No One


No one knows the pain I'm in, so i'll show them

No one sees my pain, until they have to sew them

No one sees the pain running down my arm, running down my face

No one sees the pain releasing from my body and sliding into the sink at a slow pace

Washing the pain away, along with the blood and tears

No one sees my pain, and no one hears

No one hears the cries, no one hears the shouts

No one is there to stop me, so I have no doubts

No one is there to provide the love and care

Thats how I found IT, we're the perfect pair

I dont need no one else to stop the pain

It keeps me calm, it keeps me sane

And when I'm sad, it makes it better

It'll always be there for me, it's my go getter

Because no one else knows what I've been through

No one knows my story, none of you

And even if I told you, you still wouldnt know me

The pain that I go through, no one will see

And all people like me think alike

You know we take it seriously when you say go take a hike.

Although some of us actually do want life

It's just that we cant live without a blade or a knife

And every person who self-harms knows this pain its mental, not physical

Our type of pain doesn't come from the cuts, its invisible

So I guess some people actually do see

It's just that those some people are just like me

They think that theres no one that'll ever understand

There's only a sharp edge, that sits in their hand

Just do me a favor, after all this is said and done

Next time you see someone who damaged, let them know there is someone

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