A Kaleidoscope Image

A Kaleidoscope Image

With every turn, Your image swirls for bypassers


Just a sad face on the corner, your neighbor has seen you.

Another love struck teen, your mother has seen you.

A shameful body image hidden away, your critics have seen you.

Just a nuissance for your family to deal with, your aunt has seen you.

Another notch on the bed post, your lover has seen you.

A victim of a friendless life, your enemies have seen you.

Just the girl in the last row at church, your preacher has seen you.

Another kid going nowhere in life, your teacher has seen you.

A stranger making assumptions the very first time, they have seen you.

But a strange thing happens when you see your mirror image.


Your kaleidoscope image blurs all together.

Suddenly, you see much, much more.

You see.. YOU.






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