To a Beautiful Life

Was it the words that they said?

Maybe it was the actions that stung,

That made you feel their heart was of lead?

Hurtful words rolled off their tongue,

And made you feel like you were  no one .

You had a bad day.


If you are feeling melancholy and blue,

Just be the beautiful person you are.

It is no scientific breakthrough

To know you are a brilliant star,

Even if you had a bad day.


Troubles are nothing you can arrange,

So be resilient like bamboo in a storm.

Help others and yourself for a nice change;

You’ll be surprised at what actions can transform.

Change your bad day.


So just remember when you’re feeling down,

That someone is there for you.

So turn that frown upside down,

And know someone or something is looking out for you.

So what if you had a bad day?

Tomorrow will be different.


Tomorrow, tomorrow, will be a fresh start,

To seize the day and be NUMBER ONE.

Do everything you must with a full heart,

To know you shine as bright as the sun.

Tomorrow is approaching.


Today, today, is a new day;

Life is protean, but still a game.

So push back your worries of yesterday,

And stride as if you are on the Walk of Fame.

Today is a new day.


What is the best part about Life, you wonder?

It’s that every day is different.

You have time to improve, despite a huge blunder.

Life allows you to learn and be persistent,

So you can change yourself for the better.

Life is amazing.

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