Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam

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I was the kid who hated writing about myself Or telling how good I am at something. The worst was when I had to describe myself but really it’s nothing.   I am average  I get okay grades
B e yourself because everyone else is already taken E nable your ability to see your own beauty
Again, life has thrown you into a wave to carry you away Again, everything is out of control nothing is in your grasp Again,
As the leaves fall, as will I. As the seasons change, I shall too. As the Earth spins, I will keep my balance.
At what age does love truly die? Well if it's pure it doesn't, let me tell you why My grandfather had a wife named Jackie She was his best friend and could always make him happy
Always, constant pain| People laugh that I can't walk| The world is so crule|
There is no pace like home rather I’m there or if I am gone. I go see my mom and also my dad I leave without consent and that is my bad. Detroit is where I reside
It’s still hard for me to understand. How when you kiss me, my heart drops And my stomach rises As the hair behind my neck stands up And uncontrollable shivers roll down my spine
I sit here with this Boulder at my ankle It grows and grows This Boulder at my ankle   I try to break the shackle I try to break the chain Of this Boulder at my ankle  
Truth sometimes is stranger than fiction,Facts get twisted with lies in contradiction.The truth can no longer hide,Turkey is guilty of our genocide.Ottoman Empire had the genocidal mentality,They destroyed our faith in humanity.1915 was systematic
look on the bright side what the fuck does that mean to imagine the cup half full for a second to put on a grin for everyone well, if you want to put on a show, then break a leg  
The morning breeze as the sun rises The leafs swirling in the wind The birds humming their morning song
If a voice whispers--
Without it, life is nothing but illusion.
in the first moment that she breathes, she is that of the supernatural   by three, she is all that is the universe there is space dust in her bones and galaxies in her blood
Ahh! What is Awesome?!
I'm seriously, sitting silently stationed so close to my sofa in this sobering sunny day in Arizona. Call me crazy, cuz consequently the curtains closed in my home state with a cascade of dark clouds coloring the sky, 
The Sun   She brings us life and joy; despair Her silent song a covenant of care– Our faithful servant in the air   A gilded messenger, inasmuch:
It’s the addictive bitter taste sliding down your throat. The smell of caffeine, and the burn in your fingers as you hold the paper cup between numb hands.
Your body is awesome squishy, smooth skin untaut and full of blemishes and so is mine.   Let your body blossom jagged marks running horizontal and vertical
Living life the way I want to The possibilities are endless. Sweet life of being able to explore Life gets better with so many options.   Can't wait till tomorrow 
Indecision clouds my view
you will survive     emerging into the world like any other baby small, wrinkly, squinty, and fragile
And I don't care if you tell me that it isn't possible Because look at me when I say  "Music raised me" No it can not physically hold me and comfort me
Is it awkward to wrap your arms around yourself Like a lonely person who can’t get love from anybody else? To kick up on those endorphin highs And leave a perpetual crease of a smile stretched so wide,
By the breaking of dawn, the bright lays of sun penetrates the sky unto us, 
Here's Hoping
There is no so such thing as bad. Only Awesome.   Arguments are awesome,  they make us stand up for what we believe. Stress is awesome,
In the thick heat of summer two siblings, a boy and a girl, watch a grasshopper hop by That’s awesome she says What’s awesome he asks That she points Nooooo, what does awesome mean Huh
My computer turns on and reminds me of debt. College comes closer and interest follows after. Babysitting job doesn't pay regularly. Mother is tired. Bill notices are scattered everywhere.
Having an amazing life Is all i can think of Living forever is my wish And having adventures everyday Random thoughts are always on my mind Incapable of controlling them
K is for Kool, E is for Enthusiastic or Energetic Or E can stand for Exhilarating and Epic
Awesomeness is neither measured materialistically nor financially. Because blessings come in all different sizes and in many different disguises.   What goes up, must come down.
Questions of why we’re always laughing so loud Or how we continually stick out in the crowd Never faze us We just smile and shrug Or hit a mean mug We don’t let them unnerve us  
Hands, The color of sweet caramel and once as smooth as porcelain, Are now gritty, roughened by labor. Constantly toiling, like bees in a continuous cycle, These hands fly from task to task.   Hands,
Why only call on him at midnight? When your mind feels weak not right Why not call on him throughout the day? Like before you become overwhelmed and your skies turn gray
Someone asked me to write about how everything is awesome. I couldn't  think of anything awesome. What did I figure out the problem was? It was me. I was thinking too much and not feeling enough. I didn't even know what I wanted.
Thunder shakes sullen skies A raindrop between my eyes Falling in slanted sheets
A twinkling night shining down Songs outside your window announcing the presence of the sun around  
Curls occupy the quietest part of my heart, each tendril wrapped like a vine rooted in my chest, holding my pulse in the center of each spiral. My hands itch to rake fingers through every ringlet,
They always say be grateful and don't you ever ask for more,  but how can I do that when there's nothing to be grateful for?    So much has happened and I can't take it anymore, 
the storm quietly engulfs the sky, and leaves the ocean a dark and thick sludge you and countless others silent and scared stand atop a tall, jagged cliff that pierces the obsidian liquid the sky is alive and angry
The first time I talked to you It was like the waves washed me up onto shore and I dried out in the sun. I promised I'd never go back in the waves  and drift away.   You dreamed of the ocean and
Senior Year sucked.Broken spirits and broken exesCutthroat academics and cutthroat schoolmatesMistakenly jealous and mistakenly focused We forgot how to careI forgot you stood there 
They say I am lying But I only see trees of brown, roses of black
She awoke with a crook in her neck and a frown on her face.  Her hair in a whirl  and life in distress but, The thought of the little girl that lived upstairs; 
The chaos is silented. The pool glistens in the 90 degree sun as the nature grows louder. I am listening to the birds sing and then mock anothers song as if they are harmonizing. The owls
Feelings are a matter of perspective. We can dwell on them, allow the waves to crash over our lives in crescendos of pain, euphoria, anger, and fear.
When I learned how to play the recorder in third grade, when I realized I was pretty good at it. When my fourth grade teacher had the class sing Mexican rancheras, when I heard myself really sing for the first time.
Standing on the edge of a vast Beryl Lagoon,Feet anchored in the blistering sand.Pulling on a rope through Sun and Moon;Connected edges across the blue expand.Hands rugged with a ceaseless grip,
Undiscovered treasures The diversity of the human persona Stumbling upon matches Persons riding a mutual wavelength Communicating volumes through a single glance Souls that run parallel Never clashing
Innocent brown eyes roam  around in her wonderland reaches for the light that slowly fades fades way along with her innocence.   Tick, Tock, Tick Tock time is running 
Excuse me miss I lost my heart a while back,  but if you help me find it…it will be yours forever. See I'm extremely interested in you
As you sit
    There is a serene feeling in being.     Taking time to breath and being thankful for life itself  
Life is not about they grey places you come from. Life is about the brighter places you will go. Life is full of obstacles and challenges and battlefronts,
Sometimes when I lay my head back, upon my pillow, upon the whisper of dreams soon to come, I feel the anger begin to swell, rise up within me, all of my emotions stirred,
What a time to be.   A world full of love and life A world full of you and I   Given this moment as I pass by Given that moment lost in time.   Digital data spinning around us
Scared out of my mind. I begin to lose all of my breath. As I look to my right and left, I see a world that is decimated. Life. Veins pulsing. We’re human, good at resuscitation.
A personality that’s hard to resist, The drive that always persists, Laughter that is so captivating, With a view that's so motivating, Determination unlike any kind, Understanding with an open mind,
Everything is awesome!
Everything is awesome! From the bad days to the good days The bad days only teach you how to make them better. The good days make you appreciate the bad ones.   Everyone is awesome!
Around us is only warmth. Inside me is only one sound. We can see colors contrast,Breaking through our windows.Winter has turned to spring,Summer yet to come.
Yesterday, my best friend’s mom died. She woke up and took a fresh breath Only to be struck lifeless by that Nefarious nemesis called death.   Eighteen and twelve.
At one point life had no worries, no responsibilities But it's not an option to grow You go to school, you go to work Then everything begins to flow You'll always make mistakes It's an advantage of living
She smiles over her shoulder, her perfect blonde hair falls into her face. I shake my head and laugh at what she thinks. She thinks she is nothing, that no one sees her beauty. But I see the whole picture.
We see Beauty: Understatement. For even through dark clouds, a single ray of light can escape to unleash color upon the world. Even the rain brings forth flowers to greet you. We see Beauty: Underestimate.
  “Cherish every moment” – this cliché  
Triangles, the strongest shapes, three simple sides. The power of three applied. Three awesome "legs" in my life that help me stand. I have found my soulmate; we laugh, we love, and we believe in each other.
Take away the pain, The agony inside. I don't want to feel, I'm tired of the fight.   Why must I hurt, Why must I feel. Why does the World, Put me through hell.  
 Most people think that joy is found In massive thrills, events, and sounds. But I have found it more often springs, In little treats and smaller things.
The site would not let me upload my video but here is the link. https://youtu.be/67v4hqP8Z2k  
Awesomeness At Its Finest   The first time we meet was breath taken. It gave me an awesome sensation, leaving my mind blank but my heart awaken. I named every correlation in the sky after the letters in your name.
He looks down at the bill, anger apparent on his face You look down at the floor, you know he needs space After he yells, you know you should run All of these fights, your life isn’t fun You sprint out the door
What is your Anthem? How do you convey it? To scream and shout at the top of you lungs  Or to quietly sing it to yourself To rebel against labels Or to embrace the perks of it When the lines blur,
Being one of us is complicated yet necessary.
When life seems to throw you down With tosses and turns, Bumps and bruises, Sticks and stones. To what you seek a haven from. No matter what happens Your true friends have you
Awesome can be made of very small size, As in the laughter of a child, Or an essay revised. But awesome can also come bigger and wild! Like a gnarly wave surfed, And a mural brightly styled.
    When life threw YOU lemons, 
Words are funny, sometimes.   It used to be that "awesome" and "awful" meant much the same thing. The kind of thing that, well--  
Born like any other Perfect in my mother and fathers eyes until my perfection was stained Coffee was the culprit ,as it flowed on my young four year old body Screams and shouts filled the room
awesomeness lies in feeling, to feel so on top of the world and be left reeling even the deepest pain which leads to  the most monstrous of cries, the power of pain is to feel alive.
What is awesome? Many ask. Is it such a difficult task? Could it be a tacky trend? Oh how mistaken they are, my friend!   From the way leaves surf the wind, to how many cultures greet.
Awesomeness is everywhere In a string on the floor In a feather on a bird On the pavement that forms a road.   Awesomeness is everywhere In a toad or a hare In a hippo or a bear.  
awesomeness lies in feeling, to feel so on top of the world and be left reeling even the deepest pain which leads to  the most monstrous of cries, the power of pain is to feel alive.
Little boy wakes up screaming. No mother there, to coddle him back to dreaming. Little boy sees mother leaving, thinking it's his fault. "Why doesn't she love me?" he thinks, I must be unworthy.
I think awesomeness can be found in the often overlooked aspects of life, such as a favorite book or a favorite food. For me, it is my room. I make music in my room, and I wrote this song to reflect my thoughts in the poem.
Cracking voice changes Don't feel bad Time is passing It's time to be glad! Growing up is awesome In so many ways It passes too fast To be counting the days.  
It was the dying days of summer when the brain seems to be dummer, and he decided to ride his bike. He could feel fall approaching,
Oh, what a dreadful thought, I am crying,My eyes are not dry but wet with fear,The heart in me wishes to kill itself,
There are things that bring a smile And brighten one's day But there are times when a Bit of doubt Grief, anger, hopelessness Fight for attention Obscuring one's view
When people are in love, They often cannot explain what it is they love about the person. They just say, “It’s something about him,” Or, “It’s something about her.”  
fingers warm from the pulsing heat from this cigarette chemicals going in and out all i can think about is you every inhale, every exhale you you you you burn away i flick the ash
School’s finally out, and it’s almost time to sup, But you have to wait outside for your mom to pick you up. It’s boiling out here, feels like one hundred and three And you can’t help but think, “Oh why is it me?
In less than a month I leave 
There is a world out there. People will tell you to settle down, To get comfortable in one single space, But there are a thousand more spaces for you to fill, Waiting beyond the horizons of what you already know.
L-i-f-e  A four letter word we pretend to comprehend,  an abstract concept, taken for granted 
WE DO NOT BEGIN AS POLICE PROPERTY, to be freed or detained based on some guy’s mood or feeling.” he wrote..... We are not theirs... We are not of their descent. Their hair. Their skin... We are not theirs  
I see America jumping.   I see America jumping For joy for an Upcoming era of technology.   I see America jumping With enthusiasm to get back to work After not having pay
I'm frustrated. I'm happy.  I'm sad. 88 black and white keys wait for me.   Do re mi fa sol la ti do! My fingers fly, Racing up and down the scale! Concentrate.
Why do birds chirp? Why is grass green? Why don’t pigs fly? Why are people sometimes so mean?   Why is crime happening? Why are people dying? Why is money a big deal?
Butterflies flutter as she zips up her dress Memories flash back to the day she said yes Family and friends all fill the room She walks down the isle but wait...where's the groom?
Simple joys make life worth living. Waking every morning to the smell of coffee, reminding me that somewhere near, someones loves me. The birds chirping make me look to the window.
On the bus we’re put in the back Where the city’s ceaseless crowd moves Where the doors are doors of paper   As I stand aloof In this vast world of lies and hate and greed The doors close  
Know what’s cool?
She walked up to me A soul distracted by the beauty she never knew She was beautiful An innocent joy that could not be further from the truth Smiled through the pain And I smiled back  
I wake up every moring with a thankful mind set. could have lost my life last night but i am still here. Looking back at the days, thinking about i acted a fool. Thanking my father for not giving up on me.
Is the back of the room where you truly belong? The shy kid, That never wants to stand out from the crowd. The one who is too insecure To ever branch out For fear that you're being talked about.  
Rejoice! Because you happen to be apart of a special race of people that are awesome.Yes,you, sitting there reading this poem searching for a daily dose of awesomeness.
Smiles bright as the sun, Laughter loud as a lion's roar, Memories burned into my brain, The warmth of their presence, Intensifyng with every second.   Those smiles are wondrous,
I submerge my chipped crimson toes In the lethargic, lazy river.
Seeking Light  
The air is sharp with winter anticipationComets with tails blazing: stage lightsHit upon the crowd, wondrousHis hair is Spanish moss thatHangs heavy from the oaks,festooned in beads and baubles
Maintain blank expressions Immune to pain See oppression? Turning aggression to joy obsession Transforming deceit into prayer sessions Mints for foul mouth descendants Of our forefathers
I sauntered down a narrow footpath
Divine…The imagery of euphoria sits beyond this window’s pain.For this is what has us running in place in hope it prepares us for an escape.Fear…The singular emotion that drives hopes behind said barrier.
Being a college student can be fun, Although, you do not see much time in the sun.   Spending all day, every day in study, Makes me feel like I need a hug from a buddy.   I plan on becoming a nurse,
A- ability to think, speak and write in a manner in which we choose;
I saw a man who was homeless he looked sickly at best 
This is the story of how I loved you and learned to let you go:  
Golden light it spreads As it sits upon her head This woman is not dead As she lay there in her bed An Angel has been bred
A divine arrangement of keys. A vibrant display of sounds. A world once unbeknownst to me Became my life renowned. A philosophy once inquisitve, Now seemingly concrete. An imagination so definitive,
~Lumos~   There once was a time when all was dark, Where all who feared feared his mark. Those who fought him died, And those who ran away, cried. They dare not speak his name,
Worn eyes stare gently at my shy privilege  
When you look at a pond
The clock ticked by, waiting for the ring.
Some hate to wake up early on a Saturday morning
  Wonder. We are full of wonder. We wonder how, We wonder when, We wonder why.   This sense of wonder Keeps us alive, Keeps us curious, Keeps us asking questions.  
  Laughter squeezes out of my mother like she’s a lemon, and I watch As the tissue paper covering her eyes Fluctuates into a constellation of veins created to give her solace.
Dear dearest friend,
A strange person, a new place Commissioned with a purpose Embark upon a quest entrusted to you to lead Be wary of your life force, be not careless   Followed by others who will aid you in battle
It's when someone changes your life
The calm before the storm The rainbow directly after The way people can come togeter Followng a disaster   A sunset that marks the end of another day - Something that should be sad
You may feel alone
Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus.We are the bricks in the wall,and flames spill from the cracks in the mortar. A generation of warriors,We hunger for knowledge.
Awesome Is... Having your very own bedroom A paid phone bill Smiling in the face of danger A surprise from your sweetie Dangling on the edge, knowing you have a friend to catch you
I want to live my dream I want to float around in my mind forever my mind is awsome
Here in south Louisiana It rains
Why be happy? Do you feel that? Thats your heart beating. Those are your lungs breathing. That's your kidney cleaning. Those are your eyes reading. Those are your nerves pulsing.
She looks down on us A big smile on her face Fate we do not know
Even unmasked and bare: You are you; this can be a bad thing. Dreading the stress that finds its way into your life And stressing the dread of walking out onto the BIG stage.
Life, it goes up and down The future has many possibilities, they are all around Why don’t you look inside you? You can do whatever you put your mind to
Eyes. The pathway to the mind. The gateway to the soul. The eyes never lie When your heart has bullet holes. Brown, blue, green Maybe a jumble of all three.
