Shadow and Veil


We live in a land of shadow and veil.

Light flickers, but the dark does prevail.

Forts are constructed; we hide away.

Emotions are what our masks portray.


Humans are creatures of fragility.

We succumb to sorrow and hostility.

In times of heartache and distress,

Our masks are needed to repress.

We all have a reserve of disguises,

Donning them when the need arises.

On the outside, we are detached.

Internally, emotions are unmatched.


Indeed, I do wear a mask of sorts,

But masks are as commonplace as quartz.

Humanity has used them for years:

To remain collected and fight back tears.


There is no shame in our humanity.

Our emotions are what set us free.

That is why I wear my mask with care;

It slips on only when in despair.


When the storm of my mind settles,

My mask falls gracelessly to the nettles.

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