Pay No Attention, To The Woman Behind The Mask


So long, she's spent hiding, behind her velvet mask.

Hiding herself from the judging eyes,

Pretending to be someone, anyone else.

She smiles, while everyone stares intently.

She shows only strength, never faltering.

But, behind the doors closed ever so tightly,

Her fears, her weaknesses, her broken pieces,

They overwhelm her.

Swallow her, as the tears pour down.

Her only protection, the velvet mask.

Pretending to be what everyone wants.

Pretending to do easily what's always expected of her.

The pressures,

They eat away at her.

The fears,

They consume her.

The weaknesses,

They feed her fears.

The broken pieces,

They remind her of all the pain.

But no one sees,

And if they do,

They pretend.

They feed into the need for her mask,

Never showing her that it's okay to be herself.

Never telling her it's okay to forget to wear the mask.


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