Creation Salvation Repentance Redemption My God My God did it all I could use every adjective to describe him But they would be just mere words His thoughts alone created every zone,
I close my eyes. There is nothing but darkness, But only for a moment. For in an instance, I see it. I see hope, I reach for hope, I have hope.   In gloom times,
Should I bury my future with precious attention? Amid the screams And the dreams Of faces unseen Lost in a sea Nowhere to be. Just me  
His Sea Package came with a sign that read: Run! Don't walk! Sex, no talk! One night and don't you dare stalk!    But it was cool see....
Johnny came to visit when I was nine He only had the chance to just that one time He still smiled as often as he always did But his smile seemed almost crooked I asked him why that was and he said:
When he awoke, Avery Man spoke "It's good to be alive in a town ranked five!" out of five he meant, for he was born quite ignorant not dumb or stupid or silly or simple
The bright fire's flames the cool warm night everything is awesome    The falling rain  the earth's cyclical life everything is awesome   The song your laughter makes
I see the way she looks at clothes she can't afford, The way she looks inside the empty refrigerator. Every week she prays to the lord, She says, "maybe I can buy it later."   I can't get a job,
You wanna know something about yourself? yes you, reading this poem, expecting some la dee dah. You write your own story             your own choices             your own life and you know what?
People always want to fit in and be one with the crowd But I’m not one to bow-down To what others deem important or proper My self-expression knows no boundaries Who I want to be is who I will be
There has never been a world such as this Filled to the brim with blood and gore, but over flowing with hope and love.
There are days, and then there are days like this:   Have you ever had one of those Days that you just wished you could Wrap up in sparkling paper and send Back in time to your younger self and
When life hands you lemons, You make lemonade. That’s the way The cards are played. But if life hands you a pitcher, Where do you get those lemons? If life hands you nothing
You’re rather odd, you think. Not ugly or different or repulsive- Just an individual one would consider ‘other’   Your hair gives a decisive screw you to gravity,
A breath of crisp, fresh air pushing its way through your lungs after a dive into the depths of the ocean.  A soft breeze caressing your skin after an oppressively hot day. 
What is so Awesome? Seeing another day come my way.
The stars sparkle in the sky, As a bright moon shines upon me.
Feeling alone in the dark, Seeing nothing but the stars, Wishing there was a mark, Looking so far, Then seeing a hand reach out, So gentle and soft, The person giving no doubt,
There are certain moments that make up a person's life; It's the tiny moments that make up the big one. It's the longing stares and exasparated glares and the gentle hugs;
Have you ever had those days Were you feel like your fading away Maybe need a shove to get a jump start Feeling so down in the dumps That you’re walking with a slump It feels like everything is going wrong
Sometimes they won't understand, You'll try to tell them but it's no use.
I take a look around and it seems that all I see are people who are bound;
Memories can change a person Good ones make them happy Bad ones make them sad The more they hold onto the bad memories the more painful their life becomes That's why the good memories are so powerful
I have seen the bad, But I have also seen some good, And I never stay mad, Because this world is where I stood. I am happy with my life, Postivitiy all around, In search for a wife,
Tell me about your smile
Breaking silence, her voice, quiet hope to create
There is so
Music is an outlet, it sings and let's go of the things that we see, but don't really know. You don't need eyes to see it, nor ears to hear it, only a soul to feel it.
Everything is awesome  nothing is awesome Exciting become lifeless   blossoms become common Boring  Mundane  everything is awful nothing is awful average becomes vibrant  
Dances with Words   “But there are books, books there are! Rattling words on the page calling my eyes to dance with them.”
You may be hiding in your room,
  A sudden, intense, droning ended the solemn silence in the apartment. With a grunt of anger and disdain, a man’s hand emerges and silences it. With a large sigh and dread in his eyes, he fully emerges from the covers;
Limbs splayed among the dandelions You tell me Earth is spinning I grip the world by its blades Of grass, and find I am a static being In a universe that revolves around us At life speed
It rains a lot there. Yet the weather makes you feel Lucky. Optimistic. Everything looks like water colors. Paint palettes balance blues and hues of green and As it seems… that place there is an art gallery.
Two thousand seven hundred and sixty-two miles I think of you and I'm breathless I never let go your necklace You're protecting me and these strangers Never telling me of the dangers You have all of my heart
               Life is an Awesome Thing   Life may not be a walk in the park, But it’s what you make of it, Every day you get a new chance to live, A new day to thrive, Or a new day to start over,
Laying on my bed of deep green,
The heavenly aroma forced me to sigh,so I turned around.. thats when it caught my eye.'Twas a bush of roses. Roses that were so beautifully scattered.Every thorn, every petal; none were tattered.
I'm going to explain something to you. Why life is so great!
Astronaut, cowboy, or fireman.   That’s what I used to say when I was a kid.   Over the years the answer changed, but the enthusiasm stayed the same.   The excitement of life tomorrow
What is more deadly
Learning, laughing kids: Educators' greatest joys. Will you help me teach?
It's that moment; I know you know the one. It's when I've owned it; It's when the game is won.   Every dribble, Every whistle. Every second on the clock,
  Recovery is hard, And often sprinkled with days of relapse. The scorching sun is nothing but a nuisance, And the alarm blares responsibilities. The world can seem so heavy
This unpredictable world slowly falling apart, is changed by those who always see its charm.
Sometimes it's hard to see the good in everything. But we have to find the key
Once upon a time, the invention of happiness came about. It washed over my world like a shower and I discovered I really had no reason to pout.     Welcome to Rebekkah-stan
Although times get rough  We might think we aren't good enough  To find love and hope Find him who helps you cope Look upon the lord For you will be reborn 
Life is not a possession. A possession that can be taken by man. Nor can be taken by sickness. Life isn't just a possession.
I only used one-hundred pages. They were blank anyway. I didn't  think you 'd miss them,
I sing to emote In the world's giant songbook One composition.
It may be tough to see You have to let things be Don't stress, don't worry, pain never lasts It takes patience to realize change will come fast Keep your head up, remember to stay strong
It may be tough to see You have to let things be Don't stress, don't worry, pain never lasts It takes patience to realize change will come fast Keep your head up, remember to stay strong
We all have an opportunity
Hey! You know what is pretty AWESOME?
When a stoop of depression is upon me and allI can see are the wrinkles in my skin and the bags under my eyes a friend will remind me that those wrinkles mean wisdom and the bags mean hard work
Changelings satisfy their form, but always desire more. It seems that having desire is enough of a ballast to quench their ire.
Life is awesome Even when you play possum Hiding from the negativity You can find serenity. Your intellectual capabilities Create possibilities To harness the power Of your personal flower
Witness the beauty before you,
Surrounded by danger and desperation, surrounded by poverty and frustration, surrounded by pessimism and sorrow, surrounded by discrimination and degradation there is strength.  
Amazing poets and paper Wild monkeys and staples Essentials needed to write an adventure Superstitions to carry along in the center Obstacles for tension Mothers for protection
The horizon, So close to me Yet so far Away fro my reach   The horizon, Just like dreams Just like hopes Only a mirage   The horizon, Once reached
Life is not always easy, There are moments where you feel so down. It isn't fair, But there are more reasons to smile than to frown.   Chronic illness fights hard,
I run.  I lace up my shoes,  I think of all I done,  I pray in hopes of an answer, and I run. I compose symphonies with my feet, I think of toxic words, I dream of Someday, and I run.
We’re all on the train of life Struggling to stay on board Constantly moving Constantly searching   On the train of life We’re all striving to one direction Yet we lose sight of our destination
                          +                            +                               +                               +                        +                          +
Breathe in. Breathe out. My feet pound, steadily against the Earth. Breathe in. Breathe out. My eyes fly to the top of the hill, My heart accepts the challenge. Breathe in. Breathe out. Drive. Drive. Drive. Drive. My legs burn.
The 4 L's of Lake Life A path that leads to nowhere can lead anywhere. A dead end leads to endless possibilities. A place where the trees whisper summer’s name,
Life descends upon us unawares living is a beauty so beguiling   As a human subject to her whim how could you not embrace her smiling?   To awaken with such potential
A life among the abodent memories lay my adventures.
Diesel trucks are cool.
My girlfriend has Siri call her "Master Butthole,"
The Unbreakable Soul By Julian McDonald  
Walking through the woods
Life is a warzone An enemy at every side No one can deny That this is life But in this war I find excitement It’s wonderful Yet people think I’m crazy
Do you ever wish you could see the unknown, Witness a miracle, or sit on a throne? Do you ever wish to have a longer life, Have the perfect husband or wife?   I'm here to say that if you do,
The sounds of individual water droplets colliding with a creaking roof  while you lay slumbering in a nest of neatly stitched blankets The morning when you wake to the filaments of the sun
I cannot say why we wonder I can only dream my dreams Imagination leads to creation Inventions become a need   Wonder allows the mind to wander While the body is set to work
Everything is AwesomeFrom the little things in day to day lifeThat give us griefTo the moments whereWe can't help but smileEverything that happens in our livesMakes everything else fall into place
From the bend in your nose, to the length of your toes, I love you. The gap in your teeth, only makes you more unique, I love you. Especially that scar above your brow, and the lines that form when you frown.
Their love is kind- but even kindness cannot disguise anger. A delicate balance only nature can produce.   Their love is translucent to the human eye- many cannot see it until they cannot silence it.
Woes of love are silly, 
Life is awesome, Super, Amazing, Fantastic.  
This romance was oh so strong. And now it’s completely gone. A romantic that won’t leave my mind, A bonded love that is hard to find.   I sit in my room waiting for you.
Pushed Down In a rut But Tupac told me Keep my head up.   Obstacles, hurdles Twist and turns Yes, indeed we live to learn.   I may fret, I may cry
Life sucks.  Only if you let it. I just want to be alone. When you are done, I'll be here waiting with open arms. Today is the worst day possible, you wouldn't understand.
Life is a mess. Some is just a controlled mess.
When the world suddenly goes dark.
If I asked you what the goal of life is You’d probably say “to be successful” But what defines your success? Money, Cars, a nice home, evenings out in expensive bars?
Every Day of our lives, there is a new journey that arrives. Enjoying the sunlight on a nice spring day,
You're alive What are the odds? That someone on your family tree has death dodged Fathom it, just try The simple fact that it's us, here now, is baffling
Yes, you. No matter Where you're from, How you got there, How old you are, What ace you are, You are awesome.   You are you, and that is enough. You have thoughts, feelings,
Do opposite intuitions attract? Or opposite eye colors?
Every day we’re reminded again How wonderful it is to live. But how do we make the most of it Without wasting a single second?   When the sun stops shining, At least there are stars.
Suicidal It hurts because no matter how passionate, I wasn’t good enough Miss educated Because my love was deeper than what I was taught I love books... Just not the books you wanted me to read
It's funny when you become everything you always swore you wouldn't. It's funny when you realize you don't stand for anything. No passions. No motivation to fulfill any dreams you once had.
I'm the one who sees silver lining. I'm the one who won't be caught whining. What good is there for complaining? With that, you won't be gaining. The one who works hard is content, The one who's lazy is not.
Hello little brown girl I see in the mirror. With your beautiful wide nose, Skin couldn't be any clearer. Dipped in chocolate, Caramel coated molasses, My beautiful little sisters wearing the glasses.
When I wake up, Once I brush my teeth, After getting out, Before the day ends, While I giggle and play, Because I love what I do, Since I only live once, I live the life I chose.  
I love people because they all have stories to tell, and stories share a truth that intensify the meaning of our existence.  
Somewhere out there A baby has just been born and the mother and the father both weep and kiss as they say look at the miracle that we have created Somewhere out there
My father and I argue so often Our blows never soften Everything he said flares up my anger I wanted to put up my finger He wanted me home take care of things alone I roar at him ten times in a row
To be awesome is to be human. And to be human is to have opinions. I like my burgers with no onions. You and I get to try new things. I've never written a poem before but I think I can become king.
My heart fills with fear-- constricting-- tightening-- as the deadline draws near. Time too precious to waste; stress envelops me as I work in haste.   No time to play, no time to talk
Sun-damaged hair bouncing between my tired eyes, the flapping of my stretched skin with every stride,
The minds of many assemble one A mind that rivals those of many
See the world how you want to, Go to sleep happy and you wont be blue, Who knew when they were young what they could become, Think and do is true for everyone, Why does a dream have to stay a dream,
Omg That car That song That dance move That night club That book That phone That guy That girl Is awesome.   “Awesome” is transforming into “love”
Her radiant smile shined just like the sun Her eyes glimmered just like a crystal sea Her goofy laugh brought so much joy and fun Her charachter always influenced me  
No one seems to understand How amazing it is To turn a word Into an idea And an idea Into a possibility
Thank You So Please, Don’t let me be the last person to see your shining smile, Don’t let me yell on this mountain of hardships alone,
Hope.... 4 letters.... The strength of a nation unified. Hope...the light of the night. Hope... The friend. Hope....  4 letters.. Love Life Time All 4 letters.
I sat amongst the weeds and felt their stalks twist against the wind into my torso and catch on the invisible hairs of my arms, a push and pull in time with the rhythm of the blanket beating
I read your obituary in today’s paper,
There once was a man from nantucket He was too poor to piss in a bucket He went to college and only got poorer Until scholarship money gave him escape from his horror
As an infant you don’t recognize The love in a mother’s eyes She carries you with a gentle touch You don’t realize she loves you so much With forgiveness full and plenty
Growing up in town,Where there is so much diversity.You’d never think a girl like me,
I was born and thrust into a world I was not prepared for. I learned to swim in a world that kept trying to drown me but it was not easy.   I ended up in hospitals and rehabs
They call Him "Our Savior".  Lord Jesus! Our Savior! You, the one who died for all of us. The one who gladly gave up His own life for us to be forgiven. You, a so called "myth" to most people,
So there I sat admiringly, Neath the fragrant apple tree, When I, yes I, oh my, oh me, Felt the sting of a bumble bee, It hurt so bad, oh gosh, oh gee, I said to bee, I didn’t hurt thee,
"Good morning", I get at the sound of a ring. My phone wakes me up, To my favorite song that it sings.
Dear me, The scars show your past mistakes The lies, the bellowing sobs With make-up draining off your face In the mist of your despair The world is relentless
I"m just gonna write cause that's all I need...to put pen to paper and make the ink bleed.
Looking in the mirror and being satisfied Smiling at yourself, undoubtedly sincere Listening to your favorite song
Simple Artless, Basic So Madly Beautiful Drizzle, Thunder, Drop, Tornado
I have a paper heart,
Stormy clouds gather on the horizon, Growing dark with every minute. More menacing, more terrifying, Consuming what remains of clear, blue sky. Suddenly, a strong wind blows across the clouds,
Bright and vibrant, the universe: long before us, and everlasting.
Raindrop drops, In elegant grace. Refreshes the land, In gentle embrace.   Raindrop drops, From a foreign place. But blesses the earth,
Sometimes it's hard Not to listen to the thoughts Running rampant in your mind But instead to listen to the beat of your heart And how it matches the beating of your feet on the path of life
Running from the past having to face a mystery involving your identity although a fan of mysteries, this one is not wanted or welcome   College on the horizon who knows what will happen
How can we stand out  if we are clouded by doubt Confidence must rise For us to be able to see the blue skies Positivity needs to take the stand For us to be able to to gain  the upper hand
Please, someone tell me Is something ever really hot? To a star, it may be not, But to a single particle,
there is so little for me to write about because i've set the pain aside and it isn't worth a few poems to pick it back up so instead i will write about the one who took the pain away and folded it neatly with seventeen creases into a brown leath
Oh, grandmother With your white-white hair and your pale skin you protected from the sun Did you have any regrets? Were you thankful for the gift you were given? The gift to pass as white?
It is not the victory; it is the journey. Evolution comes from failure, not from getting it right. Resiliency makes the person, not success. I respect perserverance over flawless attempts.  
YOU  You are what counts  You should dedicate all your accomplishments to yourself  No one should be able to own up to what you did for yourself Everything is awesome when you accomplish it
Despite the darkness 
It was December 1st 2014 My heart was pounding my skin was crawling Your daddy was crying Your nani was smiling Your auntie lauhhing The doctor storming The words "push his crowing"
The half mile is a brutal race Too long to sprint Too short to breath And no chance of a second wind
To be human is to go through life wondering how you fit  From the moment we fear that spark of doubt is lit We turn on the news and 9 times outta 10 it'll make you sad People blind to truth everyone focused on the bad
Your heart is super black and always alone I see a fulvous flower that is perfectly grown   Your attitude is persistant with eyes of a prude Bills are piling high in this empty room  
Life is beautiful, I just want to better things in life the small and simple things that bring peace and joy like flying a kite. When I was younger I always wanted to grow up be like Mike but really I have always been the kid who seen the light.
Most things that come across us appear difficult, that we surrender with no fight I for once decided to take my flight To see the good To forget the bad
What do you see in me? A taunting, bistre tease. How am I doing? Needy, crimson and nieve. Why dont you listen to me? Cause you're a jealous, amrthyst jerk.   Do what you want to me.  
Tummy aches and tears When we were little, that marked a bad day. Aches and tears can be reactions to uncomfortable and not so awesome  events. But aches and tears can be reactions
I rub sleep from my eyes As I roll away from bed The sunshine kisses  My forehead   Colors come into view I see it all The dust in the air The paint on the walls  
Existing is a blessing in which we all possess.  and yes,  to live a life seeking happiness and love is a life we should select But to attain each and spread Love and happiness is what we should express
Autism is Awesome Autism brings negativity and ignites your creativity Autism can bring you down and Autism can lift you up Autism brings challenges but Autism creates hard work
When the world's at a brink, I write it off
In sports you play with one ball in life you're given one soul life is like baseball three strikes you're out only in life three strikes you'r in prison when you're up you're up
Misused, abused and left sitting confused Disrespected & rejected
The gilded butterfly
You're You're geeky Your cheeks are red Your eyes are dark brown
Laughter is awesome It is simply the best
Life is a crooked line, We all have dreams and aspirations to make that line straight; Sometimes no matter how hard we try, life gets in the way. But hope is the driving force in our lives.
