Just Like You

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 14:04 -- Eskedar


Pretty Every day they tell her she is pretty People she never met They walk up to her and as if it is their duty to humanity they tell her she is so pretty I want to be just like you Perfect A day doesn't go by that she doesn't hear that word They envy her, how could they not? In their minds she is everything they could ever want to be They have placed a standard on her self worth Perfect So so perfect. One day someone sees her crying The world stops for a slight minute Everybody rushes towards her A storm erupts Lightning strikes the world that was hanging together by the thinnest threads Prefect starts to break Break and break and break I want to be just like you. How can perfect cry? How can perfect fall apart? Perfect feels pain? They are all at loss for words The contorted expression of sheer confusion covers their faces No one can utter any form of a sound They open their mouths but nothing comes out They try to form comforting words but Nothing except silence. Speechless. I want to be just like you. Minutes that feel like centuries pass by Tears cascade down her face They watch No one moves Every single body is frozen The storm gets worse She stands up The frozen bodies find the will to take a step towards her I want to be just like you The only words they are able to say In unison as if rehearsed Over and over Again and again They say I want to be just like you This is nothing new to her For she hears it every day She wakes up Pretty She steps out into the world Prefect She enters society I want to be just like you Just like the hands on a clock rotating with no doubt or resistance These words are spoken to her I want to be just like you It starts pouring The storm is almost unbearable Pain pure pain She talks Me? You want to be just like me? She laughs Thunder She starts walking into the crowd Lighting She speaks again Me huh? She takes off her shirt Me? Scars all over her chest Me? Bruises all along her back Me huh? She dances around in the crowd I want to be just like you Just like me? How? How can you possibly want to be just like me You have no idea what I am You don't know that I lost everything that I loved Mother oh how I long for her Father oh how I want to just be in his arms even if it is just for a slight minute But how would you know? How could you know that behind this curtain There is a real person A person that feels nothing but pain and regret every waking second Of course you don't know I live a lie. A complete utter lie. For I have to be strong for the one that needs me The little one that crawls in my lap when she is scared The little one that tightly holds on to my hand just to know she is safe Her I have to be what you see for her It was never my intention to show anyone this unknown yet real side of me But the drought lasted too long The clouds got too full And now the storm takes its toll She falls No one is there to help her The bodies remain frozen The rain pours She cracks The rain filling up her quenched skin I want to be just- Who are you?


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