One Day, You'll Set Me Free

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 19:47 -- EAnders

Through glossy eyes I view the world

In colors to beautiful to describe

But all you see when you look at me

Is a young man with starry eyes


It's not like I haven't faced a crucible

Nor am I too damaged to stand

Still you act like I'm too innocent

Yet you say I'm a broken man


But how am I the one at fault?

For being different than my peers

Not validated from sexual conquest

Rather, by conquering my fears


So I present to you, a mirrored face

To silence you of your blindess

An imitation of these surroundings

When all that I want is your kindess


For if you knew what I really was

You'd think I was an alien

I'm not controlled by my emotions

Even when not feigning them


To trust in you would be too much

I've known far too many lies

But loyalty is a part of me

No matter how hard I try


Within this mask of anonymity 

Hides a burning heart

Glowing through cracked surface

Begging for my life to start


And I pray that she'll somehow see me

An angel I've yet to meet

And on that day that mask will break

Only then, will I be free


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