Will I Stand Tall?


How can I cease to be

The person that is me

For when I look in the mirror,what do I see?

I see a girl that society is breaking,

I see a girl that society is making.

A girl that yearns to stand tall,

But is constantly dragged down to fall.

Why does society expect me to be like them?

And when I don't try hard enough, I am condemned.

Will I choose to be happy?

Or will I choose to fit in

The cycle continues, but does it ever end?

How can I be the person that is truly me,

When society says that's not good enough to be?

But do I stand tall?

Why yes, yes I do,

For the myth of conformity is not really true.

I will not change myself to be more of you and less of me,

Becaus me being me is what's meant to be.



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