deflowering of life.


Woke Up with my legs open

and my mind crossed.

"Boys sure do like me"

"boys like me"

"like me"


Boys like to suck me dry.

my being, my spirit, my soul;

is stripped away from my lonely body.

He doesn't like me, because "me" doesn't even exsist.

I don't even know who I am any more.

This feirce body, cloudy with hard liquor, drenched with a low self esteem.

(when does confidence come anyways?)

maybe I am vessel holding a dying flame, but why try any more?

I hide behind your pleasure, and your happiness.

am I every one else now?

my legs are open

my mind is crossed.

my legs are open

my heart is crossed

when will I reconnect my soul to my body?




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