With Walls Like Mirrors

Mon, 09/08/2014 - 18:33 -- cwagner


Have you ever noticed

how your laugh sounds different

when you're with your closest friend

than it does with your dad?


Have you ever wondered

what it would look inside of an

empty room whose walls 

were made only of mirrors?


I think it would look like me.


So here is the truth of it, of it all, I’ll tell you:

I can’t see myself in mirrors.

I can’t see myself in mirrors, believe me

because someone once told me that my smile didn't look quite right.


You understand, don't you?

I beg of you--I am an empty room

and my outsides are made of mirrors

--you understand, don't you?


My smile never looked quite right,

so now it's not even mine at all--I've learned

to look at the people around me and smile

the same way they do.


I am made of mirrors, I'll show you,

and I don't know what I look like because:

have you ever noticed how your laugh sounds different

when you're with different people and

have you ever wondered what the inside of a room

made of mirrors would look like?


It looks like nothing.


You understand, don't you?


It looks like me.



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