Societys curtain


I wake up to cosmetics and perfumes everyday to seem presentable to the world outside. 

I force my large Islander thighs in skinny jeans that are too stretched out now to even be considered "skinny"

I seem to set my standards at an unattainable reach for others when I have yet to attain them myself

I settle down for less because of the doubts others often have for me of never being successful

However, deep beneath this exterior I have faith in the ability that I can do all things I set my heart and mind to

But what use is the voice of my conscience when it is always overpowered by the voices of society?

I am taken for granted and taken advantage of for the outstanding work I put in

I see who I am trying to be on the stage yet behind the curtains the me within wants to reveal myself

Society says to give the people what they want to see, but what if they want to see me?

The larger teen girl who's mind and soul is just too large to be shrunken into a puzzle piece that will never fit

Whos ideas are just too advanced and way too imaginative to be considered normal for the world

Who is actually relatable to everyone else who has ever felt just as I do but are weakened by society's  distorted views on who they are and who they should be

The artist within wants to paint her feelings and ideas on a canvas the size of her heart

But is limited to a canvas the size of a dime.

It will take a while for the world to see the true artist (me) behind the curtains society keeps closed 


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