Proverbs 2:13


Follow me into the depths if you can withstand the shark,

This world placed spite in my heart,

I’m bothered by light,

So I’m comfortable in the dark,

Individualistic by character,

From my adversary he penetrates,

I’m vile in the thought,

Depressed because my lifestyle is a facade,

I dint a crooked smile for my mom,

So she’ll feel pleased in the heart,

But inside I’m stressing,

My peers tell me my masked aggression is manifested,

My enemies attempt to provoke me to take me to my essences,

So I turned to retaliation as an adolescent,

I stopped praying to God,

Because society withdrawn me from my moral position,

I’m far from perfection,

I want my riches while I’m here on earth,

I can’t wait on heaven,

The lust of my eyes and flesh and pride of life,

That will keep me out of heaven.


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