Early morning, a couple birds fight and fly Nothing harmful, just some chirps in the sky A sleeping girl, her slumber interrupted Her dreaming soul, cannot be corrupted
When people look at me they judge my appearance. I don't mind it, it's human nature. It bothers me when these people choose to define me by their preconceived ideas. They do not understand history behind a first glance.
 The world tosses and turns As if it is a spinning cyclone Or a wave you are riding up and down Mountains dividing but hope is lighting The way, everyday there is something good
My head has risen up, curiosity is at it's peak How do I get out of this? What even is this? this barrier that's holding me captive.. I want to get out, But How?  I know.
  It lies within the smalls things The first step onto a plane Over the vast plain By which no man shall pass
Life. I have it. You have it. Is that not amazing? Inside of us is A beating heart, A strong pulse, A gentle breath, But what makes life, Incredibly surreal,
Onward, ever onward, Through strife and hardship, Through trials and tribulations, I will press on, Because everything is awesome.  
Money is devil Money makes people forget their mother  man even sometimes their father. Money is powerful. It turns the nicest person to the most greediest person. Its turns yourbest friend into a foe 
With the promise of each day comes the promise to begin anew. Like a tree awakening from winter slumber, I arise each morning and stretch my branches toward the seemingly infinite sky,
There was a sea of black ink that spanned all of beyond It was in this darkness that grew only a void Until the seeds of life exploded in a burning array
The trip that took all day The trip that made us say Well we no longer need to walk today The trip that made our legs give out The trip that made us take a rest But now as we  look upon the past
  Imagine a land Skies a orange, purple hue Where not one blade of grass is bland And the waters are bright azure blue.   Imagine you are walking, Feeling the land under your feet;
My friends are awesome. They always make me feel special. They make life sparkle.
                                      Awesomeness fills us all around,  and sips into our hearts                                     From the openings in our heads                                     we
Just another Marble   To light yet to dark huh? Far more than delicate like us but not strong enough… These are the lyrics to my life’s song This is the box that was bestowed upon, me
Everything Is Awesome, Indeed   From the flowers and the trees, to the humming of the bees, everything is awesome indeed   From the way you stay a while, 
Books, pens, and knowledge galor so much opportunity is knockng at your door. Friends, classes and new experiences await make sure you're on time for that hot date!
Hi, ho, my homie, my bro, how're you doing today?  Feeling kind of blue after the day's been through and stunk a bunch too? Wonder how lost others are because it's like you're walking in the dark?
Awesome, a word I frequent. But it’s so appropriate. THIS IS AWESOME! Best chant ever. Wrestling gives my depression the Sweet Chin Music. My happiness soars higher than Rey Mysterio
Laughter Independence Friendships Expression Imagination Smiling Adventure Wondering Endurance Sincerity Optimism
Always persistent Is ambitious in nature Never gives up fights
(read the first letter of each line down)
The essence of your light is of a dying breed In a world full of fake facades and grotesque greed You made passion, care, and joy supersede
The stench of burning cigarettes and greasy pizza perfumes the city air. A block away and it can be heard blaring from the shop's doorway, Shattering the sound of car horns with thick, sultry basses and high, sharp guitars.
Movement is bliss By exchanging a touch between you and the floor You have experienced a connection   A connection between you and the world A connection between you and your desires
Before the wars had started There was no need for peace In the saftey of homes we lived in
My sister says to me,  "I got that internship",  I say "Awesome!".   My best friend says to me,  "My boss promoted me, today",  I say, "Awesome!".   My counselor says to me, 
We the queens spilled out into the French countryside with lemons in our hair and lavender cigarettes on our lips The crashing waves remind us of our collapsing upcoming so we stay away from the salty seashore sidewalks
Sobbing, trying to understand
Like a tree that has weathered a ferocious storm, Lost its leaves and its branches, Beseeching the sun to shine again.   Like a bird with an injured wing, Unable to return to the nest.
The future is far The destination is there But the waiting is long For a future with despair But hope will shine  In the present, today As I smile with friends  When I go out to play
We live in a story, we are all just playing pretend waiting on our happy ending and a white picket fence. Lets continue the story if you dont love me pretend, we spend our whole lives trying to achieve what fiction cant.
Oh Dr. Seuss, hes such a king!
 I lie upon the grass, And rhapsodize what has come to pass, And I ask of thee so pleasantly,
Is it that warm and fuzzy feeling that starts inside, bubbling and rising, overflowing our systems, twistng and turning,  until there is nothing but melodious laughter, or, is it the satisfaction,
The exuberant rat scurried right past; The clock pointers exchange numerations;  What is the use, the tea has steeped. 
Sometimes, we forget. We forget that life is good And we are loved And wanted And important. We forget that we deserve And we can desire And we can want And we can need.
My life isn't bad I don't wake up at 4 in the morning I don't harvest crops 10 hours a day I don't eat less that what makes me full I don't worry about paying my bills but at the same time
Flooding my ocean wa
An apple never falls far from a tree As time passes by it has fallen This is not what he meant when he wished to be free He yells back into the dark but no one has callen  
The want to be anything but YOU happens to be inevitable Basic is how you feel, not "pretty enough" is what you are told And you want to be, but what does it mean "To Be"?
LOVE IS AWSOME Life is love, people are love, we are meant to Love, we are here because of Love.  Love is awesome.
Awesome (adj.) 
Another day, wake up and perform. Sun rays and brain waves. The memory of sweet Earth, dim. The feeling of rough sand, barely grating. Caress this moment like the bitter end, no one knows it is.
I am a young Chicana Destined for failure I am a young Chicana Who has one parent I am a young Chicana Who lives in a bad neighborhood I am a strong Chicana That helps financially
Know what's awesom? How every situation has a positve aspect. No matter how upsetting or stressful.There's always some way to take that experienceand use it to grow and learn.
There's water in the sink Food in the fridge A mind to think A roof over my head A loving heart A dog that doesn't shed Eyes that can see Lungs to help me breathe 
For all that is bad, there's some good that will come With the heaviest of rain, you'll appreciate the sun
I love to pet dogs, With their hairy paws, Stick bone or ball, They love in their jaws.   Have been at our side, For thousand of years, Accompanying tears,
I've always been known as the girl who is always smiling, always walking with a pep in her step, and always laughing all the time  I'm also the girl who has received tons of hatred from many people who don't understand my happiness 
Sad music; bright eyes welling up with tears. Tender, passing moments knowing my friends love me and I love them. Movies with the family; Saturday mornings as a child. Forgiveness.
Take a Breath and See The sparkle shimmer and shine. Take it. Believe it.
The cat's claws clack On the hard floor As it quickly changes tack- Watch out for the door!
Everything has its own touch, Depending on your view...   My pencil just ran out of lead. How convenient! The new puppy whizzed on the floor. Just beautiful!
Beauty and brains is what makes me amazing.  I'm like a kid in a colorful and vibrant candy store. When you all the children and smiling with joy.
I struggle to pay for my college education and it hurts so much to just think about the heart ache. And the pain and all that has to do with money for college. I would like to be able to pay for the rest of my education.
There are many things in life one cannot choose.  Parents, family, or even who they lose.  But how you feel when you wake up and how you live your life  Can be simpler than choosing to be man and wife.   
When days feel hopeless, When stress threatens sanity, Focus on the little joys of life. A child's laugh The scent of spring flowers Warm coffee on a cold day A book with worn covers on a rainy night
Social Media is a game controling our life.   Loging on to Facebook Recieving "Likes" Logging on to Twitter Receiving "Favorites" Logging on to Vine Receiving "Revines"  
I wake up To the biggest smile, The sweetest eyes I have ever seen. They belong to My husband. My Sam.   He takes care of me. He supports me. He loves me. My Sam.
I once was lost; I was dead to the world. My sins were dark; Time stood still. I left my God; He almost hurled. But then He gave me a choice, called free will.   Now I am found, my transgressions are thrown.
Seeing the sky Clouds fly by Wind brushes your skin And rain sprinkles the air   Isn't it wonderful Hearing the sounds of the world   Even if you don't know
I smell a small, sweet,  rose. it's petals are dry. Her stem is hard. . But her core is gold.
Each month has something that makes it special September has Labor day October Halloween November is Thanksgiven and December has from Hannuka,Kwanza, and Christmas January has New years
Football is a brotherhood tested time and again  we stand tall get hit and hurt but we gather around listen to the sounds of our friends our family our fans
Take a minute to relive your day.  Did the sound of a coffee grinder wake you up a little too early? After you walked downstairs to shower, did you trip on the last step?
Did you lose an arm? How about a leg? Are you reading this now? Then you can do it again. Never give up.
Mother Mother Stay your hand
  I have the essentials, that many people cannot rely on food shelter water air
Filled with pride, covered in cocoa, she stands tall, despite her height. She makes being a black woman look so effortless so chic, so exclusive. She makes herself look so effortless, so chic, so exclusive.
Sitting on the cold tile of our high school floor My Best friend said to me For such a good person "Karma" sure doesn't like you You see a series of things had seemed to go wrong
Who are you to me,but a man lost in his own misery. Who are you to me,How can we trust you with your recent history? Who are you to me,when honest words from your mouth are a rarity.
Oh capacious tree ! You are the breathing definition of awesome 
Haiku Stories, Volume 3:  Amalgamation  
In this world of hatred, I choose to stick with love. Rather than giving in to darkness, I will rise above. In this world of hatred, I choose to find joy, Because my determination cannot be destroyed.
I wake up two minutes before my alarm goes off, and I lay in the darkness In that time I wait. Just wait. Because in two minutes my alarm will go off.
Use to live life on the bare minium now I'm going and choosing and getting some I had to find it in me couldn't see clearly thought i would never be successful until i saw the beauty in a day in another way
The True Meaning of Awesome
Everything is awesome And so I smile big The summer blues won't get me down No, I won't be afraid. Everything is awesome They keep telling me that's true The weather's great, just hang with friends
There is a fine line between believing the world is goodand lying to yourself to lull you into a peaceful sleep.  
Simple mother goes to work everyday dad struggles sometimes 
When the sun shines bright, And your loved one holds you tight, Everything feels right.
Awesome; a word that communicates awe. Awe; an expression that encompasses a vast spectrum of emotions.  Will; the name of my love, who constantly fills me with awe. The man who inspires my hopes
  What is 'AWESOME?'   Another day that We see God's glory and Eternal presence? Safety from the dark
Awesome awesome  it doesnt take much  to awe some  different people  remember something we are equal  remember something  we are sequals  of the past  all the wrong 
Gran always told me do not discourage Life is a pro at knocking you down,  But you have to dig deep to find the courage To fight your way to the surface rather than drown.
I sing not of the lavish or mighty or grand. Nor do I sing of religion or a promised land. I sing not of what science cannot yet explain; My song is of things rather more plain.
Our world is pretty neat Listen outside to the little birds tweet. Sometimes things like the news, people around you, and stress get you down But this is a day that the Lord hath made so spin around that frown.
I hope you look in the mirror one day and stand tall and proud with your wonderful face  and beautiful eyes. I hope you look at yourself with so much love that the world around you can feel it radiating 
Wake up and think to myself, Damn, I still wanna sleep. Wake up and thank God that I'm alive.  Get up and do my daily routine. I got school and work, that's what I see.  I do the same shit every day. 
In which there is a debate between an optimist and a pessimist. If you don't know what either means, don't be embarrassed. An optimist always thinks that the world is full of hope.
Flying straight through the pier,With my arms raised to my sides,A sensation offered only,In California,  
Many are confused, in a way, by the manner of which I start each day. I spout, "Everything is awesome, wouldn't you say?"   They query, " If I may... Why is today such a great day?"
When people ask me "what is the good in life?", I tell them it's easy, effortless to say, But to see,  you must look past the anger ran rife, 
When I walked past the mirror I saw this thing looking at me It was brown Brown hair Brown eyes Brown skin Brown mind Brown which represents the soil with which I will plant my seeds
They might give odd advice.  They might give slightly sexist or slightly inapporiate advice.  But advice is advice.  If they gave me advice, that means they pay attention to me. 
Past foggy, memorable
*/ /*-->*/   My family was two,
i am awesome i am unique
Words are my favorite They flutter on the pages Of crisp papers Handcrafted letters
When you believe in 
One seven letter word possesses the capabilities to completely transform the world.
    Let’s start from the very beginning You don’t exactly start off winning But you never really lose
Starting out with four years of high school, using your mind as your ultimate tool. Completing your assignments and finding time for friends, the list of memories never ends.
How does one know when all is well? Don't worry, there's an aswer to the question, There's no wrong answer, but seek the answer in the lesson   It was as simple as the words that you see me typing,
 Life has this funny little game she likes.
Life is awesome, I say, why you may ask Life works in mysterious ways It gives people gratitude It gives people hope
I love you more than yesterday. No one thought I was ready; They said I was too young. I would ruin my future-  when it was all said and done.   Some called it crazy, but
Awesome is more than just a seven letter wordWith more than seven meanings,  
This morning, the sun rose
You, my friend, can be an everyday hero. You may not know this, but you have powers. Well not like a the ones you see in the comics and movies, But you still have powers that really matter.  
"Butterflies are a sign from God," she said, with no devotion to a diety of her own. "It means things are or will be okay," her grandfather used to say. I saw a butterfly today. It fluttered past and around,
Just because they are family. Just because they are your origin. It doesn't mean you are their toy. You aren't a faceless being that moves to their tunes. They saying that you are less than you are
Earth is a planet that is considered one of a kind, It’s the only place that has nature of every kind. A place where people are allowed to speak their own mind,
Awesome. What is awesome in this world? Freedom of religion, freedom to love whomever you please. Aid to study further, cures for disease. Clean water and transportation for the elderly.
There are many awesome things to write about. Like the new 3-D printer, or the sequel to National Lampoon's Vacation. But what about feelings?
Life Is Awesome What is a tossum? I don’t know because life is awesome One does not need to know the squares and roots of algebra To see the stripes of a zebra
You're awesome, people tend to forget how awesome they are. Some look at themselves and see a half empty jar I'm here to remind you, remind you by far Of just how awesome, you all really are!
Sometimes things in life get hard. sometimes things go smoothly. Life might go smooth if you have a black card. I wish life was like how it is in those movies.  
There is a thing that we all must go through, A thing called Life that takes every individual on a different cruise  Of course ups and downs play a major part in this cycle, But it is only through the bad times that we truly learn the value of th
They are our friends Our companions Our strongest of bonds
I am a Queen, a supreme human being I bleed gold and my words are bold I am a Black Queen, though it may not be easy being green Being black can be just as bad, sometimes even sad But as a Queen, I take pride
Golden skies whisper “breathe easy” as my car rolls along the gravel road and I’m finally on my way home
Every day Life deals us a hand
sitting in the middle of a crowded room hanging on tightly to an unmarked tomb what is this face that keeps haunting me could this be the face of death i see   memories fantasies visions in my head
Coffee is awesome. It helps me study for tests and stay up all night.
Awesome.  She is awesome.  He is awesome.  Young is awesome.  Old is awesome.  Poor is awesome.  Rich is awesome.  White is awesome.  Black is awesome.  Fat is awesome. 
Good grades Good school Good job Good husband Good life But what if,  We can't pay We make the grades We made the school But what is stopping us?
I feel so awesome From the time I wake up back to the time I go to sleep When I look in the mirror to see my melanin skin I become the happiest human being in the world
Life is so sweet, Everywhere we go people stop and see, Radiance and positivity reflecting off of me. Making grey skies blue, How you choose to see the world is all up to you.
Course oatmeal-colored fabric lays idly by, snipped from it a two yard segment stretched across the carpet, its corners tugged to sharp angles.
Since May ninety-seven she's stood by my side,   As she smiled and kissed and hugged me tight,   And year following year she's been my guide;  
BEEP! BEEP! Covers over my head and burrow into that cool pillow. Too early. Too late last night. Too much work, too much think about. Then, I remember.  I remember her. Her smile, her smell, her limbs like a willow
Have you felt like life was screaming back at you? Ever felt like you are alone? The nights you spent soaking pillows, with salty tears of mourn? Remember days where you feel like  you're worthless,
The pelican can't hide his beakTo win "The Best Bird of the Week"With dingy plumage and odd physiqueThe gangly pelican't.
She wakes up with a hunger in her eyes All around her she sees the good Everything around her is so understood Others see the calories, she just sees the pies  
Expect troubles in your future Very small, and very large. Expect hard times for you to endure rest afterwards, time to recharge.   You feel emotions you want to deploy
  the air is fine and i must say with the pass of ticks of time i make my way so  with my style i live i smile i learn to play. From building worlds
You’re leaving me. After sixteen years of constant contact, Secret confidences, You’ll be gone. The memories I have of you Are already blurring, Obscured by time or tears into a single entity,
Money is the root of all evil. There has never been a more true statement. Trying to make it this day and age, without a penny to your name- you aren't entitled to fame and fortune.
On a sunny warm day On the seashore bay, Sat two little kids Squinting through the sun's ray. They build their little castle with sand and clay only to see that the water waves swept it away
"Are you
This world is a wonderful place, For everyone to embrace, It might not be fair always, But will console with ever grace. During  times of despair, You won't find time to spare,
Surely there's a reason there Somewhere in gossamer wind For all the darkly depressions That hold so tight my friend
Boston has been around since 1630 A place surrounded by water that’s dirty Although the water is not pristine The hearts of the people sure are clean
My family is awesome, they are my world. They may be different, but they sure are gifted. They are loving, caring, and seems to me like they are always there. During the most difficult times they are sure to be by my side, close and near.
