Creation of a new woman

I'm my own mind,thoughts, and process

Creating thoeries from my past

Asking why did I turn out the way I am

Thinking sullenly like the dark clouds in the sky

Rain over my head and a mask like a veil covering my face

I am a creation but this past holds me back like an abomination 

Sometimes I thought of the heavenly father as a entity I couldn't see

A piece of me thought God wasnt real, I couldn't see, feel, or hear him

Now that maturity plays a part in my life I noticed I was the one ignoring him

Playing the piano in my heart like a melody, swiftly altering my perspective


God, that feels good to say and it feels good to have emotion relaying positively

My ambition is to be an outstanding creation who could change the world

Be in the world but not with it...only God, family, and motivation could contain me

The past wasn't the brightest and held me back like a snake in the grass

Grabbing me and pulling me to the ultimate extent but I defeated my biggest enemy

This is a creation of a new woman...this is me speaking in expereince

I was broken and ashamed of myself physically and mentally but i'm newly found

Intelluctual, funny, ambitious, and brighter like the sun

The creation of a new woman...





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