Letter to Myself (you'll be okay)

As the leaves fall,

as will I.

As the seasons change,

I shall too.

As the Earth spins,

I will keep my balance.

As the sun rises and sets,

I will forever remember it’s warmth.

As the stars begin to shine,

I will shine among them too.

As the universe grows,

I will grow too.


For I am the galaxies littered across space

and I am the ocean occupying this revolving planet.

I am the wind that blows in their hair,

and I am the rain that kisses their skin.

I am the trees that always grow,

and I am the flowers that bloom.

I am the golden rays the sun radiates,

and I am the white light the moon emits.


Just as a mountain,

I will stand tall

Just as a castle,

I will withstand every battle.

Just as a fire,

I will never cease to burn.

Just as water,

I will forever flow.


For I am the blood coursing through their veins,

and I am the bones that shape them.

I am the skin surrounding them,

and I am the freckles coating their faces.

I am the hair on their heads,

and the lashes on their eyes.

I am their lips,

and their rosy cheeks.


I am both a masterpiece and a work of art.

I am both the setting sun and rising moon.

I am spring and I am winter.

I am the dirt on the Earth and I am the ice on Mars.

I am the highest mountain and lowest valley.

 I am a universe

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For the days I feel small


Very Inspirational!

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