Behind every rough patch yes,  there is a silver lining  Behind every broken window  The light still shines through.  Light.  What a wonderful word.  Light. 
Media, Media shapes what is awesome and what is lame in our society Fear, Fear stops us from loving ourselves and embracing our inner-awesome because we are afraid that society will look down upon our hair,
Everything is awesome. You might ask “why?” Finding reasons is simple For one as awesome as I. I have a roof over my head And some shoes on my feet. I have coats for the winter
I look up and see joy in your blue and green piercing eyes You make me whole, Your the best young individual in my life, your apart of me, and I'd do anything for you. You keep me positive everyday during the struggle.
I woke up from a bad dream, where I found that everything was wrong. The water was frozen and the air was warm. The birds were running and the fish were flying And I really really felt like dying.
"We're moving" they told me. Too young to protest, I packed up the memories I'd acquired.
Fat, Ugly, Black, and Dumb, Words that often make me numb. My body is nothing of your concern, Body positivity is what I have learned because I Am Awesome   Rolls that jiggle, Hips that wiggle,
Awe: an emotion variously combining dread, veneration, and wonder  
I find it disgusting that people are so ignorant I find it startling that women are not equal to men I find it appalling that some children are deprived of nutrients
When I was little I was so innocent that I could be, I didn't know the world had more to see. Waking up for school so young and shy, Getting on the bus with guys so sly. Ice cream came around recess time,
Obsessing Over Obstacles to Often!
It rains quite a bit in my neck of the woods, but when the rain stops and the sky clears up, I enjoy the hell
As the runner comes closer and closer to the finish line, barely behind the opponent, the soon-to-be winner, he thinks, “I don’t want to lose this race!”
Gratitute towards life overwhelms me I go about my day in optimism and curiousity Productivity is the fuel
it is funny to think that out of thousands of days lived by the hour, the minute, the second we only keep a few moments and it is funny to think that in a world going a mile a minute
Life is like an awesome waterfall. Beyond all seen is light felt through song. A beautiful melody and soulful rythum. Past all thought is all. While substance grandiose sent is greater than nothing unfinnished.
Walking through life's thought, how much does it take to hurt the worse,  pain of my childhood rushing by "ouch", so many sigh, just thinking about which time is the best time to cry,
Out of all the colors of the rainbow, what color is the most in
Why look at the bad Just because the good's standing behind? Why take time to be mad, When happiness is what you want to find? Why fold to stress When patience will mold you a better way?
Hello! Attached is a video I made for my poem, if you could watch that as well. Let it load a little if it doesn't work right away. Thank You, Enjoy and Share the Poem with others!
College is like a concert.You get there, you park and move yourself in to stay for a while.
I get to see the sun shine and that bright blue sky All the cars on my street passing me by I don’t know what the driver is feeling
Your lungs are collpsing from the feeling of despair, That feeling inside seems to be too much to bear, But slowly you breathe, And time begins to cease, And you realize just how much worse that it could be,
I used to think it was the end, That I was all alone Without even a friend. I wondered how some people sat on a throne, While I went about With my head down, Wanting to shout
                           Burgeoning Awesome         Life is full of mysteries
My dear friend you can rest assured  Love will heal the damage caused by war Don't you worry about the rain You won't know joy without some pain Don't stop to think how long it will take
The Awesome Powers of Positivity A gloomy day clouds surround the bright light of life, A simple smile could do away away with any struggle,
Everythng Is AWESOME! It's a New Day! A Time to Refres and Be a Greater You! Yes, meaning that GREAT is Already in YOU! Everything is AWESOME! Me - Him - Her - YOU!
I wither my life on a deserted island, Accursed to spend eternity awaiting a stray hero[1] ! A hero who will use me, and a man who will abuse me
“Bow down!” says the enemy; “Bow down before me!” We will not kneel, however; We will not yield to animosity even as his banner waves up high— placard of antipathy in the country of equality.
Striving to find myself It is difficult There are many forks And not enough guidance I want to choose but my mind grows blank Decisions decide your life May it be bad or good you decide
I have not one favorite color I see them all the same but the three that wave proudly  break rank and have names the red flows freely like blood from the heart it stands for something gruesome
I'm not inspired by earth's lovely things the birds, the trees, the autumn breeze.  
What makes this world awesome           Could it be the air we all breathe Or did you fight and defeated something that didn’t come with ease   Is it the lushness of the trees
The 12th year of high school,
A 5 year sentence of bad luck I didnt know my life could run such a muck from my cancer to the loss of my father i started to wonder... Should I even bother. I tried to stay positive for I knew better
I didn't choose the life I have I didn't set my place People have hurt me abused and cursed me And I've been stitching myself together So I may not be perfect
I the kId.  the Innocent kId. 
I the kId.  the Innocent kId. 
Everything I see, Everything in reach, From the biggest sea To the ripest peach, Is a living legacy. You see, Everything is Awsome, From the blooming lossom To the sneaky possum.
I remember once when I was conversating, and I was waiting, for the person's ignorance to wear out   Because I realized, with new found real eyes, that even wisemen have their doubts  
The pitter patter of your footsteps upstairs. Optimus Prime and Thomas the Train. The way you view the world With a pure, childish innocence. For years, I asked and pleaded
All I knew is that when she spoke to me, softly. It was so loud. “How come I am three times too big, and the room is three times too small?” I could see her fading into the wallpaper. I didn’t understand how a Ruby could question that. She was...
Sometimes I think about who I really am. Too often I am confused. Everybody tried to categorize me but these Poeple have no clue. Holes left in the judgements that people try to make
Everything about you is awesome You don't just awe some, you awe everyone From the way you say “good morning” To the way you cut your sandwiches You are a product of awesome  
You are an open tree in which I’m free
I was born … Only to be blamed for human’s existence on earth My essence, inside and out, blends into the definition of pure evil
The love that is shared is brighter than any sunrise It's the kind of love in romance novels Truly understood by the old and wise Creeping up and infecting you with its venom Dancing in your veins
The feeling of closing my eyes as sleep puts me under its' drug, amazing and relaxing.   Dreaming of all the goals I could accomplish that seems impossible to achieve, hopeful but not reassuring.
What good can come of death? Life Of a Problem? A solution Of an explosion? The universe Life has it's ups and downs, but you can't bounce if you never fall
Your dreams and desires is what make you But when its about you it breaks you You change someone everyday But you wouldn't know Because it's only about you You wanna be the person of your dreams
Plato believed that we’d never understand anything around us                 because everything around us is the palest of illusions                 veiling their true definitions.   In which case, I’m screwed
December 13, 2013   591 days have passed since A Queen released her self-titled album
Everything is awesome  When you live in a bubble with saran wrap and the packaging tissues to make a perfect bow Everything is awesome when you can stick to the dictating ideals that society has placed The media,
  The blooming and fading of flowers makes me tired but never resentful, The rain and snow over the four seasons makes me fascinated but never tired.
Don't think twice Sacrifice! The ones you love will fade away The ones who care are always there To keep them close to your heart One must offer as a start Sacrifice! Don't be shy
 at one moment I didn't have hope  I thought school was a joke  i played around  joked thinking my grades would still be passing 
To whom do I owe this grim despair? Myself for things that seem foretold If love gives life hath I no air A yielding heart and blood run cold   Some nights I lie awake and dream
You may not think it But everything is awesome. That cloud that looks like a dog, It's awesome. That gymnast doing all those flips, She's awesome. Getting a few hours to relax,
They're that friend that's always there. Their laugh, that smile, it resignates everywhere. For some strange reason their warmth always invades your own and it's amazing.  
We F A L L A single Raindrop. Alone and yet
Life is a rollercoaster filled with twists and turns
Blue skies, a sunrise, a new day has started. Take a walk, see everything you love, then you say you heart it. This shows your love; your love and appreciation.
Don't let the small things bring you down, They're only here for a short while, It's easy not to drown, All you have to do is smile.   It seems like everyone easily forgets,
Everything is AWESOME! First of all, there's flight. How can anything stay up in spite Of gravity and human thoughts? Initially, we all thought the world was flat. Now we know that idea is old hat.  
She does not wear a mask, not for her protection but instead she leaves her mark on everyone, with the subtle smile that never disappears. Not everyone can see the small bit of grace about her,
in the cracks on a sidewalkunder a [pigeon’s] eggin the middle of a bustling highwayon a church pewin the eye’s of a [pretender]in-between the [worms] in the groundsailing in the clouds
Great ideas I know I can conceive
I wake up every morning Only to live another day, To block away the world as I continue
All around you Wonder and delight Ensure that this world isn't a Shithole. Only, people choose not to notice! Memories plagued by dispair. Open your Eyes.
“Glass Half Full” I look around the room And what do I see? Nothing but beautiful people smiling at me
So many awesome things to do that I don’t want to sleep But even to sleep is to dream which is awesome So many awesome dreams to dream that I don’t want to wake
From the wrinkles in a dress to a hot summer day To the clouds up above and galaxies far away. Life offers many awesome things that we should love. Here’s a few more that I can think of:
Desperation kicks in, fear and anxiety an anchor to fall Breathe, Peace is evident, hope is powerful The sea is thick, the water too heavy an anchor to drown Breathe,
Isn't it awesome that Everyday is a fresh start Everyday a chance has been given make change if you are unhappy Everyday we grow older and wiser Everyday we learn something new
1.       LIGHT   In the light, Sight is inevitable.   You can feel your feet stable on the concrete. You can anticipate crossing those cracks in the sidewalk just a few yards ahead,
Everything is awesome? While others may claim such, I must disagree. I'll tell you what's not:
Waking up in the morning to find out that you're alive, That's awesome. Seeing those people laugh uncontrollably for no reason, That's awesome. Being able to breathe in fresh air or see the world grow,
Even now, as you sit at my slippered feet Your youthful eyes so full of hope, so Unhardened by the terrors of the world,
Look up at the sky Millions of stars as far as the eye can see Each one a small miracle That seems far beyond our reach   Seems like we wait For that miracle, something grand
I am aware of the stress,
This headache I got, this stress I'm in.... The finish line is so far away in order for me to win, but I just wanna finish.
The dawn of light upon our faces,                                                                                                         The sound of birds singing to the sun,                                                                      
I start up my mornings with a nice early shower. That’s how I start my day. You may start that way too. Perhaps you prefer evenings for taking showers, But does that make me more awesome than you?  
Oh, what ground we stand on. Oh, this terrace of collision and space.  Where is it that we call anew? Where do we turn? Facing old is unnatural and unseemly. None is precedent for novel.
her feet knocks the ground over and over again on a quick thud and her heartbeat is in her ears she feels it catching up on her with a shrieking cry and 
I look up to the skyWondering what it would be likeTo be with you.
I am walking  through my own thoughts My mind is foggy with distractions I have only one goal in mind that's to catch the light at the end of the tunnel I have went through so many obstacles to get to where i am now
Everything around me, The sounds that astound me, The cerebral sensations stay, Through the glowing light of each day.   This taste of life as it passes by, It amazes me, drives me,
How awesome it is; life The sun rises  birds sing their melodeous tune- earth's alarm clock some might say Tea kettles alarm Coffee brews Yawns plague  Dreamland fades
awesome awesome, everything is awesome
Life is like the sky. Somedays it's bright, when life has reached it's high. Other times it's night, when life has taken a turn for the worse. Fear not, for the tides will return.
even with all this time you've been on my mind mama some nights I fall asleep drenched in sweat from this vicious nightmare a daughters weep waking up with tears as I lay
My eyes have seen many wonders of this world The streches of the Amazon River thats water leaks from my soul The ashen color of the Great Wall which inspires my feet to continue on their journey in this life
If you leave,
I shed many tears, And express many screams.
Oh dismal day, our loving mother has passed away. Disease struck her and became too strong, we soon knew death would come along.   She did not deserve a painful end,
Hope Changes you. You can see it In faces and demeanors. It makes you taller, brighter, healthier It is a light  When you are traveling through pitch black   Hope is all around us.
A life skyrocketed at a young age 
Get up. Open my eyes. Today begins. The reality that it must begin is what scares me. It waits like a resolute samurai at the threshold – Here is your sword, we must begin the battle before we are overcome.
nowhere can one escape to silence:   not the city, with the constant running
Everything; that's awesome. You need only to believe it. But everything ain't what I've got. So let me tell you why I'm screaming. In the city people act as though their lives are worth a dime
Pretty Awesome What it is it that makes me “Pretty Awesome”? Pretty, adjective, pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or full of grace
Sometimes life is hard. No one tells you the work it takes. Sometimes, there are rough things Things that tear you down inside.  I've heard it takes breaking down to get back up,
It's almost time The time where I really work to pave that pathway That path that'll become the prime I try to reach my utmost potential But only to witness that I can't hold that title
As I took my first glance at the world, You cried   As I took my first step,
Love was once A ring sunk Through my tongue;   It was a promise. One of dedication In its most beautiful form Of danger and pain...   That ring, It once bled me -
Someone who listens when you have something to say. Someone who cries with you every step of the way. She knows what you like without even asking. She knows how to dance when it's time for basking.
Each step taken is another place moved. Each word spoken is another breath breathed. Each speech given is another passion found. Each song played is another love created.  
Yes everything may be awesome  but what strikes me most  is the light filtering throught the trees and the pen gliding across  starch white  paper see everything is there to be seen 
Our minds Live with us From our first gasp For air Until our final Dying breath.   Our minds Know us better Than any other person
I see self in the mirror  I see strength in my bones i see wealth in my wizdom i see no harm in my home  I see God in my life  I see love in my family  i see direction in my mistakes 
  The rain’s falling down Across the waves Which bring me closer to you.   The sun’s shining down
She is soft, like the slow kiss of a crisp autumn night, yet strong, like the determined root of a beautiful cherry tree
Dark Skinned, Light Skinned, No color should be ashamed No matter what our complexion is, it all feels the same.
Oh, the yeses and no’s, chocolates, vanillas, Blues and yellows, fuchsias, manilas – I’m afraid I can be quite undecided. Down-to-earth, yes, but so indecisive. For me, choosing favorites is never easy . . .
Laughs and smiles They could go on for miles
Awesome, a word that is used quite a bit Whether going to the gym and trying to get fit Or eating everything you want. Stay happy Some days are hard and some seem crappy  
Into the world I peer Of passion and worldly desires Running after the things we want For dreams and passions burn as bright as forest fires. I see the world’s magnitude and spectrum
Just a girl. Bittersweet, just the right combination. They sold her lies... But she constantly believed them. What can I say? She didn't know any better. Just a girl. 16, about to be a mother.
I want you to close your eyes, And picture clear skies. Imagine pretty places, Smiles on familiar faces. Soft kisses in the rain, Bandages for the pain. See boys and girls alike,
Voice low Words flow Emotions grow. Fleeting, flying, flashing A song is everlasting. Every note a tiny fire Dancing on a wire. Soul engraved in stone This soldier goes unknown.
You said I was your flower, but I’m a garden. Marigolds watered with my tears are wilting in the shade. Pale peonies suffocate the withered daisies. Muted magenta basil blossoms swallow the bloodied roses.
  Dear Past   You labored children You will never see And still had the Courage to strive to be free   You took a stand And stood so tall For those you would
A-W-E-S-O-M-E it can be used for everything Look at the sky How about the birds that fly Or maybe the fish in the sea Or simply one bee Dogs and cats may fight But things will be alright right
What do I like about you best? Hmm...I think I like your eyes the best? The way they peer at me with interest As they stay stuck on me   Or maybe it's your ears They tell me more than your lips do
you both promised i thought your words were gold now i know why they call it a knife in the back my heart feels like you've wrenched it out the two that were once the closest  have never felt so far
With a single touch of her hand, I am overwhelmed with a sensation that floods my entire body. What a strange sensation this is…  
Who am I?
Life is a wish. A dream that finally comes true. It inspires many,
Liquid laughter flows through the pale, gray-blue eyes, Melting the air...
It's 3 PM and my jammies are still on, I've scored a free Saturday I haven’t had one of these in so long! 
Turning off the busiest street lies the quietest park
She's sweet she's candy. She only knows how to giggle.
Why do I cry? Why do I mourn? Why can't I see all that is good around me? Everything is in gray Nothing matters I refuse to let anything change the mood I have decided I deserve
For the colors that are there but we walk through them For the sounds of nature we hear but don't listen to For the people that surround us but we ignore
The world brings us down, it pushes us around.     They say we’re not smart enough, they say we can’t win, They say we are spiraling down, spiraling and then…  
She is 1959 miles away 27 hours driving with no traffic Or 4 hours and 10 minutes on a nonstop flight That costs $409   To earn $409  At $10 an hour Is 40 hours and 54 minutes of work
She ran with shoes in hand. Her silk stockings padded against the gold flecked floor. This place was too beautiful for her. Too full of life for a dead girl. 
What is Awesome? Life is Awesome.  
Butterflies. Could they exist without it? What about flowers? What about days and nights? What about sunsets? Sunrises? Rainbows? Stories? Songs? You? What about you? Could you exist without it?
