Wed, 08/13/2014 - 14:52 -- XXIGUNS


An illusion is all that it is.

Giving myself a heart attack from all the stress I put on my arteries.

Too innocent to know any better, or is it the opposite?

A written letter stained with rubies from my veins.

One day this will all make sense but 'till then I'll crawl on.

Invisible to the eyes is how it should be.

And clear as day to the heart.

My true feelings remain under the impression of a confident girl.

What's most important isn't seen at all but felt from the soul.

And if home is where the heart is then my heart has no home.

I'm lost at sea with no way of finding my way back.

A compass that points too many ways and a ship that's lost its sails.

If 'X' marks the spot then I'll die on my way to discovering what's hidden from me.

For it's far worse to sit and do nothing at all than it is to try and to fall.

Lost, broken, scared, but hopeful.

An illusion is all that it is.




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