I am Human

Why should I hide?

We are taught from birth to do so but why?

‘We’re all human’ they said so why do they punish me?

Who cares if I’m not perfect?

Society apparently.

Who they want me to be is perfect,

Perfect isn’t possible, it isn’t human,

So how do they co-exist?

They don’t.

Out of all the things society does the double standards are the worst

But today I say enough.

I am who I am, and I will be heard.

I am no model, I don’t wear makeup,

But oh! I look ‘so pretty with it’!

What is pretty?

Is it shoving yourself into tight clothes and spending hours trying to look good.

I look good to myself and that’s all that matters.

I am a woman not a doll and you know what?

The people who love me don’t care?

They love me when it rains or snows,

When I’m happy, angry, or in a state of woe.

I want to love deeply and think the best of things.

The problem is the more I see things the more I wish I was else ware.

I am a dreamer but despite the world I’m happy.

My friends and family are what matter, and they want to change the world with me.

So society be darned I will make a difference,

I will travel, write, and push the bounds of science!

To break this state of I’m not good enough,

I want to change the world and there’s more seats on this bus

It’s crazy and kooky but then so am I

Mysterious and spooky a classic Adam’s family ride!

What I don’t say is what matters so read between the lines.

Because that’s where you’ll find where I truly hide.


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