Who Are You

Who's there?

I can hear you breathing.

Is what I see hair?

Or is it just part of the curtain, making it look like you are peeking?


Oh my lord!

What is that I see?

It is there on the floor.

Do you see it or is it just me?


I can not tell if its blood or two shoes?

What can I say!

If I would have to choose betwen the two?

I would be here all day!


But as I look a wee bit closer.

I can see I was way over yonder.

I guess I like to be a composer.

Of myself being blonder.


The red I see under the curtain.

Is nothing but my mind playing tricks.

And that is for certain.

But who is behind those pretty red kicks?


Do I know?

Or will I ever?

Wait!... maybe I can peek below?

But what if it's nothing whatsoever?


But wait I have a clever idea.

But what if I'm not certain?

What if it is just a tortilla?

Maybe I don't want to know who is behind the curtain.


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