Identically Disturbed

She goes around laughing,

laughing without a care. 

She surrounds herself with people, 

everywhere you look.

She's with someone.

And that smile. 

It's always there, never faltering. 

It looks open and friendly,

but there's something behind it.

There's always something behind it. 

But why? Why does it look so familiar?

It's like I know her.

Every move she'll make. Every smile she'll fake.

But I know why.

Why it's familar. I know that smile. 

I know her. I am her.

The sound of the laugh. It's mine. 

My laugh to keep from crying.

The plethora of people, to shadow the loneliness.

And that smile. Oh, that smile. I see that smile. 

That smile keeps it in. 

All the hurt and the pain that no ones sees. 

And that's just the way she - I like it.





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