Do You Remember?


*Read lines 1 through 26, starting at the top of the page, and  ending at the bottom.

Then, read lines 26 through 1, starting at the bottom of the page and ending at the top.*


Do You Remember?


1.                                                      I hated you


2.                                   Actually I would never say that

3.                                                      I loved you

4.                                                             you

5.                                                             not

6.                                                        Vanessa

7.                                        was the one in my dreams

8.                                                that girl Vanessa

9.                                                       is nothing


10.                                             the definiton of you


11.                                                is my everything


12.                                      that special someone


13.                                             Do you remember?


14.                                all those times when you thought


15.                              I was cheating on you with Vanessa


16.                                                 were irrelivant

17.                                                     I loved you

18.                                     I know that Vanessa is who

19.                                                       you and  


20.                                                   I both hate

21.                                              I'd like to say that


22.                                     I was't in love with you and

23.                                      I was lying the whole time 

24.                    when I told you that I loved and cared about you


25.                                      I really meant what I said


26.                                            Do you remember?


*Now read lines 26 through 1 in descending order, starting at the bottom of the page and ending at the top.*


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