The Most Peculiar Girl


The deep red, velvety curtain shades her from reality
A mask to hide all sorrows
This thick wall of shame to cover all past sins and tragedies. 
To the world she is an enduring, ambitious women 
She covers up every tear and woe
Carries on like nothing damaged her. 
Painful, deep, deadly
The feeble, young girl shrieks for sanity behind the red walls
Her childhood sits behind that velvet curtain waiting to escape. 
"Quit crying" they'd say
...She did. 
Death, love, distress 
never harmed her again
Closed off from her ever racing mind. 
She was alive but emotions were lost
Break out! Break out! 
Never could she. 
Empty, beautiful, nothingness
The child wept behind the curtain. 


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