What Lies Behind the Curtain

This is the land of make-believe,

Where everything is not what it seems,

Where illusions lurk beneath our deepest dreams,

Where the light that gleams behind the curtain

are our true desires, our true stories, our innermost screams.

True life unfolds as the seams of this pseudo world’s regimes crumble,

toppling over the rumbles of its own retribution.

Our long awaited destinies lie in the crevices of our mind,

unveiling the shroud of lies that was instilled within

our deprived souls long since the beginning of time.

We in our primal essence, were taught to be a mime,

to never gaze behind the curtain, to never escape

the cages we are confined, but a new generation arises,

and we are waiting to reach our prime.

We must witness what is beyond the end of the line.

As we pursue life, never look behind at your past strife.

March onward, until we reach the sublime. Yes, the road

is dangerous, and in this world, it may be our last drive.

But for those who choose to embark on this journey,

they have already realized that they will survive.




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