Mon, 10/13/2014 - 07:57 -- rockam


Loud talks, hard stares, judging eyes; there's no where to turn.

Classmates see, they judge, they place a label. that label sticks till the end of high school; if anyone tries to shake it off the label another label is put on.

How a fellow student acts, talks, and thinks is added to the label; who they date, have sex with, and are friends with also is added.

Not being able to extend the label, shake it off, or even change it represses the person. Just changing what is worn, put on, or said receives wide eyed looks of wonder.

Not being changed until after the glory years end is stressing, and even after those few years end classmates still expect each other to act a certain way.

A mask is not palced upon my face willingly, it's placed by peers who want to catorgize something that just can't be neatly placed for long.


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