Strong Roots

I am from scorching heat and dried roots,

From tumble weeds and one great salty lake,

Surrounded by tall mountain walls,

I am from a small, sparkling city in a bowl shaped valey,

I am from big families living in small houses,

From fixer uppers and rust ridden cars,

To broken down appliances and yard sales,

Selling almost anything at prices bargained from expensive to cheap,


But deep inside, I am from crashing waves and exotic shores,

I am from the voice of a sea shell mimicking the whisper or shouts of the ocean,

I am from the fine grains of golden sand blanketing the beach and reflecting the sun's rays,

I am from the mighty, leafy green tops of the coconut, palm, and mango trees,

I am from active, fiery volcanoes leading to the dense jungle below,

I am from an older way of living,

From hunting, gathering, and growing to survive.


I am from a tree with strong, powerful roots,

I am from high chiefs, kings, queens, princes, princesses, and people widely known to many,

I am also from regular people,  the normal, working class citizen,

I am from all levels of people,

Their actions in this life good and bad,

I am from connections of people unknown to me,

And from strong bonds that can only be severed by the group connected by it.


I am from wild celebrations, sorrowful funerals, and plentiful gatherings,

I am from the warm glow of the Chirstmas tree shining on all the rosy cheeked faces wearing broad smiles,

To the hot grill competing with the heat of summer,

And the freezing water sprouting from powerful sprinklers,

Onto sugar-crazed kids running around having fun,

I am from Facebook and MyFamily,

Ways to keep connected with family until the time comes to meet again and cherish every moment.


I am from "someday" and "one of these days",

I am from "You are not just going to go to college, you are going to finish it",

I am from "fobulous", "Hog Farm", and "Smiling Souls",

I am from nicknames and made up words

I am from "That's why I pick you" and "OH MY GOODNESS",

I am from using "smart language",

So, she brang chicken and ain't gonna cook it,

Is language that will get you a lecture from grandma.


I am from "So'o le fau ma le fau",

In working to we can accomplish great things,

But most of all,I am from "Fatuoaiga",

A carving representing our family,meaning "The Heart of the Family",

Three pieces of a heart held together by three hands of our ancestors,

Showing our family isn't perfect but we stay together,

Because of our bonded hearts,

And strong roots.


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