You Want Awesome I'll give you two words My Daddy If you were ever wondering how exactly he was so awesome I am here to tell you Exactly who he is You may have seen him at Suntrust
In life sometimes we may feel powerless
    As I sit and watch The wonders that I thought Would take place before I leave However as I see You smiling there at me The memories of adventures flood back to me
Yellow dough rolled around spiced fish, Orange-tinted, soft, buttery kisses in every bite, Bringing me back to times When I was loved by so much. The pre-school teacher's smile as bright
Golden light spills out of the sky  and into our laps Our laughter rings 
I had the best cup of coffee today
It's the last day, the final score I fought my battles hard and I won my war But I'm not done (3x) And although I'm not done I don't give up hope Searching in the dark For just one rope (3x)
Oh yes, I am so humble The entire world can see that my awesomeness stems from my profound humility. Every day I see the signs of a person just and kind. Oh yes, I am so humble.
I wish that one day, Maybe,
Everybody's different, And that's fascinating Everyone's story Can be captivating.   The tales of their victories, Their triumphs, their deeds, The tales of their failures and
Nature Nature is one of the most powerful forces on the planet: By its hand, we live And we die.
When I see your face I know I can make it through today. When I hear your voice I know yesterday’s pain doesn’t matter. When I feel your touch I know that the world is full of possibilities.
Our minds ae going insane. Viewing screens and pushing buttons so much robots are in our veins. So hard to remain focused. Attention is all we want. Guns in hands and drugs make friends. Everything is becoming blunt.
You can't catch me, I'm black AND proud They say I'm a target, just because I'm brown But i dont ever front, 'cause they'll catch their round I pick myself up when they knock me down
Maybe, we'll go down in a blaze of glory, or in the silence of time. Maybe, there won't be another one, just a mountainous climb. Maybe, I'm tired, or just disillusioned. Maybe,
To say I was in awe at the sightOf my young sister slipping through the fetid hands of a devilWould be putting it lightlyA fetus twisted and kicked inside me
Sometimes she imagined a boy on the road He’d stand below the window Just out of sight, in the shadows While she dressed or undressed Crying or dancing Or navigating the bed It was exciting
Among the air we breathe, and the flowers which wreathe, come the elements of nature.   Mockingbirds that sing, birds using their wings, are the sounds of nature.   The wind blowing,
Beep. Beep. Beep. Every. Single. Day. Wake up. Get Ready. Go to school. Go to work. Sleep. Repeat. People to greet, deadlines to meet, tests to take, party too late, Ugh! There is NO time!
Look out, what do you see?             A Child? A Bird? A Cat? A Tree? I see a world, one of possibilities.             You see the dirt. The grass. The seeds. I see life sprouting through me.
The walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than churches.Murders, now-a-day, are framed as “rescue and searches.”Corruption has led to civilian insurgents.But not everything is bad.
My life is barren And don't you ever think That joy is boundless For I know for a fact Sorrow waits around the corner And I don't care that Life has its days I've known from the beginning
From a young age I am taught the way this world works. My shorts can't be too short and my bra strap can never show. Yet your pants can sag to the point where I can see your boxers?
Listen to the music
    Life as I know it is really nothing but awesome  We live each day how we desire     And we each, as humans, learn to grow and blossom As we watch others and silently admire
Everything is awesome, As we all know. The sun, the moon the stars, The flowers and the snow. But I, myself am awesome. To myself. To me. The way my lungs fill with air; Life.
You are awesome 
The word awesome is itself awesome I feel awesome when I hear the word “Awesome!” It is awesome when I reach my sibling to the sky And hear her happiest laughter every day, It is awesome to make a mistake
Remember that time I was at home, sick, miserable and hopeless as ever?Hearing your voice made me feel better again. Remember that time I failed a math test and couldnt stop crying? 
You sometimes tuck yourself into bed to hide from society. You sometimes ask yourself why everything seems so hard. You sometimes write, complain, and cry into your diary. 
Her words were never heard they were never spoken. She created her own language through her eyes, her vibrant sapphire eyes. We grew up together, her and I... and yet she never really grew up,
Been making so many mistakes, Regrets keep me up late. Swimming in waterfalls, Drowning in "what if’s". All of this pressure got me feeling like Mayweather with his hope of winning every fight that’s why I’m giving it my all in every round.
A million paths, all lead to one. You either lived life to the fullest or wait till it’s done. I’m ecstatic, I am scared. Doing what I love to do with the thrill of the unknowing.
Drifting across the floor as if the world has no friction to hold you back
Random acts of kindness to the strangers we don’t know. Anonymously letting our secret personality show. We are humans that have universes living within.
"What is awesome?" a teenage boy asked me today "Far too many things seem to get in the way..." "What is awesome about being an adult? There's far too much that seems to be at fault"
I stand here; stranded in the fierce light of creation.    It will be shy, like the expression upon my face;    It gets attention, like the empire state building I see out
A simple stroke of the brush Rotation from the pottery wheel
I think it's awesome but sometimes I tend to complain about it. But, my family, It's an aspect of life. I couldn't live without it. Yes, it has it ups and downs.
As I lay here my mind drifts off the beauty of the sky seems a deeper blue than usual the trees hold many surprises as their golden leaves drift across a field of green grass
The sun is bright with few clouds in sight as it is early and far from being night.  As I cast into the wind and a deep breath as I begin the wait for another bite.
What makes me awesome? Sometimes it's hard to see.
Our eyes meet for the very first time.
A cumbersome, catatonic existence can burn at my handsand I'll keep the torch with me, an old friend caught between young palms,ash and emotion make me stand:
To my brothers and sisters with that beautiful melanin flowing through their veins:             I know you’re tired. I feel it. I turn on the news and I am exasperated.
Could I write a Poem I’ve written one before In my head for that cute girl, Written down to read allowed A poem, always seemed to me More work than it ought to be  
Filled with fear and wonder, At the foot of the throne Knowing every fault and blunder I had made on my own.   I fell to my knees Hoping He could not see The deadly disease
Thoughts & Words of Advice From a High School Senior   Were you awesome in high school? 2400 SAT
Who made you as phenomenal as you are? God above had to pick out the perfect cambus to embace all your beauty.
Able to breath,  to think, and to see,
Life is awesome. Life is beautiful. We wake up every day blessed to be alive. Blessed to be a part of this world and experience it for what it is.
I saw the world today And I felt like crying
i'd be a liar if i said that i was not afraid every day of my life, i'd be a liar if i said i was confident in everything i do- but i would also be a liar if i said i wasn't in love with
When I was a little girl I was taught God made the world In seven days Just as it is now, And at the end of each new day, He’d look at his work and say Of all of his creation, “It is good”
Stand tall to not to be brought down Let no weapons over power your call
Love a wonderful feeling Love with you is awesome I look at you and I see 
I’m breaking. Snapping in two like a pencil gripped two hard Scarred, like I stepped on a piece of glass Thinner than a blade of grass Trapped inside my fingertip Then I slip
    Cold out and sweating drained to the sink.  Falling fast for the
Everything that makes us different Makes us extraordinary Be it the color of our skin, The music we listen to, The clothes we wear. Differences make us unique, Awesome.
When I think about life sometimes tears come to my eyes. The lack of money I have at times causes me strife. But then I remember my goals and what’s to unfold. Then I remember my blessings
A book can be diminutive or tall. The print can be massively large or small. Never judge a book by its cover,
She is awesome. She reminds of the sun rising I want to explore her crevasses and visit her horizon I want to feel the heat from her solar flares And it"s awesome how one is blinded by her beauty if they start to stare
Although I may not live in a two- story house, One with a game room and a leather couch, I may not have a 20 acre yard Where I could run and play with a pedigreed St. Bernard,
My small island may seem like a small speck on the map But many do not know the journeys one can unwrap A land tiny in size but massive in heart My culture and I are never apart Most underestimate the power we hold
Bring him a tissue, news is hard to bear, O the poor young man! One lost family friend. Heaven took an angel and left a snail, Lovely vocals he sang, and produced more than The slug whose songs haven't yet a name.
Everything is awesome?Surely not Then, nothing is awesome?Surely not That which is, arguably, is notAnd that which is not, arguably, is Then, nothing is?Surely not
Waking up in the morning is Awesome. Living life is Awesome. Walking and Talking is Awesome. Your life is Awesome. You may Strggle But getting pass it is what make you Awesome. You may face fear
Appling for collage is not fun And if I could I would be done. Even now up to this day You and I remain the same I'm pretty sure you'll finish first You'll write and write and write away.
Forgive me if I cry a little bit for a little while.
Have you ever stopped to wonder Why everything is awesome?   Maybe it’s the lightening and the thunder Or the flowers that blossom.   Suppose it could be the air we breathe
My future depends on me.
You open your eyes to a slither of sunlight peeking through the curtains in your bedroom,while some never wake from their sleep.You walk outside to feel the warmth of the sun kiss your skin,
All is not lost Even if the world is trembling down.. Hold on to your ground For the havoc is just passing by
My Friend Katie This friend gives confidence with every smile She make you want to stay awhile Laughter floats down the halls
We wake up, we arise and we breathe. we can feel, we can see. we can sense the energy of everything around us. we have emotion, we get excited, we get sad.
People tell me I need to act like an adult But only when I am moody I am pessimistic I am stressed I am ungrateful I am annoying I am childish   People tell me I’m only a child
The power is within you choose anything to do to learn to dream  to live It's all up to you   Maybe you wish to travel the world meeting people, experiencing the unimaginable.
Music has an important natural element, its called potency. When I listen to music I feel an uplift in me. Music has an abundance of awesomeness, which is amazing. I have a fetish for music it keeps me craving.
Everything is not "awesome" not everything is cool its okay not to be a team  some dreams aren't lived  you have to find your awesome  and find a dream to live 
There I was only nine years old Learning what's right and what's wrong, but doing nothing that I am told
Take a look around In the air and on the ground Splendor can be found
You are perfect. And when I see you, I get to just embrace it...
The smell of green, freshly cut grass, A firey, orange sunset bringing joy Getting an A in that difficult class, Being asked to the prom by that one boy   Listening to your favorite song
I step off the plane onto a fo
When people say "the real world" What they mean is: Taxes, Unfulfilling marriages, Bitchy soccer moms, Desk jobs. I don't want their "real world." I'll make my world.
  Her glistening chestnut curls flowed in the wind  
Being in love is like blood and fear. All that's left of him is one last year. I imagine us dancing in a burning room, but in reality he is nowhere near. This must be a dream but I see the crowd and team of doctors and family.
It was astonishing when I found out that you would be in my life, It was thrilling the moment I told your dad we were expecting you.
The quill slides over and into the inkwell the battle 'gainst evil begins   then promptly the clash of the two sided sword rings louder with the side that wins.   a story, a plotline
I have these scars, they mark my body A window into my past They’re discolored and harsh and raised above Just like a sailing ships’ mast   I can see in the wandering eyes of some
Behind the picture perfect family, There were seven precious creations. All human, all broken, all loving. Let's say two were married, Two strong sons, and three dear daughters
Pull up your britches and go chase your ambitions. Dreaming is for people who can't do. Making believe they will pull through. Make the big decision to make life your muse.  
So, let's say you're feeling down,and your face has made a frown. Well don't feel that way, life is great!Here's how to get in a happy state!Step 1: Go find things you like to do!
A boy on my right and a boy on my left, I was sandwiched in between as the only girl, no less Then when I was three and my brothers two and four My mother announced we were getting one more
Life has it's ups and downs I know it may be hard Just remeber that there's someone who cares It can be Someone you may know Or Someone you don't know
Sometimes the storm clouds block out the sun And all we want to do is simply run.
There’s something sickly sweet in the spring air.
Its so awesome to be alive  To grow, expand, to suceed and to thrive Its just so awesome to be alive   Its so awesome to be free To mix what we hear and interpret what we see 
We are awesome, Us as people are awesome, We can create peace, We as humans are awesome, We all see things differently, We all can change the world, Just with the help of each other,
Dear Awesome Elizabeth, I can't imagine my childhood without you. Because of all your sacrifices, it will be so much that I am able to do. Thank God, for our special memories.
A positive Haiku, for those feeling not so awesome.  
There is nothing awesome about family secrets or liars or bullies There is nothing awesome about disabilities how it makes you look on the dark side how it makes you live on the dark side
It's raining outside From a sky colored charcoal grey The tranqulizer to a stressful day   The early bird that sings interrupting my dreams Sparks irritation for a split second Then I realize
Music. The one thing we can't get away from. From Punk Rock to Metal, From Pop to Classical, From Show Tunes to Techno, Music is everywhere.   They tell us stories,
My life is awesome. So is yours. look around  what do you see.  I see life. I see trees.  I see nature humming with bees.  My life is awesome because im here.  breathing in the fresh cool air. 
The grass is soft beneath my toes, plush and green, as it grows, The natural beauty wont cease to show, the fearless blades before the mow.   I search the sky and ask for answers, the meadow sways, a million dancers.
Bought some books today And I like to get lost in their pages, Their pages made of paper; Except this paper isn't green. It can't pay my bills or buy food to fill me up.
I've grown up doing some bad things Disobeyed alot of  orders The wrong game I was playing Where pennies, nickels and dimes are nothing; I wanted quaters Trapped in a maze of wrongs
Its petals fall a yellow bright A naked stem is left by night But in the morn’ a newfound sight Of precious seeds ready for flight   The buds of birth, beginning life
I have a life, that's awesome I have food to eat, that's awesome I have a place to sleep, that's awesome
Life is like a garden Takes time to grow but very beautiful as it goes
I love being free! I love being outside! I love being able to express myself! I love being able to chase my dreams!   Sometimes things are sad, But then things get happy again!
Look at yourself Are you broken yet Are you crying today Are you lonely right now Are you sure everything is okay   What I want you to do is look into a mirror and say this to yourself 'I am me
In my head, once again lost in a song From the rhythm. To the songs compelling melody
When you touch me the wind carries my breath to the outter corners of  Earth it floats with wanderlust through ancient villages and enchanted waters for your spirit is entertwined in my own
The tears in your eyes speak the volumes of sorrow, you have survived. The lies you have told to protect your inner self, crumbles, as the truth, that is not free,  begins to unfold.
It starts when you wake up in the early morning.Your eyes crack open through the crusted tears and your body begins to de-numb itself from the countless hours of sleep.
Everything is awesome, except for when it's ordinary. Everything is beautiful, except for when it's ugly.   But isn't that all just an opinion, just a matter of what each person thinks?
Pre-Poem: You know, I've recently Grasped the Power of my Presence,  the power of the love that I have for myself.
It’s 2 am in the morning
There is a beautiful sky that is shouting at me in its peculiar color.The glowing fuchsia demands of my attention,
 Oh how I wi
  I may use you a million times a week,
Oh, how obviously, overwhelmingly awesome you were, Tavi.
"Everything is awesome. Waking up in the morning is awesome. Living your life to the full extent is awesome. Knowing you have  freedom of rights to voice your opinion is awesome. Having wonderful loving parents is awesome.
Being black is amazing  Hair waving, body banging, and never aging. Everybody wants to be you, until it's time to be you Who knew?  
Have you ever desired something you never had? You thought was never an option Never a taste, but the thought of it made you glad? Something that became forbidden only to you
What does one decide
My family is awesome. Family is one thing that you cannot buy, you are born into your family. They are your roots, they are what you are made of. I am thankful for the love that family members give.
Sometimes the best people are taken from us, but we don’t know why. Through our grieving, through our pain, we must remember that this is not goodbye.
I know I’m stronger, because I persevere longer than anyone else. I’m by myself, but that doesn’t mean my goals will wither away on a shelf.   I know I’ll be the best chef
College here I come Everything is awesome Graduate debt free
Forget the pain, Forget the sorrow
Every time we open our mouths And thoughts begin to just pour out, IDEAS are traded and brought to light
I think it's the roses.  Because I stopped to smell them and the path disappeared. Packed its bags and moved on to the next soul ready to embark on an unimaginable adventure.
When your daily routine is mundane and repetitve It can be hard to find the awesome things in life   When nothing seems awesome because everything seems the same It can be hard to find
A ball of lint. You need to squint your eyes really tight To see the glint In her two eyes which is what ties The darkness to the light. The molasses embraces and takes you places
With hardship comes ease. Nothing is 100% awful, Because there is always a pillar, A sturdy, reliable pillar, That's always there to support you.   Look now, do you see? It's by your side,
This poem is dedicated to you, And to you alone. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of what you've accomplished. Be proud of you.
(In Contemplation) Freedom That is what I seek Transcending the everyday norms we know Living untethered Boundless to everything but God and my will 
It doesn't matter if you fall or break You are alive and that's all it takes Get back up and wipe off the dirt Stand up tall and fix your shirt It doesn't matter if you're tall and thin
A silly little monster A harmless game Child's play, really Until it's turned around And instead of having the upper-hand You're stuck on the outside Looking in.
Two Roads diverged by a yellow wood, one froze my heart, and there I stood,  the other promised freedoms from my stife, word was true, i got a better life.   Admiration for things big and smal
I’ve been staring at that stupid cup for Hours now, ticking by like the tiny legs of spiders As they crawl across the crack in the pavement. There goes one more, and still the cup is Empty.
What makes life worth living?  What makes life divine? Is it the first fall of snow, or the summer sun's shine?   Could it be the smell of fresh cookies, the taste of good food?
The people of this earth Have the power in their hand To shape the ground they live on, And dictate where they stand
And it seems
The morning sun rises bringing with it heat and warmth for me to soak in as the day goes on. I am filled with anticipation as everything around me bursts into life. The birds chirp with eagerness and the grass smells of freshly fallen rain.
Everything is awesome thats what they say to live, to breathe and wake up each day For me awesome is my twin and my cousin
I am told Because of my color 
All the methods of the transportation Where do we go A journey home or to find ourselves We can only find the answer with traveling The experience of this adventue offers us great things
Austim is Awesome. The mind, the body, how it all tries to work together. The preception, the behaviors, my sister.  She feels, she loves, she cares. Just like you. She is awesome, Autism is Awesome.
