Who Am I

Over the years I've lived through a lot of things;
Over the years I've been a lot of people,
So many that I lost myself.
Sometimes I look,
But I'm nowhere to be found
As the years go by I forget who I was;
The different faces that I take on,
Each one taking a little part of me away, 
Until one day I don't know who I am.
So each day I say I'm going back
To the person I once was,
But deep down I don't know
The person I was
I remember bits and pieces 
But I can't go back
So I keep living a lie
To satisfy everyone else
My thoughts are real
But my smiles are not
I want to be loved, 
But do I know how to love
Without knowing who I am?
How can I love?
So until I cleanse my heart of all the untruths
And false faces, 
I may never enjoy the true meaning, 
Of love.
Copyright© by Matthew Sledge
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