Gilded Brick Road

The surface is shallow

it doesn't reveal

Frozen, a doll's face

of porcelain

Seemingly angelic

it lies 

it cheats


The marble is cracking

The gloves are off

For God's sake, pay no mind 

to that curtain

For it is my very last defense.


There's a darkness behind it

halo supported by horns

What you don't see is shameful

hidden by my flat stomach

hidden by my downcast eyes


What you don't see is how I,

Miss perfect

Miss pure

have been marred by bad decisions


Lost a home

Lost a family

Lost my child.


Let my heart float down the river

left my life in shambles

Tears in the dark

flowing ever freely

Smiles in the light

plastered on uncomfortably


Nobody knows about the


Nobody knows about the


Nobody knows how


I feel

Nobody knows how much I can


on the inside


but I am

in a sense


I have nothing to worry about

no one will suspect

But that hardly matters

when I'm falling apart before their eyes.


One can only say,

"It's nothing"

"I'm fine"

"No worries"

for so long

One can only wish

for that sorrow to leave

For that mask to become opaque again


So I can come out from behind that curtain

to put up another wall

blocking the gilded brick road

leading to my heart.

It's just another day

so pay no attention to the curtain

It's always there anyway.


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