Isn't home where you find yourself you belong the most? Home is where you are the happiest Home is when you are excited the most Home is where you feel loved
Life is hard. Sadness, frustration, anger, and stress These emotions are what I know best.
Doing what needed to be done Yesterday, will always solve Today’s problems. Today is when we make our Tomorrow, so Tomorrow can be our Yesterday.
The news emphasizes on the bad It desensitizes us to think this is the only way to get attention Do something bad and everyone will know your name But all you will live with is shame So why not try a different fate
An aunt can be described in so many adjectives, in so many ways She’s a counselor when going through tough times, a teacher there to help, and guide you in the right way.
Awesomeness life, this is so nice To see the trees, and run from the honey bees To smell the fresh air, and be relaxed without a care Even just for a second, because life can be so hectic
In the middle of the night I finally sleep so comfy without light Deeply I dream Of the wondrous thoughts that’ll never seem To ever come true Wake me up and you will rue
Your radiant smile Keeps the world questioning HOW You stay postive  
There is always an upside to a downside, whether you see it or not. I’m in the business of choosing my attitude, If someone asks something of me I say yes before I say no.Why?
Awesome-- The way I can describe everything in my life. The air I breathe,
I love the depths of my creativity -  My abyss of imagination That lives with the creatures in my head.   The way paintbrushes can be weapons To all of the worry in the world
A mom who cares is a mom with good intentions, had a life planned ahead but kids weren't in that vision , father walked away so there wasn't much of a decision, but to pray and ask God for a little more wisdom, now statistically men walk out on a
I love to love.
I loved you. I lost you. I was hurt and tears were flowing And somehow I found greatness in a tragedy I learned that when you love someone you begin to see who you are Or who they made you become
Your eyes open as you wake up Awesome You are able to see a whole new day Awesome You are able to get out of bed and move with your own two feet Awesome You have a roof over you head Awesome
Sometimes things may not go your way However make sure to stay positive
"Prepare yourself," they tell you as you walk blindly into the dark, "These will be the greatest years of your life." The memories, the friends, all it takes is a single step forward into your future...  
I am told I am right
Whenever I see blue or black or red or grey Or feel yellow and orange and pink, I say "TURN UP THE TUNES!" So I can dance and twirl and embrace the sounds Of soothing vibrations
Burn bright does the flame upon this candle stick The darker the room becomes the brighter it burns So dynamic a flame, yet so stagnant its home To remove the ignorance, the fear bestowed upon the wax
I’m trying to write, trying to be poetic Sarcastic, romantic, funny, inspiring All things I’m not but can be I’m just me and when I write that’s who I want to be
What Does It Mean?   “Life”. What does it mean? You can Google it, search it And what do you find?   Merriam-Webster
When the time limts up the memories still last. An upbeat, a slow beat or even a tune. Recollecting your past.   Moods switch like the sun and the moon. Makes you want to get up and dance like a fool.
Some wanted to be old While others wanted to be young But he just wanted to be bold   She insulted him, with her sharp tongue He was shy and wanted to cry
I had always wondered what is was like to be in love, Such a strange concept. How could someone ever feel that for me? Why would anyone want to stick around? The only concept of love I had was the cliche movies,
Within yourself are the values of life, Where sometimes you reign or may go through the struggle and strife. The power within you, you must fight every day, Keep your head up and avoid disarray.
Life isn’t easy. You were born bald and ugly Your birthday parties sucked everyone made fun of you.  You are 13 years old  You are still ugly, but now you are fat too
i’m always looking around on the street waiting to see the people i’d meet – A businessman in a rush, getting something to eat A couple so old, can barely walk on their feet.
Go out for a walk, Feeling good, don’t mind the clock. Frosty air, it’s getting dark, Pick the pace up through the park. Look ahead, it’s hard to see, Although you know where you will be.
  Pen to paper Ink to surface
To be awesome is to inspire awe. I am awed by her as her heart is inspired by the flowers
It's everywhere.In every singleMovie,Media Source,and Book.There's always so much pressureto be in love and to love.If you don't then,
I don't know when we stoopped beingn on the same team, But we have to remember that we're not alone  On this earth. Somtimes i forget that. But these are things I learned my senior year of highschool:
Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope everyone can see, What a great Mom you’ve always been, And how much you mean to me.   I always think about you, In times both good and bad,
There is something we can all learn  From a little lego man  No matter how your day has turned You still do stand a chance    There is hope for little Emmet He sees the light where there is dark 
To look in the mirror, seeing a person that you're so familiar with, that's awesome.
Laugh laugh laugh,  I hear nothing wrong.  I'll tell you about laughter, And it won't be too long. Laughter means much, Happiness, joy, love. It sets your soul free, As free as a dove.
Life is like an elevator, there's a lot of ups and downs, but it's not all bad.
I love the way I love you I love the way you shine I love the way you make me smile I love the way I call you mine.  
Life is a friend, a partner, a mate And it'll always be your perfect date.   It'll take you to the park where you can run and play So carefree and nice, it'll make those simple days.  
Breaking bad habits is difficult, it’s irritating. You wince every time You bite your nails again Procrastinate again Sleep in again And every time
Awesome. It’s an overused word. But in this case, it fits perfectly. Blonde hair, crazy smile. Good friend that goes the extra mile. Smart, fun, wild. A hippie that brings light to a room.
Today in society
we are all different, and nobody can stay the same forever my brother is  especially different cause he's the greatest guy on earth that's why but he doesn't live on the same planet as we do
"Uncharted Territory"  by Patrick Dougherty   'Everything is awesome' they said to me, 
Just one, I'm a few, No family too, Who am I? I don't know   I am a single mom I am a married mom  I am also a Scientist That will find a cure I am also a cop
Where everything  there’s  not There’s everything that is I’m not a math expert Or Straight “A” wiz I’m awesome
Faith, inscribednot just on his wrist,but in his heart
She is the living definition of what we all once were Of what we truly are inside. Her smiling face with a missing tooth Tugs at the rusted chains you ever so carefully tied long ago. An aroma of feelings
Everyday I walk through my town, seeing the sights, but I never truly look around, Until I see the tourists' delight.    They look up at the mountains standing above,
Life It's the thing we cherish and resent the most It is what makes us or breaks us as humans
You can put me down with the insults Like the words are thrown by a catapult There will be days that you make me sad And I’ll be in my room sitting there mad But then I realize that I am awesome
My world came crashing down yesterday
You know that moment When things just fade away You are in a place Thinking, " why can't i be more? "
Energy is something you exude, make it positive.  eVeryone always tells me how they "don't believe in that", but no belief necessary.
With a swift stroke of my key I can be anything - anyone - I want to be   With an awesome, original thought I can create wars that need to be fought  
Everything is awesome.You just gotta find'emBut have you ever gave it a try?
There is one united states of america and two faces on a politician, three branches control the government of a rigged election, four hundred thousand dollars ensures america's next president,
Before I met you  I thought that the feeling  of some one else's fingers on my skin was always going to burn.  I thought that the guilt and disgust that filled every vein 
There is one multiuniverse and two faces on a politician, three branches control the government of a rigged election, four million dollars buys a president   
writer's block sucks because writers, we care we care so incredibly much frustrated to see our pages bare   writer's block sucks but writers do not writing frees all our souls
Despite what others say, This is your life so live it your way
  The music told our stories of backroad drives It explained to the world
1) "miracle" from the album surf by donnie trumpet & the social experiment   "if it's a miracle
No matter what year, fear or tear life may bring; remember that there is always cheer that springs. Let freedom ring! From wall to wall, Who would have thought the confederate flag would fall?
I look out into the gray-blue ocean,
Alliteration storms about testing my tongue tig
The oak tree stands, full of life
The stars shine as the plane takes off Children are put to bed by a loving hand He climbs higher until he sees over the clouds Counting sheep as the minutes go by Finally sees what he's aiming for
They call you over and sit you down, “We’re moving again.” “Again?” “Again.” Where to this time? Detroit? Boston? New York? It doesn’t seem to matter, The different cities all start to blur.
Sometimes I cry at night,  Thinking about the future and what it holds.  Someday everything I love will be gone, And I myself will disappear.  Isn't it sad? I ask myself, 
The news feels like the continuous obituary Reports, rumors, twisted facts, douse our feelings of merry— Mentions of news we go “oh no” and feel wary
Being healthy
Waking up thinking... Life is unfair Things never work my way  Striving to be pretty or popular
Moderato and allegro Undulating notes Sounds and words that Insinuate and entwine Crescendos that explode
words falling from the sky, wrapping around my heart, ripping my voice out, feeding my soul. never thought anything  could make me feel this way, but here I am,
Lean back, relax— as the breeze breathes in and exhales fog above the ocean's edge.   Let the breeze take you in along the sweet summer grass as the waves pull in,
A warm summer day did I known That you will come to show From your blonde hair to your small tender lips These are the things that I'll miss My heart hammers each time you came
Everything is calm, The salt on my lips reminds me Of my childhood not so long ago, The waves crashing into me show Signs of sure hope. Everything is calm   Everything is exciting,
Every now and then, you find yourself in day dream thinking about the days to come At any moment life could start, in contrast it could all be done Days passing like a freight train carrying time you can never get back
I was sitting on the beach
A cry, the first sign of a new life Awesome Going from painting on the walls; to writing on paper Awesome
Some days I'm trapped, Inside of my head, Wishing to scream out, All the words left unsaid.   Because I said so many to you, And now we hardly talk at all. Those feelings that quickly grew,
Music fills the soul Sounding just right It can make you feel whole.   As the magic behind the sound begins to take toll I feel myself becoming light It can make you feel whole  
It was as if I was drowning with waves of addiction crashing over my body. My soul longed for fresh air, but current constantly held me under. The darkness surrounded me and clothed me in its image.  
Our lives blow on past us like a brisk breeze, Sometimes gentle and subtle, Others a stormy tease, But in the end we find reasons to chuckle.  Our lives lead us to many paths, Sometimes wondrous,
Let's see, me trying to write this sonnet. Nope, not going to happen, not at all, Looking for inspiration on the wall. I have written three lines! Nope, forget it.   This is going to make me throw a fit.
Oblivion, obliteration the vasst emptiness encompasses me. Darkness is all I see
In the game of life One takes risks and challenges you may regret some choices you may look forward to the future sometimes it's hard sometimes you have to work harder 
This plane you find yourself in      is just one glimpse of one dimension, among many others Look out,      organic nature surges from the soil           synthetic somethings jut out from this scene.
The silver moonlight shines On the hills powdered with white. Its glow casts A brilliant sparkle, And the flakes of purity Dance in the wind.   The silver moonlight shines
The crystalizing tainting wonder becomes a fantasy of one another to plunder among the lives of majestical thunder roaring through the sky high CRASHING down with lights a sight bright
Flooring it taking off soaring through time
Continue to pierce my soul with your love My love will forever reciprocate My heart endlessly burns and like a dove It flutters therefore I know this is fate You broke into my soul at a young age
Awesome is never tiresome You can walk or run  without knowing where do you belong  and still be awesome.   Me in a trip of hope  Around the globe  With a musical note  Riding a boat 
Do you ever stop to ask yourself: are you really satisfied? Are you happy with the way that you live this fleeting life? Or maybe, you're like me, and you've come to realize
You wake up Another day Another struggle You force yourself to exercise You force yourself not to eat You feel in control of something Finally As if being skinny Equals being happy
Have you ever sat and allowed yourself to feel everything? Have you ever opened yourself up to your fears? Have you ever taken a breath of air so clean that your lungs gain life?
Have you ever thought about the ocean?About water and its motionInanimate but with so much emotionThe tides keep goingWithout any notionOf human presenceOr human essence
A life within a life is what we all have
The life you and me have is a fragile thing
Drift my darling to a world of wonder Chase away the storms of today Fall fast asleep in winds that are whistling Winds that blow your worries away  
It's easy to get flustered Trying to get even at the odds But when you carry through the hard Even though the remainder seems flawed It's the factor that keeps us undivided
Sometimes I wonder Where I would be Without the night of thunder Rain pouring down on me   It is awesome to feel The water tickling my face Every emotion and ordeal Intertwined with lace
  I look up at the sky and smile. I see the curvature of the clouds, And I just stare for a while. Life is awesome, nearly flawless. What more can I really ask?  
Our trivial existence  In this gargantuan world Is full of awesome
As I strive to pursue my dreams Becoming a nurse is more difficult than it seems. Ill patients rely on only you Knowing you'll do everthing to pull through.   Others can help us too
I would say food is great, as you look down on your plate because there's no way  food can't make your day. There's one thing almost as great as Santa,  and yes you're right...it's a banana!
I was teaching a lesson On rhetorical questions   Yes, those filled with aggression Statement suggestion Gut-wrenching expressions   My students blindly wrote the definition
College is awesome. A place to blossom. Not all can go. How do I know?   Years of sitting in classes with my mom. Promising to sit quietly and calm. Always dreaming this will be me.
Down in the dumps where the pessimists lay Is a life full of misery and woe. But with a friend nearby it’s no surprise,  That the worries will scurry away. The problems inside so easy to go
  Oh! My down and dark friend!
My life if full of awe Never would I think to withdrawl.
To the one who waits
Not being ok is ok, It does not make you weak. Focus on getting better, Your future isn’t bleak.   You know what you are going through, You should know what you need.
Struggles and Troubles arise from complications and is not awesome...   Simple means savvy, transparent and functional which is very awesome   It speaks languages
Words are awesome. What would we do without our words? How would we speak? What would we write? Could we think?   I am made of my words, An individual powered by her thoughts,
Everything is awesome, if you'll look, you'll see Just how beautiful the world can be. The blue in the sky and the green on the ground The leaves in the air and the birds how they sound.
My famiy is awesome. We help each other blossom, Emotionally and physically. They help get me through life basically. We may fight or even argue,  but we're together like gorilla glue. 
Today is just a day,
Halcyon Tom Dascole I still remember April, when our story began I still remember Boston, how through the streets we ran
One day without you,is a thousand baseballs to my throat.One day without you,is like being run over by a speed boat.One day without you,is like being trampled by one thousand elephants.
Life is awesome. Life, love, learn. 
Life is truly amazing.  The air is fresh, filling up our lungs with a breath of new life every time we inhale.
Happiness is 6 o' clock on a Monday morning, hearing you both fight over the T.V. remote.   Sadness is waking up at noon on a Saturday and hearing complete silence.  
I first knew that music was poignant to me, when i showed an affinity to singing. My voice, anonymous to most, gave me assauge. But my proliferate love of music had just begun.
I first knew that music was poignant to me, when i showed an affinity to singing. My voice, anonymous to most, gave me assauge. But my proliferate love of music had just begun.
Lets stop and appreciate the nature of life. L I F E Its amazing right?! Those last minute deadlines When everything was just fine Had some hope, you just might
The Beautiful World The world is awesome for countless reasons, But only one really applies to my life, And that is simply, beauty. Beauty is all around us, Taking on many forms.
  "SYA!, SYA!" That is what we say Step, Step that is what we do We have the rhythm and spirit of sorority to
Everything is... by Christian Orellana   E ven though not everything always goes as planned v ery rarely does anything go exactly as planned...
Sometimes I feel everything but awesome.
Here's the link....https://vimeo.com/133179088 .. had lots of trouble trying to upload it
Forgiveness, awesome gift to gift or glean, Grantor or reciever, both set free, Starting fresh, a slate so clean, Forgiveness, freedom for you and me.   Unleashed anxiety, hate and fear,
I love the way so much makes me laugh; That feeling makes my problems blow away like chaff.
Writing is awesome I write because it feels right When I feel as though I have nothing left And everything is wrong- I write Writng takes me away Farther than far, farther than Earth
You say you are a weed in a garden of flowers But, Baby, we are all plants. Your words are taking bites out of you that your mouth is starting to choke on But,  Darling, words should not have teeth.
The refreshment of the cool desert made you want to beg for more the creaminess of its texture made you want to wear it. It is Aweome only because you can't eat it to often or you may become sick. Call me Mrs.
Yesterday I heard your voice again. It was faint, but i'm sure it was there.  One day later, I thought I saw you, and your smile that seemed to guarantee the storm would end.
Although life may be stressful and torn, Although life can cause hurt and pain, My life includes some of life's best gifts,
The days, they grow so long and bare, to share My e'er so cautious pain and strife, a knife Inside the back of memories long past.   Grey clouds float o'er and I- to show my guilt-
do good deeds time recognizes the merit and never forget the goodness of good deeds everyone is going to die some day and their belongings will remain in this world the goodness that you made
You keep searching through your brain for all the answers. and it feels like walking through a desser, alone and empty. you have forgotten about your heart. the same way you have
darkness, pain, hurt, sadness, reality. Joy, Peace, Love, Kindness, Perspective. Life is as good as you make it. Pain is inevitable, but happiness is always possible.
Between tragedies and comedies lies a line so frail and fine. One super subtle twist of fate may change the storyline.
My beloved Solis,  
There is so much in life that is not pointless, and even if it really amounts to nothing in the grand schem
Life is happening. In the city, in the wilderness, on an island, or in the desert. I spread my arms out to their farthest reach. Exhaling all of my fears and inhaling all of the joy's I am about to experience.
Developing movements from the tip top of your head Attached to the sound that makes your body move like a thread Never stopping, never dead Captivated by the lyrics being said
You have scratched your knee.
