You Can't Know Me

You can't know me
You don't see my every angle
Even the pictures I’m in
Hide the heart behind the skin


And smoke that stings my eyes
Blurs my sight
And helps me dream sweet dreams by night


Where are my self saving promises?
All that I have bound to
Those things I thought I knew
The deeds I swore I'd never do
Marked away
All black and white 

I've chosen grey

It makes me sick
But carry on
This life I live will soon be gone


How can you say
I know how you feel
When you're half is the reason
The hand to my treason


Boasting of pain 
But not for attention
Save me from myself
From inside this prison

I’m longing for freedom
I love to be kind
But searching around me
No love can I find
No love in your eyes 
When your mouth touches mine

Our hearts are cold 

While our bodies: on fire
I take you in because you are a liar

How many before me?
Or after you?
What have you done?
What will I do?


Saints have a past 

Or so they say  
Sinners a future
But I can't even pray

This saint has a future 
This sinner looks behind 
One and the same
Make up your mind!

I'll let you tell me anything
Speak thoughts and I’ll be fair
But don't think me to say a word 
I know you'll never care


Here's a secret
I'm hurting 
Here's a secret
I'm screaming to die
Here's a secret
I want to be good
Here's a secret
I just want to cry


What if I cry
And tears break my wall
Wash off my mask

Wash away, wash away, wash away all.
What if I make it
What if I crawl
What if I stand and
Get up from this fall

Will I survive when it’s done 
Will my heart be loveless for all the love 

That I have turned
And run away from?
I care, and I worry
I hate that I fell

My bones speak my story
My tears will bleed from hell



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