Masked Avail

Thu, 08/21/2014 - 15:54 -- Avonias
The man behind the curtain, the face behind the mask.
One beautiful soul, behind a treacherous task.
A woman of inseurity, concentrating on what she lacks-
Tell me, who is this person. Beyond the veiled mask?
Unveiling themselves, taking heed, that she needed to be freed.
Removing the mask, nagging her face; She didn't see anything but looming disgrace.
Looking at once held arrogance and greed-
Knowing it mustn't become her - she must be freed.
Tossing it into the fire, with ashen hands-
Solemn words spoke legions. 
This will never be who I am. 
A blank page turned, a manuscript unfurled- Thus, a new chapter began.
One without the obscene veil.
  Taking one agonizing step away from this belligerent hell.
Urging society to take into regard, for others to open their eyes to see-
This person was me. 




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