The Endless Improv


The Endless Improv


Now you see me

Now you don't

Is it possible to see what truly hides inside.

Behind the curtain.

That is my mind.


Every day I pretend

all the time with no end.

But once in a while you see inside.

The pit of loneliness deep and wide.


Is happiness real or merely an illusion

for I see many people happy 

but none of them seem to be me.

Of course no one would know that.


I hide my despair with a curtain.

Colored bright as a starburst

facing the audience, 

but black as the night sky backstage.

Without even any stars to fill the void.


In the place I am.

I can be free.

But those who may love me cannot be.

For swirling in that big black pit

anger, hatred inside of it.

So I wait.

I wait to see. 

What this world may do for me.

Do I with my facade entertain?

Or part the curtain do I ordain?



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