Tough Skin

I look down at my arm

The one on the left

I see new scratches

Ones that do not hurt

I look to the other side

Pale and smooth

I examine closer

And I remember you

You who couldn’t cope

You who wanted to feel

You who became the reason

I don’t feel the new pain

Because the old pain is only a layer away

The old pain can become fresh again

With just a fleeting thought, pausing on it’s way

The new scratch doesn’t hurt

Because the old scars, so hard to see

Toughened the skin

I hide the old scars

I heal the new

Because I don’t want to be the old me

And she wants me to be happy too

But no matter what, I remember

No matter what, my heart can’t bury her

And no matter what, I become stronger

My curtain is thick

My scars are hidden

My skin is smooth

But it is tough


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