the person you don't know


the person you don't know ?

the person you don't  want to know

she is trying to reach out to you 

she want you to understant her feelings to 

she helps everyone else with their problems 

but theirs no one their to her 

the person you don t know ?

doen' t want an ordinary life 

she wants a rich life 

but she can t get the life without help

would you help her?

know one cares about her 

they dont see the pain she hides 

she hiding under a shy mask that keeping her from seeing her future

all she sees is her pass,

she wants people to hear her words 

she wants them to know her verse 

but every chance she gets ends up being thrown away 

know one knows what she wants in life 

its very specific

all she wants to is act 

she wants to be an actress 

but will anyone know ? no!!!

because they want help or ask.

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