punching dads arm

Don’t want to see him suffer


Daddy snap out of it

He wouldn’t snap out of it

Too drunk, Too lit

I was sick of all of it


Suffering at the hands of who was supposed to protect us all

My brothers knees buckle

Then he falls


I swear to him it;ll get better

I know it really wont

Just want to feel safe

Want a place to call our own


As we got older my brother started lashing out

Never mattered what it was about

Would it ever be over, I started to doubt


Always getting worse

Every single day

Tried to hurt my little brother

But I got in the way


It’s a chain you see

A never ending chain

Nevermind a cycle

A cycle full of pain


Anger and hatred

Resentment and fear

Never thought I would make it

To where I am here


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