Skeletons and Monsters


If I let you in my head,

Make sure to bring a lantern,

Some holy water and a bible,

If you have it handy


Don't open the doors;

You won't like what you find

There are monsters hiding there,

Shepards of my secrets:

The skeletons not accepted


Perhaps, you'll see a girl

All dressed in white,

As she skips down the hall

And gains a following


I ask you to talk to her,

Just for a brief moment

Tell me what she's like,

Because I can't find her,

Having been locked away


All I want to know:

Who is she really?

Is she anything like me,

Who they think I am?


Why does she prefer monsters?

Is it because she can't say anything?

I know that she is kind, really,

But she's so secretive,

Hiding behind her teddy bear


Do you think that I'm innocent?

Maybe, I'm a bit twisted inside...

Monsters mak better company

Because deep inside I'm one too


I wish I could change that,

But monsters belong in closets

So don't open the doors,

Or the world's darkness,

will make the girl, light, fade...



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