You Should Know

Each step taken is another place moved.

Each word spoken is another breath breathed.

Each speech given is another passion found.

Each song played is another love created.


The notes raise me up as I sing with them.

(Every second is a moment lived).

And we fly together through the air.

(Every weakness recognized is an opportunity to grow).


The music sways and twists in my heart.

(Everyone loved is a friend made).

Sometimes I laugh; at other times, I cry.

(Every tear fallen is a moment to reflect).


My mind swallows memories of music

(Every remembrance is a gift)

Gulping them down, gasping them in

(Every breath is a fullness of life)


Until they fill me. I am light.

(Every darkness means that light is on its way)

Every pain is gone.

(Every loss means a heart can be softened).


Each flower faded there’s a chance of rebirth;

Each promise failed there’s a chance to return;

Each hope found there’s a chance to live;

Each heart filled there’s a chance to try again.

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