The Curtain Shall Be Drawn...The Show must Begin!

Fri, 08/22/2014 - 18:23 -- Alo735


Lake Havasu City
United States

Every day she comes closer to finding who she is

And every day she finds faults she did not know exist

These faults and weaknesses are sort of hard to fix

Without a certain “grace” she will continue to slip


“Help me be perfect Father just like your Son”

But why does “perfect,” this word, make her run

She finds what she needs in the silence of her heart

But that silence, she fears, will tear her disguise apart


A world made of noise; she struggles to retreat

Because within this “retreat,” herself will she meet

In her heart she finds an inflexibly closed curtain

“What's behind there? I must know for certain?”


G. double O G. L. E. yanks her aside

“You don't need to know. On Facebook you can hide!”

Updates, posts, statuses, and likes

Identify her and her Facebook “friends” alike


Something whispers, “Look behind the curtain...look!”

She cranks up the music and stuffs her face in a book

Chris Brown, Shakespeare, Michael J., and Kim K.

“Why can't I dance, or sing or look that way?”


“Look! Look! Oh please look my love!”

Dresses and boys, this voice they shove

“C'mon. Let's go, you can kick it with us!”

Soon, in these things she placed her trust!


And still her heart yearns, and weeps for peace

The voice behind the curtain persists and will never cease

“Come my lovely one. Come to your inner room.

For I have something that will help you bloom.”


In the room, there hung the tightly closed curtains

She proceeded with caution; temptations kept lurkin'

Pushing demons aside and saying, “I want to know now.”

The curtains loosened, unveiled, and took their final bow


Behind was a woman beautiful to behold

“Made in His image and likeness,” she was told

“That's me. I'm her! I was there the whole time!

My identity. True identity. It was so hard to find?”


She dances, and sings, and glorifies the King!

“To thank Him...Oh dear...what should I bring”

The King said, “Nothing my beloved. Just you and you alone.”

Her gifts dwell inside; to her they shall be known


A voice that sings with the heavenly choirs

The voice that is heard throughout the shires

She dances; her dance transformed into prayer

Gracefulness flows like the breeze through her hair


The tips of her fingers form words of poetry

In hopes that hearts of readers melt ever so slowly

Her desire to reach her brethren through her work in the arts

For she knows in the silence is where the journey to peace starts


But fear of the unknown and the vices in her life

Cause her to withdraw and place her in the midst of strife

She knows now what patiently waits in her inner room

But she must ask, seek, and knock before she can“bloom”


Before she seeks her, she must seek Him

Because through Him will she truly learn what's within

“Find who you are! Self – Knowledge is key”

Find this “He” and you will be set free


How can finding Him help me find me?

How can seeking Him completely set me free?

It does not make sense, should not I find me first?

Or does that path just gear and steer me in reverse?


Many testify and say, “In Him my heart found rest.”

Others testify say, “Yes! He has generously blessed!”

She asks, “Really? How? How is that so?”

“Silence your distractions or you will never know.”


The question still remains, “Who am I and who are you?”

Is who I am and who you are someone we thought we knew?

The time has come where worldly noises cannot win

The curtains shall be drawn, and the show must begin!



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