Wrapped in a blanket, Warm as can be, No thought to forsake it, No breath can he see.   Snow won't stop jumping, From the clouds to the ground,
Brown eyes, Like the illuminating sun,
You want to know? I'll show The thing I think is cool With rhymes in tow For what I feel, I reel In woven words, my tool I shan't conceal   This very act, exact Of putting letters down
Sometimes life can be so bland, As if it needs a master's hand. But if we shift our eyes a bit, We could see a world that's lit! Lit with laughter, lit with smiles, Lit with sunlight stretching for miles.
The crisp sound the earthy aroma makes me forget everything that's around. The commencing words the floating ink
Him. A Poem The first time I saw Him, I was thirteen, The classroom bold, and My thoughts clouded with Thoughts of him.
Watson, my dog, I love so dear. He’s brown and furry, And makes my anxiety disappear.   Now when I start to feel down, Also gloomy and blue, He’ll stick right beside until I feel brand new.  
  This morning when I blinked the sleep from my eyes, I saw the red of my blanket, the white of the sunlight streaming in my 5 by 4 window and the blue of the sky.
Our eyes, they see they can see for miles and with glasses I can too, How awesome is that? I have eyes beyond eyes. Our brains, they never get tired Even as our bodies shut off,
I believe things can change, I believe things can grow.
Never mind my monologue, unless you'd like to dialogue. I woke this morning in a fog, because, you see, I lost my dog.   She was no normal dog, by the way. One day I found her at a matinee.
How awsome is it that we can describe ourselves without a single word ? That through clothes we can identify ourselves as anything we want. Clothing no longer is someting we wear,
Life is short, live it well All for Christ, none for self He is the reason for all life See yourself through His eyes See it all through His eyes
"Children are a gift from God you hear?" "Children are a blessing" they said. 97 was the year Graduation was on the mind of all her peers, I was born February 17th,
For the last seven years, six months, five weeks, four days, three hours, two minutes Every second you've been in it Looking back at the beginning when nobody believed In our vision or us livin our near impossible dreams
What is Awesome Is it simply a word No, awesome is more than just that Awesome is happieness What is Awesome Awesome is sadness, and Awesome is life, awesome is Life
The world I want to live in
She walks down the corridor No expression; not anymore The shadows chase away the light Her saddness shows within her stride   She breathes deep from what's building inside
It's not enough to say to me What beauty thou hast brought with thee   The Sun and Stars and Moon and Earth Cannot compare to what you're worth   So tell me  one thing that is true  
The power of the brain is what keeps us alive It's the building block of human nature And is what helps us thrive   Not only is it awesome, It's fantastical as well
I hear the joyful cranes overhead, they seem to laugh in the wind, their notes so harmonious no human could dream them, each movement of the wing sews a new beat into their unending pattern.  
Here's to those who needs a little more happy in their life.   
Someone told me I smiled in a picture like I wasn't happy Well maybe they're right Maybe it's true I really have no clue What I do know is that I'm not as happy as I used to be
He Is my all All to Him I owe When Issues arrise, and they will I've been taught that its to him I should go   I've only been traveling this adult road For only a short time
A smile from an unexpected stranger A generous tip to a hardworking waiter   A plate of food offered to those not fed
  I am Irish and I love the rain But with blue skies I can’t contain The joy I feel when I look up above
An earthquake in Nepal leveled cities. A crisis in Greece Collapsed an economy. A war against terror Terrorized thousands.   Disasters all over the world.   But we fight
Stop don't let them Do not let them controle you Embrace you're brain stem Don't give them power Let them speak what they want to You're ripe not sour your presence is pure
Dear friends,
I am not a martyr, no, I am not a crumbling wall you need to tear down and build back up in your vision of beautty and I am not wilted,
Often times you'll feel down Put out with your own life Trying just to hang around Impaired with all the strife
“You are awesome.” I’ve said it—again and again and again—but do you really know? I watch you breathe; I watch you struggle to breath. There are bricks on your chest—but you are awesome.
Finding myself looking through these pictures I drew one day   But soon I realized that they  were all black and white in some way.   Black for dark cold memories I often wonder why 
In the night I dream of dormant things Your love for me and feathers not yet wings But without flight I fall Oh please! I try to scream but I cannot Trembling, I find the knot
She takes up half the room But I get to live with her     She stays up super late But I get to wake up to funny text messages   She sleeps in until the afternoon
We all are in love with comfort There’s just no way around it. You won’t throw out your favorite pair of shoes Even if the soles are so worn down That it’s as if they were made without them
All that glitters is not gold, So how dare you be so bold, To say that the best things in life are free? Well, no one is free from impunity. You only have the freedom of speech,
Where am I from…?   I never thought to ask myself that.  Has it ever ---- to me think to think about it. I from a wooden paint brush trying to paint my way thought life.
Everything is awesome Except everything is not. It would be if I were using that phrase sarcastically -What an awesome war an, awesome society -Awesome job U.S.A of hiding our medocrity
Life is a wonderful thing i think.  it flows and ebbs like a summer tide never staying close yet never hiding im sure we all have those days where our awesome escapse and its not to late if you want any day can be great.
With a little bit of hope, Anyone can make a change. Anyone can learn to cope, To what life may bring us.   A slice of friendship, Will let robins defeat sharks. None can stop hope,
With dialogue as currency windows may be a silk hijab, blooming African Moon, or literature with words visual like stained glass.   Windows often open despite geographical boundary,
What is it about yourself, a friend, or life in general that you find awesome? My life is usually such a bore. School doesn't interest me, but my friends make it a mandatory chore.
She allows people to walk all over her, But nothing stops her from spinning, bringing life and joy to everything she touches She unites people from all religions, all races, all backgrounds; she is powerful
My feet are hugged by leather soles The girls around me jump and turn We’re here to dance, we’re here to learn
It's a feeling when you are infinite. Some express it with their new music playlist that makes them feel like dancing through the night.
I appreciate myself because I am creative With a string of an idea in my mind, I can weave together a blanket of stories for others to touch and immerse themselves into  
I appreciate myself because I am creative With a string of an idea in my mind, I can weave together a blanket of stories for others to touch and immerse themselves into  
A gust of wind A dance of leaves A rainbow in the sky The smell of flowers in the air And the moisture of the ground The sound of chirping overhead A slight chill all around
Sometimes the world falls falls into a traumatic state We start to lose ourselves and fall into the clutches of hate
Sometimes the world falls, falls into a traumatic state. We start to lose ourselves, and fall into the clutches of hate.
From the frosty top of Haleakala,  to the sunkissed sand of Hanauma Bay. The beauty nature is evident everywhere you turn.  The landscape of Hawaii is awesome.  A variety of ecosystems
Humans are incredible creatures. Plagued by chronic hardships, It would be effortless to allow our demeanors to become Calloused and rough, like the Texture of weary hands that have worked tirelessly.
This is for every kid, teenager, and even adult that ever felt like they were nothing or weren't good enough
A penny for your thoughts... Though your thoughts are worth so much more. Pot them with love; water them them with kindness, and everything you want will come to you as you grow taller and taller
Lots of kind people spreading kindness all around,
The breath we each take every day;
Dirt trapped underneath fingernails the stickiness on your face after a dog licks it clean the tired, tired moment when you slip
Just Because I
Blades of grass crinkle as my eyes search the sky  The clouds move lazily, as do I. My glaze falls wide as the wildflowers bend Under the love pulsing in the wind.   Solitude and sanctity within my mind
A smile A tear Emotions would last through out the year Hate and Sadness Joy and fear Pain from razors Laughs from jokes afraid that I may choke from saying my emotions are weak
Dogs Cats Giraffes Mice all animals are awesome Pizza Hamburgers Soup Waffles all foods are awesome  Ice Cream Cake Cookies Candy all desserts are awesome Scrabble Pictionary Charades Suduko
Yup there he is. Always smiling like theres no tommorow. His tail wags and he has a glow in his eyes. He has no problems, no bills to pay, no work to do... Life is just awesome for him.
looking out the window,green needles dancing infront of a blue backgroundgolden rays life brings youdown.look upout the window,green needles aredancinginfront of a blue
Everything is great With a smile on your face Even if your late You've just found your own pace
Have you noticed how your hands move as you type or write, How your eyes move from side to side, How you jump and run with all your might, And how you dance to the song that you like? No? Well I have
Welcome to my Newsroom Welcome to my newsroom. Where my problems seem to melt away. Where there’s an inspirational quote on colored cardstock On every inch of the wall.
Since he has realized, love is idealized, he spreads it all over with pride.
I know I talk a lot about you to everyone That is only because I hold you so close to my heart You mean a great deal to me, And on days that are absolutely awfu And I question what I'm doing
Welcome to endless pictures. Welcome to your safe haven to post anything, From selfies to Bible scriptures. Social media is progressing.   We had to leave Facebook because parents overtook.
What is Awesome to me you ask? The words of love created through time and space. The endless words created within Shakespeare's grace. My endless strive for success. My endless compassion and nothing less.
Have you ever just wanted to give up and quit sometimes.. I haven't walked in your shoes, but I know how it gets sometimes.. Wishing you could change the past, but can't press rewind..
  High School is just another frustration of today’s generation Whose creation is just a bunch of demonstrations Of todays lack of education
Sighs I hate sighs She's different The woman is not a woman The human is not a human This is a beast And he is scared A child is still a child And it lies in a boy
It's cold.It's hot.How useful?How not? Sometimes we get so caught upThat we miss the little things.But if we take a moment to stop and look,We'd see the awesomeness that our life brings.
Scream Cry Call your best friend and vent Vent Rant Let it out Don't let it in Don't let negativity take up space In that precious precious brain Your brain It's incredible
I’ve got news, I’ve got news it contains joy, it contains blues. You choose how it comes you choose how it goes but either way the choice is yours and yours alone.      
I just want a steady income and a way with words  that doesn't fall so abruptly out of my mouth,  Having frustration over everything I say  makes everything go down South.  
She had a smile that could spark a revolution and when I want to describe happiness I end up describing the way her eyes crease at the sides and the way she sticks her tongue between her teeth 
Sometimes when I pas
When people see me they look at me strange But I know why I have superpowers There are special and all according to change I can fly I can read your thoughts I can even use fire if it is in range
She showed me that not everything is as bad as it seems That there is a bright side to everything That sometimes things go wrong and thats okay That I can dwell on it for a little while
We are but a mere tree in the forest We are but a mere grain of sand in the desert We are but a mere raindrop in the ocean We are but a mere person in this world We are but a mere speck of dust in the galaxy
It’s the meticulous details of the leaves,
Moments are perishable.
If only you could see the Milky Way Most people cannot conceive all the stars that form into a magical crochet
These are the lights that shine the tome Through plights of misfortune and dishonest certainty These are the lights that shine the tome Till my physical prowess is as dull as my mental stability
Summertime Naptime Lazy Afternoons Lunchtime
"You're so different" Different meaning, "not the same as another, unlike in nature, form, or quality". Different, a term I often left behind because of it's connotation, but now I embrace it an open heart.
Ectasy pleasure, spontaneous delight. Atmosphere is not a perfume that scent - clear and sweet, is not my soul. In this city of orgasm. your own affairs, unravel and uncurl
Sleeping man Entangled in a web of dreams Waiting on the sun
I am tired of the average poem, The tear soaked, ink run. Open your eyes and see the sun light,
Life is awesome. No really...life is awesome. It can leave some in awe, Just as it can be made an awe to some. Afterall, life is what you make it And until we have made this Known
Dear Grandfather,
There's a sun in the sky That glows with golden light But if it never stopped burning Stars couldn't dance in the night   There's a voice in your throat That bubbles with words
My house is kind of falling apart, But I’ve lived here my whole life. And I’ll love it; it’s been my start. Here, I’ve lived through strife.   Here, I learned how to ride a bike,
We created our country based off of nothing We invented the internet We walked on the moon
Awesome... I chew the word between my teethletting it slide across my tongueabsorbing its texture and weight. What is Awesome? A word that can apply to so many things
I awaken new fantasies when I close my eyes Imagination and reality seem nearly the same I fly until sunrise and then wake to realize It was all happening in my brain  
I live In Arizona, The furnace of hell Winter is almost nonexistent It’s like an alternate version of Narnia; When the witch resided But it really isn’t that bad  
We've all made countless mistakes
You are priceless, but I would pay Diamonds for you Your have me speachless more beautiful then Diamonds Diamonds glistening in night. I can't control how much I want you
I forget that the fall leads to a rise. Because as you descend there must always be room to ascend And the same can be said for climbing, only to tumble down mercilessly
empty  I am hollow  A vase whose flowers are dead and withered  I was high Now I am going down, down, down, down, Down under drowning, drown, drown, drowned drowned   
Motivational posters That litter doctor’s offices And grade school classrooms And Hallmark cards And my Tumblr dashboard That would proclaim that life is awesome
Life is truly awesome
When I nanny in the smallest space, They forget the tissue and use my face, I smile in their choking embrace Cause making money is awesome!
Everything is Awesome Believe me, I know There is always a silver living  There is always goodness in tow If one day it rains decide what color boots you'll wear If another day it pours
A utumn paints the horizon amongst the trees;
I look around me and what do I see in a land where the newscasts shows only travisity. No it is not death or plague for I refuses to allow darkness to enter my day.
AWESOME is Nathan Fillion on a spaceship. AWESOME is a good education. AWESOME is having a good day with friends. AWESOME is Chris Pratt training raptors. AWESOME is sleeping in during summer.
Out of this box i yearn to leave suffocating me in agony i want to stretch to breathe wholly crinkles and shreds outside of it i can smell the freshness seeing a glimmer into the open  
You say, that things are hard Hard. Impossible. Bigger than you. But I, I say that as long as you dont let yourself down. You wont fall. 
I see it sitting there, that little candle of hope The one we lit To represent our tiny hearts coming as one To represent
if you are so inclined— I’m in the green :)   to be asked what I find “awesome”
Take a breath,Say goodbye.Tonight's the night,We finally fly.Up, & away,We can leave this place.  
Tricky, self important, incredibly dangerous, and sly When she graces you with their presence they can make any frown go mad She chooses to appear when she chooses, even in mid cry
Awesome is life.
The world goes 'round Round for days Humans make sound With no delays. No colors are alike Just blended lights I'm color blind to endless fights. We live, We breath,
“she’s my person, she makes my life so honorably awesome.
I do not know too much about poetry, except that it's the doorway to expression,  and with it, you can always be the exception. And that's awesome.    You know what else is awesome?
Your smile. Yes, your smile. And your laugh.  Something about them Makes life worthwhile. Even when I'm down, You bring me up. You deserve the crown Of awesome stuff.
My Dad is My Gift Here for me no mater what He deserves my Thanks!
Life is awesome!
The wonder of the sunrise
Memories lost,  the uncertain future,
Everything I do is for you My decision to attend a University is for you Staying up late reading and studying for hours on end is for you
I see the ocean, the fog, the tiny shopfronts I see the Uni, the bay, the glacier Everything will be awesome. Juneau is my future Marine Bio is my life. I smell the sea And I see the eagles.
I’m Awesome   Where there’s dark there must be light My heart has been broken And it has been played with
Wow, I really don’t think that I deserve this gift that You’re giving me, I’m trying to gather my thoughts as to how I even fit into this category, you see…
Darkness. That is all I used to see in this world we live in. Darkness, The total absence of life, Of joy, Of love Of awesomeness.   Then I met someone,
My heart is shattered, My sould is lost and cold,My crown is gone,
Awesome is not a word you use often if talking about yourself.
Maybe for the longest time, People didn't understand the power of love. The ability to do so is at the very root Of our feeble existence, Gives us purpose and the belief that
Clouds are giant marshmallows spread across the sky
As the world is falling into dystopia We forget the little moments of utopia The slightest smiles from strangers That makes you momentarily forget about the potential dangers The literary works of the past
Beautiful on the inside Ingenious all throughout Music is, what brings my life Joy
the never-ending obnoxious barking from my dog that happens everytime I come home
Don't sweat the small stuff That's what they say But how can we not When the struggles we face With relationships, school, learning to love ourselves, and finding happiness
I. There is no such thing as too much sleep.So when your eyes are heavy,Let them go.
Bright red face, tightly clutching my fists eager to strike a blow like a ghetto kid. Pockets very slim, family auguring  till the end, report card arrived, disappointed momma again.  
eyes filled with tears , she checked again and again dread burned in her stomach she sat on the cold tile floor of the bathroom clutching the test   she found the courage to tell him
I met you in my dream last night, I felt your skin, I swear I looked into your eyes with fingers tangled through your hair But with eyes closed the thoughts are never bright enough to keep
I am simply plainly purely honestly easily frankly sincerely transparently   alone   in this complex elaborate tainted lying hard
If I had to talk about myself, I would not know where to start, Because my life is like a winding road; Short, but full of unexpected twists.   I was born as if I were a princess;
People come and people go Sadness dwells and happiness furloughs Things suddenly cease to last; Life changes around us fast              People come and people go   Days spent safe in lovers’ arms
They all ask, "What is so awesome about her?" As she plays her guitar alone in her room, And writing lyrics straight from the heart. She plays in her band and rocks out to the tunes.   
The mind is infinite. Thoughts, never ending. One thought could trigger millions Carrying us on trains through mountains and valleys of fragmented ideas
This past year has been a blur I am now done with college - year one And I can say this one thing is sure: It was not at all very fun. My room-mate was evil, a devil was she The cafeteria's food was inedible
We learn from our past for a soothing future; done leisurely for a peaceful end to a life the Lord so graciously  bestowed upon us his children, many years ago when the world was young;
Heart of Gold, Chains of Diamonds. Bound my soul, did not confide it. A love I lost, her love I gained. Her chains kept me whole, kept me sane. But I made a mess, I damaged the locks. Her chains was loosed, I fell apart.
