Second Life Dead Presence


Internally I am in love

Not with the looks of her face

Or the way her hair curls up in the wind

Not with the curves of her body

Or her soft bright pink lips


Internally I am famous

Not because I have fans

Or because I have riches

Not because I can sing

Or because I can act


Internally I am alive

Not due to a heart beat

Or as a result of my health

Not because of nourishment

Or because of safety


Externally I am alone

Because she’s gone

Because I am ashamed

Ashamed that my love will be hated by all


Externally I am no one

Because of my fears

Because of regret

Regrets that I will be hated by all


Externally I am dead

Because I am lost

Because I am buried

Buried by the hate from all


by Elma Amaya



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