Across The Mirror


I stand face to face,

With the person I was supposed to be.

In the mirror he stands there, a smile on his face,

While a frown graces my own.

Bright eyes full of hope and love,

Look through the mirror at my dark soulless orbs.

We're one person but he is locked away,

While I'm free to feel the sun on my skin and wind in my hair.


He is happy as long as he can watch through the glass,

But I hate the cascade I hide behind.

My long scraggly hair and makeup caked skin,

So different from his clean cut hair and baby face.

So different yet so much the same,

Looking across the mirror's glass where we're not meant to be.


One day he'll be free the way it was supposed to be,

And I'll take to the shadows where I belong.

Then we will truly be free,

Him in the spotlight and me in shadows,

We're trapped and we will break free.


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