What is The Duality of Man? 

I ask myself this behind a wall with my-head-in-my-hands.

This wall is not only literally but metaphorically constricting. 

The problem with me is, this abnormal behaviour is all too addicting. 

I walk down the hall and stop to tell a friend of mine hi. 

But then I think the better of it, leave with a sigh. 

Why can I not act here like I act when Im alone?

This kind of monotiny, this kind of solemnity, I do not condone. 

Why is it that I cannot be me? 

Every social encounter I have and I feel like I mask myself,

not being able to show of my true identity, to be me in a way that condones living freely. 

The actual me, the one behind my truest, purest personality; placed in the back of a shelf.

Every encounter and my identity is not me but what the situation calls for, 

To be able to live carefree, to not sink into duality would be like opening a new door. 

To break free from these chains, I just need to believe that I can

Therefore, I do so humbly propose, that this is my definiton of the Duality of Man.  



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