I look in the mirror, What is so special? They see nothing but What I see is the fact that I am beautiful.   The people that surround me, They are my true colors.
Lost, angry, broken.Hope lost.Soul aching.Heart bursting.
Words   Words are awesome. They are my freedom, kind of like a superpower.  
You're More Than Awesome
*clears throat* I'm........awesome. And so is everything else. *lights dim and people applaud*
Within the turn of a page, I’m transported to 1920’s New Orleans.   Soft pastel ribbons that adorn the corn silk curls of the girls passing by catch my eye as I inhale the thick scent of burning cigars.  
As the world passes by, With its ever changing story. I sit here, trying to read the story I have been given. With life as the main character, Giving meaning and plot to the story,
          I am warm and I am cold. I am a force to be trifled with but a protector of my children. I am a home to many and full of life. I can be nuturing as well as a disaster. I grow and survive for I am strong.
Ever since I was a child,I’ve hated thunderstorms.The flash of light,the precursor to the beast’s cryalways made me anxious,a waiting game until the rumblethat would shake the land;
How is it the mind works? Truly, how is thought expressed? Because my mind makes synapses; They filter deep within and fester.   That is, until they leave or cannot exist.
    The sun peaks perfectly through a gap in the mountain side, illuminating the rising and falling tide that leaves a puff of mist on the shore,
The Value of My Education I value my education, but I cannot put a value on it. My Education Is.
I work hard for what I want, Because I am awesome. Full time nursing student, Full time mom, Full time employee Full time. I am awesome Because I can and will.
I'm AWESOME simply because I persevere through life's trials and tribulations Whether it's health issues or financial difficulties, I rely on my faith in God and the strength that he has given me to continue on
My flaws are as perfect as can be although I mistakes they always humble me I've never had lots of money or fame  but if that's all that matters life is a shame my clothes may not be fancy and new
Hatred, love, cruelty, kindness You get the gist Seeing hugs and kisses, then guns and death This is life as we know it Do you ever see happiness, smiles, laughter, and fun And think, Life is good
Nothing means more to me than my life, Nothing means more to me than my family, Nothing means more to me than my sister, Nothing means more to me than my parents, Nothing means more to me than my father,
Wedlock is defined as being in a state of marrige.Hapiness, as defined by me, is feeling fullfilled at the end of the day.Assosiation of the two are apparent in my world.
On this very night, I found out that the job I wanted was given to someone else The day before, I suffered extreme back pain from my scoliosis Two weeks ago, the girl I wanted to date told me that we shouldn’t hang out anymore A month ago, my mot
They whistled from the backyard until us little ones Came trouncing through the woods Covered in sap and ticks, scrapes and red cheeks. We rolled down the big hill at top speeds Just to feel our ears pop,
 The summer before my junior year of high school  I did not one,  but two unexpected things that just made me  feel alive.  First I made myself a pair shorts.  
When things go wrong, it seems like life is going downhill
We never dared to drop a foot On rats or spiders, dared to shoot Our parents taught us good and well These kinds of things were apt to fell. Yet we kept our toes so nicely clean
     Our house, our home, our life, our right.      The spinning world in the spotlight,      Whose deep blue depths, bright sky, and lands      Might crumble to night by hot hands.
When things seem to have darken along road Or perhaps the road vanished right before your eyes You stop and breathe. You try to not let the darkness get to you, to devour you whole.
Ha...everything is awesome when it's going my way Not your way or her way but my way all the way Yah it's all smiles and giggles when my style is filling The room    This room  
Growing up I just wanted to be this But life seemed to want that All I needed was the bliss But expectations wanted me flat   In elementary school it was all about popularity
A title is a weak place Its smile or frown could be pretend Like hair hidden in any hat It could hold many split ends   A title is a mask The pages hold its self esteem
This is life.  Colorful sunsets that brighten a terrible day.  Drinking a hot coffee cuddled up in your favorite old sweatshirt. Laughing until your whole body aches with the spirit of it. 
When the world gets you down,  That's the time to look up. It's easy to get caught in the spiral, To spin in detrimental circles. But in order to avoid acceleration,
It goes on without a care Sustains life for all to share Allows us to enjoy its beauty, to canoe down its river, and live life without a care How would we breathe, drink, if nature was not there
Life is worth living because of these.     Strum of coastal breeze, sugary and smooth,       lock of hair that flits away from my face.                Rustle of leaves, slight and drifting,
Isn’t it awesome, that rivers are forever? They are forever, and yet you will never stand in the same river twice, The river is a new being and packs a punch like a spice. Isn’t it awesome, how as humans we have grown?
Awesome is as Awesome does. I have to keep a smile on cuz ‘round every turn, ‘round every bend I know the possibilities Will never end!
Starting  school, having fun making friends!carry on little soldier,Mom escorts home and daddies on the phone.carry on little soldier,Middle school starts off with a blast!
To the worrisome little girl I was: Things will fall into place.It’ll take time.Tears will be cried.But things will fit together again,Even if they’re all broken now.
What is more awesome then being alive? To be part of something great where humans strive Not only humans but animals and plants too What an interesting world covered in green and blue
You're more than  just a flower in the dirt You have so much worth You're more than just some city girl Someday you're gonna change  the world You're more than just some simple girl
(a poem about the transition from high school to college)   I’m looking at a hamburger right now. There it is, right in front of my face Just a round little brown thing It looks so happy.  
For my whole entire life, May I just say, Everything about it, Is awsome in every way. From birth to childhood, Tweens to teens, Every moment of my life, Has brightened each passing day.
These things have become artifacts since the last time you've touch them.I model my daydreams around the crinkle of linen sheets, hoping that one day I'll escape and find a place to meet you.
I am an average student  with average grades  But what do they know  A's seem to determine how smart I am My test grades don't reflect my capacity Intelligence is arbitrary
You can breathe in some air free of charge. You can drink some fancy water for a slight charge. You can steal someone’s electricity for your phone to charge. Man, life is awesome.
You always try to keep a smile on.
  Every time I feel my heart breaking, you’re always there by my side.  
I'm Daniel at warFacing the tallest of the GiantsMy rocks won't reachMy voice muffled in the echoes of silenceI would climb and strikebutheights are my fearSo I faceMy darknessMy enemy
The soft sand warms her like a blanket  A cool breeze flows through her hair The waves splash and smooth her spirit  She views the horizon with love and care   
I fell down on my knees  And begged him please Don't take this life away from me And to my surprise I saw joy in his eyes As he spared me one last time
Everything is awesome But that’s not always the case We have things that suck, Like diseases and hate   But if it wasn’t for the bad, Would we really appreciate the awesome?
your alarm blares you turn it off irritated that it's time to ready yourself for work you get in the shower you turn it off irritated that you couldn't get the right
The whistling wind the barking dog the chittering squirrel the croaking frog   I hear these things every summer I hear things that make me smile I see things making me glad
From the clouds in the sky to the grass on the ground everything is awesome From the roof over my head to the bed I sleep in the clothes on my back to the shoes I walk in awesome
We’re living in a world
The way that mother looks At her child The way that husband looks At his wife The way a 3-year old boy says hi
  From the height of the cosmos to everything under Existence exudes wisdom and wonder Crammed to the crease with curiosity Exhilarated by vivifying velocity Stuffed, soaked, seething with sensation
From the point where life all begun to the awesome individuals that helped make everything awesome. When there is bad, the good will come, everything negative has a positive.  Life is awesome. You wake up everyday,
My skin.
Mother, mommy, how wonderful you are.You’re definitely the one I adore.
Is there something else to this life that I am living?All I desire is to feel self-fulfilled. And yet I would,if I were free to follow my desire in the harsh light of day.  But, I am not.
Inspired by the Novel "Through the Deep Waters," by Kim Vogel Sawyer, my poem tells the story of a young woman who sold her body to save herself and her mother (set in the mid-late 1800's).  
Life is a bowl of cherries We might have a few struggles  a few worries, but life is a beautiful thing You will realize it, if you smile more and stop being so mean We have so much to smile about
These thoughts, my thoughts,
Awesome Awesome is life. Overcomig hard obstacles is life. Beoming a better person is awesome. Heping whoever needs help is awesome. Not caring what race they are is awesome.
Family time is special in every kind of way It's a time we all need that brightens up our day. Sometimes we take family for granted, when they're the ones we love. They'll always be forgiving just like the Lord above.
Its beautiful wings are different pigments of light Leading me out of such darkness and fright Shining a path that’ll lead me to everlasting life Such tender sight and compassionate ways
You. You are you. You are no one else but you. And no one else is or can be you.   You are awesome though you might not think so at times. Just think! You are a living being
  Together we move, Leaving traces of grace. Steadily we follow the path of the unknown, Untouched.  
Together we move, Leaving traces of grace. Steadily we follow the path of the unknown, Untouched.  
My rose colored glasses shows me a world so clear, with flowers of every color, beautiful people, and gorgeous countries across the world. Let me stay rose colored.
In Junior Year I walked into Chemistry My teacher shook hands and smiled at me She would always share stories and making learning fun She never droned on or bored anyone Carbon, Fluorine, Potassium--K
Tomorrow smile at someone That you've never seen before. Take time to think of others that
You're in a spin, And you don't know why.  Why is the world turning? Out of control, You're losing your mind. Why are my insides churning? You're down in the dumps,
While there are bad days in life, there is always a reason to smile. Life is what YOU make it, so make it spectacular. My mom is my best friend. She always puts a smile on my face.
When my throat is raw and my eyes are red from words both unspoken and said I hear, The pitter patter of the rain replicating my pain
"Gangrenous Neuroticisms plague my behavior, Psychic festerings with the most unpleasant of cures, And you are my treatment."  
Who said the wind does not sing who said the roses do not bloom  who said I cannot love myself     At age six  she tried to dull my wind  she tried to clip my roses 
Living is awesome! I get to see my plants blossom. I can skate in the summer sun. My happiness can never be undone. Because everything is awesome! Eating food and playing games.
You make forget everything that's bad, You make me remember that some things can be awesome, But I don't know how you do it,  Or what it is that is you,
*/ /*-->*/ Don't cry my dear, I am sure that a rock on the surface of neptune has never felt such joy as you
  I swivel skewers of charred lamb's leg and squeeze a sliced lemon on top. The campers with flushed lips raise
I am become life, creator of words, amirite?   The other way is so boring.   Anyone can destroy, to create is joy, and what is a world but a collection of words?  
We live we breath, how awesome it that we can see? You are here I am there,  how awesome is it that there are people everywhere? We are born, into a world of love and air,
It's been said that the eyes are the window of the soul. Each of us having a pair which have taken us through all walks of life. One can read a lot about a person through their eyes. They can express emotion or attention,
The heat I feel the radiation searing my shoulders It burns but still I stand: You bring me life  Why does life hurt so much: Then in distance it finally starts to go down  I see his shadow 
Smile. The world is changing, and one day it will be ready for you to be a part of it.   Laugh. The pain of yesterday flutters to the ground like ashes around a campfire,
Step into the subconscious, out of reality. My! How fine the world is in my mentality! Down the rabbit hole I go, ignoring all responsibilities and reminders though. Lo and behold, is that my high school crush?
I take the small step from the inner boundaries of my home to the unorchestrated planet outside where both biotic and abiotic creatures reside Nature reaches the farthest realms in length and width
You are above your flaws Ordeals will not faze you Until failures create possibilities  Relentlessly strive for greatness  Eventual success will emerge  Anguish will not remain
When the sky is a muddy grayCasting whispery shadows to dampen up the day   in a cold, pessimistic sighIt's easy to see a bright, brilliant world
The sun rose, like it always does.    I lifted my head, from the place that it was.    The gift I receive every morning I wake,    is the blessing of work, along with money I make.   
I was stuck under your thumb and you held me down until your print was stamped onto me.   When you allowed me to escape, your thumb hovered over my sun and your shadow created storms.
It's easy to look on the downsides than upsides, I like to think about the future and my point to where i am now and how i got here, I have so much more than i really need but i forget to easily,
So hear this: however Yon and parched the river
Life is something that you should make awesome No matter what harsh things may come your way Like a sleepy sloth, it can be tiresome But all the negative thoughts you have, you should slay!  
Amongst the dulled murmur, a clear song rises.   Even as the chains bind our arm, our hearts soar free, only hindered by the limits of our imagination.   
I like my Haikus But sometimes they make no sense. Refrigerator.
what is a un remembered memory? i refuse to remeber because its negative to my head i shed these sins i refuse to do what they did.
Sometimes, I think about how worthless it all is, How one day, The universe will be nothing, Only dust, How the sun will no longer shine, How the stars will no longer exist to dance among,
Red, White, Black & Blue, They steal from us, from me and you. They tax our income and systematically oppress,  They tell us what to dream for,  They tell us how to dress.
I could wake up tomorrow and call the cute kid in my history class And despite my solid B say “Hey I really need some help to pass” Maybe I drop that lie and ask him about go karts
Remember when you heard "Life is too short" What about "Hard work pays off" Or "Believe me, I know" I always thought "Yeah, right, ok, whatever" Now I know the possibilities are endless
But never forget
Happiness is awesome The simple beauty of waking up and feeling your heartbeat is awesome “I love yous” are awesome Everything is awesome   The future is awesome
The rolling rumble, resonating through the clouds
Yup, everything is awesome. You, reader and breather Placed here somehow Don't question it Accept and embrace the fact you can just be Simple beauty of life  Unique and irreplaceable  Amazing
They say that duct tape can fix many things like its just a scrape, but it can't fix broken rings.   It can't fix a broken heart that someone just threw away! You fix it at the start
I am tall for a girl. I have learned to slow my steps So I walk behind my friends- Never in front. I never wear heels
There is no hole in my blood,
Wake up, open the window is a brand new day!
My life is simple Nothing too fancy or rich And yet still perfect The best things in life are free  I was very blessed Blessed with a good family And wonderful friends
Written By: Helen Teferi Inspired By: Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie  
In younger years, it makes kids scream “Ew,” But that is only because it is just so new, Little do they know, they’ve been experiencing it all along, Haven’t they ever heard their parents sing them a song?
Silence is terrifying, but isn't it beautiful? All of your thoughts and nothing distracting you from them. Your hopes, dreams, and fears somehow seem so loud while everything else is silent.
In our world it can be hard to make things go your way, the pipes will leak, the roof will creak, but things will be okay. For in every small disastrous thing comes adventure in all sorts,
With candlestick, pen, and paper A youth my age formulates music that continues to amaze Generation after generation.   Here are bonafide works of art.
We are the ones that will never leave your side. We are the shoulder you cry on. We are the ones that make you laugh when you are down. We are the ones you have fights with but we always make up.
To be awesome is to be happy. Life is meant to be lived Even if it is kinda sappy That's the way it was meant to be
Every cloud has it's silver lining the light that shines in the darkest of places alone it pierces through the fear and anguish touching the very fiber of the heart its gentle hand  warm and soft
Cool Kids We all wish we could be like the cool kids Fit in the crowd and popular We don’t see it   We are all the cool kids We are all one big crowd and popular
Everything is awesome.
shes crazy but not broken her hearts made of granite stone with teary eyes looking lonesome palms sweaty as she breaths heavily constintly 24-7 becomes kind of hard to live on the streets with your cousin at age 11 eventually this nig
Through all the hardships "Take courage and still be strong" Things will get better
When life is trapping you in its grip, Do not back down. Hold on to those sweet memories; They always cloud my mind. I remember the summer, Before everything I knew became a distant memory.
im cryin my tears are warm from this headache im tryna stand up when im not steady im barley awake but im ready skyies are grey when they should be clear i hear yelling from my family why cant i dissapear ima lost soul living moments
everythings black when i walked in  ,this crazy ass house that nobody ever fit in these walls feel cold as we sit around in a circle listeing goose bumps on our arms us together our beliefs in this
To the frat boy who keeps thinking he's the shit Bro you aren't We all know mommy and daddy still dress you by the look of your pink polo, baby blue Bermudas, and your basic, worn out Sperry's
A cactus A softball game A riddle A pretty name My friends My family A good book A preacher's homily
I didn't know I din't think I didn't feel I finally did see I finally did understand I finally did feel I finally did find
Words cannot describe the cards life dealt me with. It's actually confusing. Unusual as you can see. Unusual me. Unusual as it could be. Strange but yet interesting. Strong but yet weak. Unusual me.
After two years, you threw it all away. Not so much as two words did you say. Instead you hid and cowered, "it's just not going to work anymore," And with that I got out of your car and slammed the door.
When I was crawling on my knees; When I was begging, "God, please"; You formed from my tears, Took me away from all of my fears. I held my head, And to me, you said, "My girl, Don't cry.
Sometimes it sneaks up on you Sometimes more often than others Late at night, crowded rooms, even when there are lots of people It finds you It likes you When you are A L O N
Tea is my elixir, from petals, to branches, to roots. Discovering new tastes, seeking a delightful scent. Tepid smell; the warmth of my soul: poured in a lavender cup,
This man... hes troubled.. born and raised in poverty, raised by an abusive father, born troubled, as a child he was never understood, diagnosed for ADHD, Then he was autistic.
I think it's awesome when voices shout "injustice!" in response to oppression and when  women don't just wash tables, but sit at them    I think it's awesome when women are supportive
Being an astonishing African American young lady is awesome to me.Not only do I have poise but I know i'm awesome.
  Phoenix Rise The stage, the lights, the crowd I transform into a different character
                                   Through the Eyes of an Optimist                                           By: Kegan Graham
Words twist and fumble Through your mind Can't find the right word  Or the right line You sit, you stare, you breakdown in worry As if the words have just left you in a hurry Butterflies swarm in you
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