Bathing in plain air

Tue, 07/14/2015 - 13:42 -- Ifloyd

Some years ago I saw a woman

Bathing in plain air

Her body round and curvy

Her face without a care


At once soul grew malleable

At once my body froze

I stood there several moments more

In some ungallant pose


I called to her in reckless haste

She flashed at me a smile

Then turned away without a word

Washing all the while


I've oft since dream't of she I saw

Picturing her face

Wondering how it might have been

To feel her sweet embrace


Alas, I did not stop that day

When her beauty struck me first

I've been walking on in agony

Pushing back a desperate thirst


Dear reader, heed my tale, make not my own mistake

And know this, if you please:

If ere you spot a woman fair

With locks of straight and flaxen hair

If ere you see a lady simper

With lips so sweet that men should whimper

If ere you mark two twinkling eyes

Whose glimmer doth intent disguise

Then know you've seen my lady fair

The one caught bathing in plain air

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