EXCEPTance Letter.

The person I am can probably say a lot more than the cage itself I've dwelled upon since birth.  I never found the courage to exhibit the

self-satisfaction I forever lacked since the shell on my back shielded me from pure torment. . . HUMANS. I was permitted to behave

lively when solitude granted me the sole privilege to do so. Just like a blackened piece of gum on the sidewalk waiting to be noticed, hope

anticipated that someone did just that. . . NOTICE ME. The pure innocence of my conduct, misconstrued the hands that would try to navigate

harm into this sacred life of mine I call solitary confinement. I see it as I'm a sluggish threat to those I must take my time with to reveal the

dissembled fashion I have walked in for decades. Unbothered by the wicked treatment I'm subjected to, my sluggish walk signifies more than

what obviously appears to individuals as a glitch and psychological retardation. The confidence and meekness in my walk, carries the lit torch of strength I boldly strike when I refuse to withdraw my head back to the original region of what initiated the birthing of this cycle known as shame. Self-Consciousness prolonged the outer existence of what I upheld no equity unto, masculinity of brotherhood. I aggressively rejected the blatant ridicule that in denial defended me from which in reality mirrored the flawed pride of my inner core.  A silenced victim drowning in the abstract depth of self-acceptance transformed to the rose who grew from the concrete. That same concrete I used as a stepping stone to embrace my charm.  A awkward charm full of endless years of combating with the inner voice of “Help” swallowed by a dark tunnel of ruthless cruelty and humiliation.  But still nobody would ever understand that  sanity doesn’t come with an acceptance letter.


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