"Moi et mon Rideau" (Me and my Curtain)

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 14:56 -- EHa19



“Moi et mon Rideau ” (Me and my Curtain)


So you ask why, a poet like myself, is hiding behind a curtain,

It’s simple; it’s a security blanket.

Us poets post our poems to our accounts for others to read, without really having our identity out there,

Just like the masquerade ball in The Phantom of the Opera.

Poets understand Poets.

But poetry isn’t like ballet or an orchestra where the curtain rises and exposes the performers,

It’s not quite as easy for poets like myself, exposing ourselves and having the curtain draw back,

The curtain can draw back maybe in an English or poetry class because you got called on to share,

Which only happens once in a while,

Or maybe a poet society or club such as in the movie The Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams.


The curtain is there because I can say whatever I want, and go unnoticed,

Whereas if I read my poems in my English class, people would hear them and misunderstand what I’m trying to say or judge me, which has happened before,

And the class would know exactly whom the words are coming from.


Having a curtain to hide behind to express myself is easier than expressing myself without the curtain.


Having a curtain is easier, in my opinion.

By having a curtain I’m still doing what I love,

Posting my poems to share with others,

And getting my point across,

Without having to deal with the expressions and emotions that people show when I’m reading,

With the curtain drawn back, and being exposed.

So this is it.

This is me.

Moi et mon Rideau.

(Me and my Curtain). 



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